9 Best Anime Streaming Sites to Watch Online

Anime Streaming Sites

The fandom of Japanese Anime is expanding exponentially in every continent. Therefore, best and safe anime streaming sites are on demand. For kids, Anime is an excellent source of entertainment. Besides, adults find the same world as a mode of escape from reality.

In Anime, it always portrays the value of quality friendship, family time, relationships, teamwork, and community order. It always succeeds in restoring optimism in human beings. In contrast to the real world, good always wins over evildoers.

Along with the quarantine period, the demand took a high leap. Therefore, in this article, we have paved the way to kill your time in a relaxing manner.   

The best anime streaming sites are as follows

We have compiled a list of free and legal sites. From every website, you can enjoy the pure essence of anime and anime movies. However, it is equally important to watch or rather binge-watch in a high-quality streaming platform. Therefore, after comparison and testing various platforms, these are our favorite nine anime sites.

1. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a legal anime website sheltering a series of Anime, Manga, and Asian dramas. The collection is rich invariants and keeps contents for every age group. The library has a range from cartoons (kids friendly) to cult hits (for example, Classicaloid). There are many reasons why this platform is considered as one of the best anime websites. One of such is it gives closure to their internal audiences. They keep a separate tab for hosting anime news, fan messages, and so on. The website runs by a simple, interactive algorithm. The interface allows every user to search according to genre and categories.


 The site displays the trending, or latest Anime shows boldly on the right section of the page. To unlock premium contents, one needs to pay a monthly fee of $6.95. Premium users do not have to deal with advertisements. Moreover, they unlock a few extra features as well. Crunchyroll offers a few of the hits for free. For example, Naruto, Yuri on Ice, Attack on Titan, and My Hero Academia cost zero bucks.

2. Funimation

If you are a fan of watching English dubbed Anime without the English subtitles, then this is the perfect platform. This is one of the legal Anime streaming sites renowned for releasing dubbed foreign content (like TV shows and Anime). Sony owns the American based Funimation Company. It is licensed and available in New Zealand, the United States of America, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

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However, if your country is not on the list, feel free to use VPN to access the site. Funimation releases PlayStation compatible versions too. You can playfully binge-watch thousands of anime episodes. This platform gained its momentum at an early stage when it started to stream Dragon Ball.

anime streaming sites

One of the strong pillars of Funimation is its high-quality watch. The platform has an optimized algorithm that quickly learns your choices. Following a few selects, it will start recommending anime shows based on search history. 

Just like every other site, Funimation provides both free and premium services. You can access the subbed version of every show without paying any subscription fee. However, for premium holders, it removes advertisements and grants you the dubbed version as well.   

3. 9anime

Every Japanese anime watcher knows the purple-colored user interface 9anime.to.  This is one of the most promising websites to watch Anime online. Many adherent anime watchers prefer this platform because of high-resolution contents, few to negligible ads, quick updates, and so on.  In most cases, the materials are available in high definition format without annoying interruption from advertisements. The platform is always punctual to update the latest episode after its official release.

anime streaming sites

Moreover, you can place a request for a title, which is not available in their library. 9anime has a simple interactive interface. Anyone can quickly notice the trending, newest, and most-watched on the home page.  Furthermore, you can do a quick search by genre, rating, year, etc. Before starting a show, you can read reviews and comments and make a call. It also keeps contents in dubbed and subbed in the English language for a better experience. 

4. Kissanime.ru 

The world considers Kissanime as one of the greatest Anime streaming sites. The platform receives impressive ratings and reviews because of its vast database. On opening the website, you will find every genre is at your disposal. Anyone can straightforwardly access the categories – comedy, Sci-Fi action, drama, horror, action, romance, sports, and so on. Kissanime allows users to download any content for zero bucks. You may watch it whenever you want without any internet connection.


Moreover, Kissanime is user friendly. Therefore, anyone can customize the video quality (from 240p to 1080pis available) depending upon their network strength. The site also reels in subbed and dubbed versions in English for better understanding. Creating an account in Kissanime is not necessary. However, if you create one, it will help in sorting and recommending Anime in the long run. It should be noted, and this isn’t a legitimate web portal. However, this is not a concern for the users as they are not the ones undertaking illegal activities. 

