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Steam Profile Picture

Hey there, gamer! We all know how amazing Steam is. Steam is the most loved site for gamers. You get fantastic and rear games on Steam and get connected to a myriad of different gamer. Hence, Steam is Facebook for gamers. You meet new gamers, purchase games, and enjoy being in the community. This article will talk about Steam, how to upload the Steam profile picture, and avatars. 

With video games, CD diminishing, and extinction, Steam is your best option. Moreover, a lot of people have complaints about not finding their games in local video games shop. Hence, you can sit at home, turn on your system, log in to Steam, and purchase your game. Steam is one of the best video game digital distribution platforms. Therefore, having a Steam account is a must for modern gamers. 

Steam is the gaming marketplace. Gamers worldwide get to purchase games and get a lot of extra features, including cloud saves, remote downloads, store, video streaming, and chat with other gamers. Undoubtedly, it is the best video games digital distribution. 

Steam Library – Steam Profile Pictures

Steam offers both MacOS titles as well as Windows games. Gamers may also find Linux titles. The Steam app is completely free. Therefore, along with the Steam app, you can easily buy upcoming releases and new releases. 

You can get any new game you wish to, provided the game’s seller is not selling the game exclusively from its own store. For example, you can only buy a Fortnite game from the Epic Games Store and Overwatch from Battle.net. Moreover, you can even find some of the rarest and old games on Steam, such as Carmageddon Max Pro. 

As mentioned earlier, Steam offers you a myriad of titles. Starting from AAA behemoths like Monster Hunter World to arcade games like PAC Man to simulations like Football Manager 2020. Moreover, the app or site is a valve product. Hence, you will find games that are not there any other video games digital distribution such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Half-Life: Alyx, and Portals. 

Nonetheless, Valve produces high-quality and best VR headsets. Therefore, you will find the finest virtual reality experiences. Steam provides you with a lot of varieties, and it non-comparable. Its competitors, like Microsoft and EA, sell their own games on Steam. 

Steam’s game library heads back to several decades. It has classic games like Psychonauts and Half-life. Also, you will find lots of Indie titles as well. 

Buying Games

So, the first and foremost job you have to do is create and sign up for a Steam account. Then, upload a Steam profile picture and other details. After that, you can start your hunt for games. 

If you are looking to purchase new games, you will be glad to know that it is approximately the same price as retail releases. The cost ranges from $49.99 to $59.99. If you are looking for old or indie games, they range from $5 to $19.99. Moreover, if you do not want to purchase games, you can even try free-to-play games. Like, Ring of Elysium and Crusader Kings II. 

But, no to worry as Steam has exciting sales and discounts for you. Steam comes with seasonal sales, weekend and midweek sales as well. You also get meager discounts on top games, the publisher’s library, and individual games. The Steam Winter’s Sale offered the Mask of Death and Marlow Briggs at just 99 cents if you do not know. Hence, Steam offers its gamers exciting discounts and offers quite frequently. 

You will find exciting and amazing offers on Steam, but a frugal gamer must be aware of all the Steam options. If you buy Humble Bundle games, you get a Steam key; you get to donate for a cause and save money. 

Therefore, buying Steam games is very simple. You get to play a lot of exciting games and purchase them easily. From old, retro games to new and modern games, you get everything on Steam. Moreover, it’s a chat feature, which is simply amazing. You can interact with different players and get to know about more games. So, simply login to your Steam account, then purchase your favorite game and enjoy playing it. 

Steam Catalog Exploring 

Now, you not only get to purchase big-name games, but you get to buy other games that Valve’s recommendation team will find out through your past purchases, interests, and wish list. So, one time you log in to Steam, you will start getting recommendations of likewise and similar games. So, as per your choice, you will get recommendations starting from indie games to single-player tags. 

If you want to look at more suggestions, then you can check the Among Friends section, where you can see your friends’ favorite games, Recently Updated, and Special Offers section. 

You can even try the Steam Curators section for recommendations. In this section, you can follow game personalities like Jim Sterling, brands like PCMag, or the NeoGAF community.  Through Steam Creators, you can even explore new and unknown titles.  

Moreover, you can easily avoid buying broken games. All thanks to reading gamers’ reviews and the title’s store page. Well-received or the best of the best games are tagged at Overwhelmingly Positive or Positive, and middle of the path games are tagged as Mixed. Games that do not perform well are tagged as Overwhelmingly Negative or Negative. The Negative tags are reserved only for the most broken games. So, you get a clear outlook and judgment of Steam games. Hence, you do not buy any bad games. 

