AI benchmark confirmed Google’s Pixel 5 memory and chip

Pixel 5
Pixel 5

The Pixel 4a’s craze is high among people now. However, Google is set to release its new flagship phone: Pixel 5. As per the news, the phone shall make in the market by this year. Google will make a comeback with slight changes in its strategy in Pixel 5.

To date, all of the Pixel flagships were powered with the latest 800-series Snapdragon available then. In 2019, Snapdragon 855 was used. But for the new Pixel 5, a slight change is expected. It is going to come with Snapdragon 765G, which is something very thoughtful.

All about Pixel 5 

The new Pixel made the latest entry on an AI benchmark site and was spotted by MySmartPrice. Though the benchmark score did not turn out to be very impressive, it matches with Pixel 4 phones, but the ratings are almost half that of the top performer like Huawei P40 series achieved.

The listing has confirmed that the new Pixel will be powered by Snapdragon 765G, packed with 8GB of RAM. Besides that, the Pixel is going to be the only smartphone that runs on Android 11, adding further credibility to the list.

The Snapdragon 765G is the most popular system chip of 2020. It offers the right balance between price and performance and supports 5G too. LG has already picked the Snapdragon 765G for its flagship. The LG Velvet and OnePlus have also chosen 765G for the OnePlus Nord. 


The Pixel 5 price will be reflected with the change from 800-series chip to 765 series one. To have a competitive atmosphere, Google should price Pixel 5 less than the last year’s Pixel 4 by at least $200. The official release news will confirm henceforth.

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