4K HDR Netflix Stream to be available with Safari in macOS Big Sur

macOS Big Sur
macOS Big Sur

With lockdown going on full effect worldwide, the views of TV shows and series have gone up. Most of the people have subscribed to Netflix. However, not all devices are compatible to stream Netflix in 4K HDR settings. In this regard, there is good news for the users of safari in macOS Big Sur.

Content can be streamed in ultra-high 4K settings. It doesn’t matter if the user has HDR10 or Dolby Vision anymore. Previously, users needed to switch browsers to be able to load content that had a resolution higher than 1080p. The web browser of Apple supported HEVC, which may have prompted this upgrade.

Models that support 4K HDR streaming

The upgrade has delighted most of the Apple users worldwide. However, not all Mac models will be having the full effect. The release is expected to be this fall. Until then, the finished product will not be available and users have to use Big Sur Beta. At present, HDR support is available in select Mac models.

macOS Big Sur
macOS Big Sur

These include the MacBook Pro models that came out after 2018. The Mac mini systems released on or after 2018 are also included. Apart from these, the Mac Pro or the iMac Pro also comes with HDR support. As for the Mac Pro and the Mac mini models, a monitor that supports HDR display is also required.

Expected Service

For all those who were unable to watch HDR content due to the limit in the browser, this is great news. This upgrade is expected to popularize the brand even more. Also, it can be seen that Apple has been somewhat relaxed towards the 4K service other than their services. 4K streaming service will also be supported on YouTube through Apple TV.


macOS Big Sur will also enable 4K streaming in all iOS 14 devices. With the high-resolution upgrade, it is up to the users to utilize it by streaming their favorite series and shows.

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