12 Best Websites Like Afdah to Watch Free Movies Online


Afdah is the most popular online streaming site for movies and web series. It has the most extensive indexes of library collection. The sea of shelves if sorted effectively. The eye-soothing UI has a fast learning intuitive algorithm to offer the best of the most-watched genres. It can run in both iOS and Android systems. The site is highly optimized to run smoothly and load faster.

Users can have a quick look at the trending from every genre. The site also shelters documentaries and short films in many languages. Moreover, it does not only has Hollywood. You can watch other native movies from all over the world.

What if Afdah is down?

Although Afdah is a well-established website, too much traffic can crash the site. In some cases, Afdah is also restricted in a few countries or by broadband. There are two options available – VPN and Alternatives.

It is easy to set up a VPN to bypass censorships. Users can buy services to enjoy reliable services from NordVPN and Expressvpn. The other scenario is to find legit alternatives to Afdah that offer similar services.        

1. Yes! Movies

Yes! Movies are one of the best Afdah alternatives that are there on the net. The UI is almost similar to Afdah. Furthermore, the intuitive algorithm is as efficient as Afdah. Likewise, it has an array of categories for different types of genres. It is a ground of extensive TV series and movie links. Without a doubt, they provide all reliable links.

yes movies

The available genres for both movies and web series are romance, sports, action, animated, horror, anime, comedy, and goes on. When you select a show, a summary is displayed. Although, Yes! Movies have integrated modern UI; all films are not available in HD.

2. MovieZap

Undoubtedly, this is one of the largest libraries of movies and web series available. Recently released movies are first added here instead of Afdah. However, it comes in CAM recorded qualities, until a better is released. It has enriched genres, including the top IMDB rated movies to underrated ones.


One can sort the search using lexicology or casts’ names. In addition to the description, you can find many trivia for every select. Overall, the site is stuffed with quality watches. Nevertheless, due to irritating ads, viewers are discouraged from visiting here.

3. Yidio

Every day many streaming platforms are developing. Although, only those websites get famous, which brings up newer content every day. For example, Yidio has an average score of 100 streaming services in one place!  The UI is friendly to the viewers. 


It offers extensive search through the vast list of online streaming movies and series. Similar to Afdah, the quick algorithm is one of the USP of Yidio. It will send a push notification when a new movie/series of your favorite genre is added. Though the service is free, it charges a subscription fee for a few features.

4. GoMovies

GoMovies is one of the websites like Afdah that will offer HD quality services. This site has stacked up the shelves with vast volumes of full-time movies and series. The genre includes romance, comedy, drama, horror, action, thriller, crime, family, and more. You can enjoy them online without any registration. Furthermore, it has a new UI that allows searching the movies in A-Z, IMDB rated year, casts’ names, and countries.


This website values HD content. Therefore, the CAM qualities are soon replaced with the better release. However, the recent movies will be in CAM qualities. Ad revenues play a significant role in this site. Yet, it does not overdo so that viewers face problems.

5. FilmClub

FilmClub can almost go as per Afdah. The innovative and advanced design of UI attracts most of the users. They have systematically categorized their vast library. As a result, you can search for any movie/series easily. You may choose to watch the trailer before diving into the Movie. 


One of the critical points of FilmClub is that the latest movies are quickly added. In addition to the quick stacking, they replace the CAM quality with HD soon. Unlike Afdah, there are too many pop-ups present on this site. Redirection keeps many viewers at bay. Furthermore, they pursue the Adfly extension. They provide a smooth interface, the ads are a nuisance.

6. Look Movie

Look Movie is a reliable, independent source for HD contents. It values quality so much that CAM qualities are added. Unlike Afdah, it updates less frequently for adding HD contents only. It offers a vibrant database of movies. Therefore, it is the perfect place to sit with popcorn. There are convenient filters available. 


You may search based on IMDB ratings, year, country, language, duration, and so on. Description and trailer accompany every Movie. However, it is based on ad generated revenues. Therefore, ads will interrupt during your watching. You do not need to register to enjoy the free services.

7. Los Movies

If you are looking for alternatives to Afdah movies, Los Movies is at your disposal. It is one of the most distinguished online movie streaming platforms. All links are legit. The highly intuitive UI grants trouble-free access to your favorites. The library has a rich collection of movies from every genre. It includes fantasy, drama, family, horror, action, thriller, crime, and goes on.


To assist binge-watchers, searching filters are updated. It has advanced filters like lexicology, director, year, country, IMDB rating, and casts’ searches. The site has a couple of setbacks. There are too many pop-ups. Moreover, it has a bright layout also. However, if you adjust with them, it is the best alternative to Afdah.

8. Bob Movies

Bob Movies is always expanding! It does not restrict itself only to the latest releases. It also has a rich collection of movies from the golden era. Despite such brilliant stocks, unlike Afdah, the UI is crowded. 

Bob Movies

None of the films are sorted to any specific order. A user can get duped while looking for one. On a brighter note, the integrated subtitles are of good quality. The loading time is less too. Following the trend, the site does not need any registration.

9. F2 Movies

F2 movies are an ever-expanding community. It does not need registration. However, you can create a free account to contribute to the community. If you write a review after every watch, it benefits the community. 

f2 movies

It goes on adding new content to meet the needs. The UI is friendly and an example of modern creation. The understanding algorithm will offer movies of your genre. Ads may discourage viewers. However, the latest contents are too lucrative to ignore

10. Megashare

Megashare is the King of free content. Undoubtedly, one of the best alternatives to Afdah free movies is Megashare. The platform shelters tons of TV shows and movies to stream online. Not only does it allow streaming but also downloading, browsing, and much more. You can increase your downloading list with HD quality content. 


The UI has a stunning response from the users. The friendly environment acts as a catalyst to the traffic. The website supports a range of languages. Therefore, anyone from any part of the world can access and enjoy this site.

11. 123Movies

123Movies is one of the best alternatives of Afdah. The platform has high-quality policies. They strictly abide by them. The comfortable, smooth, straightforward UI helps the users to access the site effortlessly. Viewers enjoy HD quality movies of all kinds of genres. The vast library is stacked efficiently. This helps the user to conduct an easy search for videos. To navigate your selection, just choose A-Z, year, IMDB rated, so on options.


This website continually updates to reel in new releases. There is no need to register to enjoy the movies. However, if one wants email alerts, then they can go ahead.

12. Putlocker

Last but not least, one of the best online streaming sites is Putlocker. It freely offers you HD quality content to enjoy. The site regularly updates to get the latest released flicks in High-quality versions. The large section of the library is subdivided into categories of genres. It has romance, adventure, thriller, detective, action, horror, crime, and so on. Each genre gives you elite quality content to browse and stream.


Advanced UI offers a search bar to stream your favorite quickly. You may search with keywords, genres, names, casts’, directors, and other relevant tags. You will also get a forum to place a request for a specific movie.      

Summing up

Afdah is indeed the best. However, it’s not the only streaming site to upload the latest flicks. We’ve done the hard part – thorough research. Thus, enjoy the above 12 sites, which bring fresh content too.         


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