The Steam community feature is simply fantastic. You get so many recommendations and reviews that you will forget about other gaming sites. It is the best, undoubtedly. Steam promises you the best experience in the gaming world. Hence, you are not left low-spirited. Therefore, if you a strict gamer, and love high-class games, then Steam will do wonders for you. 

Steam’s Customer Service

Steam offers its players with recently purchased, unwanted games, refund. This is something every digital download sites and apps must provide. So, to get a refund, you must submit two weeks prior notice, and your playtime must be less than 2 hours as well. Moreover, you can even delete the unwanted games from your account. On earlier occasions, you had to contact Steam’s customer service to delete the games and help with various issues. Customer service used to take days to resolve an issue, but now it’s not the case. 

Valve’s customer support sometimes takes days and weeks to resolve issues, which might be quite annoying. But, now Valve has made changes, and you can easily get going with Steam. 

The Steam Engine

Steam handles game downloads and installations automatically. Steam is well-versed with organizing local games in the SteamApps folder and then organizing them in the background. If you have a fast internet connection, then large games might take two hours to download and install. So, it would be best if you kept your system charged and on to download an 80 GB game file.

You can log in to one steam at a time, but you can install one game to multiple numbers of systems. Moreover, if you set up a Steam Family Share, you can easily lend and share your games with others. Microsoft planned this idea for the Xbox One. Hence, this is not a new plan. DRM earlier backlashed it before console gamers were forced to ditch the plan by the Redmond-based company. 

Moreover, when you log in to Steam, it has employed DRM for license check. Hence, you can play installed games in offline mode. Now, you won’t find DRM implementations on other websites. Itch.io and GOG.com do not apply DRM to their catalogs. Hence, you can log in to multiple systems at a time and install games as well. Now, you won’t be able to find high-profile new titles and releases. On Humble Bundle, you can apply DRM options to filter searches. Moreover, the Epic Games Store does not have DRM implementations of their own but do not stop publishers from adding DRM to their releases. The Steam app easily allows you to install games remotely. 

Extra features and bonus

The Steam Family Share has a five-share limitation. Moreover, the borrowers get their own cloud saves and achievements as well. But, they cannot check the game when the player is playing it. Moreover, if you are tired of lending your friends games, you can gift them physical or digital Steam gift cards and games. It also has Parental Controls. Hence, you can sort from the filters which players can play which game. 

As mentioned earlier, Steam is just like Facebook. It offers social media services and matchmaking outside games—all credits the Clan support and voice and text chat. Your friends or other gamers with whom you have interacted on Steam can jump into your games. Or, you can even invite people to games. Also, Clan can set up IP addresses and calendars for organizing group activities. 

You even earn badges as you play games. You can sell these badges for Steam Store credit, or you can even trade your ones to others for other badges. When you finally achieve one badge set, you get to have new profile wallpapers and showcase badges. These aren’t important for gaming or your gaming experience, but they give a nice touch to your gaming experience on Steam.

If you want to take a screenshot of your achievement and flaunt it, then you can press the F12 key on your system. Sadly, it does not record videos. To record videos, then you might need a separate third-party app. 

Therefore, as you can see, Steam provides you an all-around and even more gaming experience. You cannot miss anything. It keeps you hooked, and let’s share your fun with others as well.  

Steam’s Chill Modes

When you are playing a game and are a recognized Steam gamer, you want to chill and play. So, for that, Steam has created the Big Picture Mode. It is designed with a lean-back experience. It caters to the needs of playing on a PC as you would play in your console. You can easily navigate on a TV-screen. All credits to an outstanding UI, quite different from that of standard and normal Steam interface.

Moreover, the Remote Play Together feature lets gamers to play local co-op games via the internet with friends. Why it’s the best feature? Well, your friend can play with you without even owning the game. It’s a great way of adding online functionality to games which lack it. 

That’s not it. Steam has more features lined up for you. Now, Steam has a music player and a movie catalog as well. You can rent Keanu Reeves flick for $3.99 and purchase John Wick for $13.99. Note that not all films are available to you for rent. You can purchase Mad Max: Fury Road for $14.99. Moreover, you have a 48-hour window to watch a rented window. Unlike Netflix, Steam does not have a monthly streaming plan.

You can easily view a movie or a video at 1080p at a good internet connection. Unless you see good movies in the catalog, we do not recommend you. You can opt for other video streaming platforms. Moreover, you will also get productivity software like GeoVox and Camtasia Studio, and you can purchase them as well. Therefore, Steam is slowly rising from video games’ digital distribution platform to a multi-equipped platform where you can purchase software, games, and movies.

Other Features

Your friends can play through and watch your sessions via Steam Broadcasting. If you want your friend to watch the game, open “Friend’s list,” then select your friend, and then allow him to “Watch Game.” Hence, in this way, your friend can easily watch your gaming session. Now, you have to note that video streaming quality is totally dependent upon your internet connection. 