5. Anime Heaven 

This is one of the best sites to watch Anime with an excellent reputation for streaming online. Few rumors were surrounding Anime Heaven directing that it has shut down. Fortunately, it still allows users to watch Anime online. The platform has a mixed bag library consisting of both old classics and the latest releases. Anime Heaven is the go-to site if you want to watch free movies or series at high quality. Most of the available contents are from 720p to 1080p.   

anime streaming sites
Anime Heaven

Anime Heaven is the perfect blend of premium appearance with elite quality content. It has a quick search bar where you can search any anime according to genres, year, etc. Every anime movie in Anime Heaven has integrated dubbed and subbed versions. Therefore, you can choose either of them according to their desire. The USP of this site is it does not bother the users with annoying advertisements. Besides interrupting, it also limits the internet bandwidth. 

6. GoGoAnime 

GoGoAnime is one of the anime streaming sites which anyone can access from any part of the world. Unlike Hulu, it does not have any geographical restrictions. It has an organized interface where it stocks thousands of titles from Manga series to anime movies. The website is sorted into the quick category (genres, year, etc.) search. Many high-quality contents are available in subbed and dubbed versions using English as a medium.


However, if you are learning Japanese, there are videos available without subtitles as well. The platform shelters almost every A-list Anime. GoGoAnime is not a legitimate web portal. Even so, no one will be in trouble for streaming online. Users can stream without any hesitation. It allows users to download titles. However, we suggest not downloading any media from this free streaming site.

7. Chia-Anime 

Chia-Anime is one of the top-notch anime sites that allow anime fans to stream online for free. For every die-hard anime devotee, Chia-Anime presents you with the latest and all-time favorite anime titles. The user-friendly website welcomes everyone to browse their latest inclusion. Besides including hit series, Chia-Anime provides an enjoyable experience of anime watching. The devotion of Chia-Anime developers is evident from the update frequency of the series. In general, it is as fast as ten times from other sites. 


As mentioned above, Chia-Anime readily includes any popular anime whenever it airs in Japan. For example, One-piece, Kokora, Hero Academia, Dragon Ball, etc. is almost instantly available. The interactive interface comes with innovative offerings that escalate the viewing and streaming experience. Out of the box features, a special one will always update you on the hottest and latest Anime of the time. Following the trend of celebrated websites, it allows users to download titles. Furthermore, the site integrates a secure navigation protocol. The anime watching is just a name or category search away. 

8. Anime Planet 

Anime Planet is one of the few anime websites which is legitimate! Since the industry supports this site, everyone can access it without any hesitation. Besides, being justified, it has a vast library with an exquisite collection! Every anime lover can immerse in the world of horror, drama, comedy, action, thriller, etc. free of cost. Any visitor can access every Manga to anime movies, reviews, stars, and recommendations.  Moreover, every title is followed by a description, rating, and comments from other fans. 

anime streaming sites
Anime Planet

Likewise, when you are in a dilemma that Anime you should begin with, Anime Plant platform will always come up with a solution. Apart from this, while searching, the Anime Planet’s learning algorithm will suggest you show with proper justification. The interface of the website is highly optimized to run effectively in every medium. For example, desktops, tablets, android devices, iOS devices, UHD TV, etc. are all suitable.       

9. Hulu 

Without Hulu, the list for best anime streaming sites is incomplete. This is one of the highest-rated sites and receives plenty of good reviews. If you are obsessed with watching Anime in proper HD quality, then Hulu is the solution. The library is refreshed periodically to bring in new titles. The database includes TV shows, original Hulu shows, anime movies, and Manga series. Without fail, every movie or series is in a high-quality definition. However, there are a few disadvantages to this anime platform.


First and foremost, Hulu is not all available in every part of the world. Only a few countries can access the site. For example, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Europe, and several portions of Asia can access without any trouble. Moreover, there is a restriction policy with downloads as well. However, if your country is not on the list, it is safe to utilize VPN and login to the site. The premium services of Hulu come at the least monthly price at $10. However, the anime platform grants a 30-day free trial period for every customer.


No matter how old you are, no one can describe or quantify the excitement in watching anime shows or movies. Everybody takes pleasure in riding to the world of Anime – a different dimension of happiness and soothing. Every site in the list mentioned above is safe to use. Therefore, browse and enjoy the watch with popcorn.                    


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