59 Chinese Apps Banned In India – TikTok, UC Browser And More


The Government of India put a ban on 59 Chinese apps amid the current tense situation in Ladakh. The Government stated that popular apps like TikTok, UC Browser, ShareIt, WeChat, Likee, and many more are against the sovereignty and integrity of India.

This ruling came after the IT ministry received complaints regarding the stealing of users’ data in an unauthorized manner. This ban has been enforced under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act, 2000 which issues directions for blocking access to users’ sensitive data. Therefore, it calls for necessary emergency measures considering the privacy of 130 crore Indians are at stake and are a great threat to India’s security.

In light of the growing Indian app market in China, this is a strong signal. TikTok especially, being the most downloaded app in the Indian market with more than 100 million active users led to a totally different youth culture. This short videos platform saw 30 percent downloads coming straight from India. Banning apps like this can affect the Chinese app market to a great extent.

However, this will not hurt India as there are tons of alternatives in the app space but for China, the Indian app market is growing. Millions of Indian smartphone users are below the age of 25 and they are searching for content on a regular basis. This focus on the tech sector can be considered more effective.

Chinese Apps Ban

Indians watching online videos grew from 2 minutes a day to over 50 minutes a day. TikTok being more personalized content platform compared to Google-owned YouTube, analysts believe that TikTok has more potential for overall influence on Indian consumers.

TikTok had been blocked in India earlier also for two weeks to which TikTok had appealed and eventually the ruling was reversed by the court. But this time, the ban could stay for long. Its a warning to Chinese giants in India and to China as well.

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