Moreover, if you download the Steam Link Anywhere, then you can broadcast your games from anywhere you want to start, from your laptop to your computer to your Android phone. 

Now that we have learned about Steam and its myriad features, let’s know how to change the steam profile picture and Steam avatars. If you are a Steam user, you must know the importance of a good Steam avatar. So, we will unveil it below. Hence, scroll down to know more. 

Steam Profile Picture and Avatar

Not only your gaming activity, but your Steam profile picture is equally important for your account. You must put every single detail on your Steam account and upload an attractive Steam avatar as well.

The Steam Avatar or the Steam profile picture is the most important element of your Steam account. Users generally visit your profile and go through further details, but your profile picture is displayed everywhere. Whether you send game requests, or chat with a friend gamer, or ask questions in the Steam community, it is your profile avatar that flashes and attracts people. Hence, you must put an amazing and attractive profile avatar.

Your Steam avatar reflects your interests. It can be a gaming character, or an anime character, or a cartoon related to games. The Steam profile picture is not your typical Facebook profile picture where you will put cute pictures. Your avatar must attract gamers who have the same ideologies and interests. And, then only you can interact with more people and know about new games. Hence, a powerful avatar is very impactful. 

You have to make sure that your Steam profile picture size is 184 x 184 px. It is an unusual size, but you can find many avatars on the Internet and even on Steam. If you are putting some other picture as your avatar, then make sure it has the appropriate size. 

Now that we know about Steam profile picture and avatar let’s see how to change and upload the profile picture. 

How to upload and change the steam profile picture?

If you are new to Steam, then you will find it quite confusing. Every small feature is pushed behind settings, and it becomes really confusing for a new user. So, if you want to change your profile picture and not find the option of how to do it, then not to fret anymore as we are here to help you. We will go step by step on how you can successfully change your Steam profile picture. 

Now, note that your Steam account can either be private or public. It is completely at your discretion what you want to display to other gamers and audience. So, just like other online profiles and IDs, Steam also lets you upload and set a profile picture. You can skip setting up a profile picture. If you wish to change your profile picture, then it is very lucid to do it. You can easily change your profile picture either from Steam Client or Steam Web Portal. 

How to change the Steam profile picture?

Your profile picture is the same as what you put in your Facebook or Instagram account. So, your Steam profile picture represents who you actually are. Moreover, it shows up everywhere you play or chat, so it is essential to look good. 

  • Open Profile Settings: So, the first and foremost task for you is to open your Steam Client on PC. In the menu, you will find the option “Profile” along with your name on it. Next, tap on it and select “Edit Profile.”
  • Profile Editor: So, after you tap on “Edit Profile,” you will see that you can modify or change your name, country, and various other details. Moreover, in this option itself, you can see your profile picture in three separate resolutions.
  • Game Avatars: Now, select the “Choose File” option, and you can choose your profile picture from tons of avatars. You can even create your own avatar through a steam profile picture maker available on the Internet if you want.
  • Upload Profile Picture: If you do not want an avatar as your profile picture, you can easily select a file from your computer and upload your photo. Therefore, your profile picture is you and not any official avatar. 
  • Save Changes: So, after you are done selecting your Steam profile picture, you can hit the “Save Changes” button to change your profile picture. 

Therefore, as you can see, uploading and changing a profile picture is not a tough task. You can easily do it. Even if you are a novice Steam user, it is an effortless task for you. The only problem you will be facing is choosing an avatar for your profile picture. There are so many options, equally amazing that it ought to make you confused. Hence, make your choice wisely and select only the best profile picture avatar. 

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Changing Steam Profile Picture via a Web browser

  • Firstly, open Steam on your web browser and log in to your account.
  • Secondly, on the top left corner, you will find the “Edit Profile” option. Select it.
  • So, after you have selected it, the process is the same as the Steam Client. You can either upload a custom profile picture or upload in-game avatars as well.

If your profile picture does not change in your client after you have changed and uploaded it through a web browser, you can restart your client, and the changes will be effective shortly. 

Profile Backgrounds

In addition to the Steam profile picture, you also have custom profile backgrounds on Steam. You cannot choose custom pictures from your computer. You have to earn them by playing games. If you have all achievements, then you can even trade your Steam badges. Hence, the more you play, the more you get to have profile backgrounds. 


Hence, in the above-listed ways, you can easily change your Steam profile picture. If you are a new Steam user, then you can follow the above-mentioned steps. It is quite lucid, and even a kid can do it. Moreover, Steam has great features for its users, which are a must-try. So, if you are still not a Steam user, then register asap. 


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