20 Best Anime Torrent Sites of 2020

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Anime movies and TV series have a different place in our hearts. And, that is because of the fantastic storyline it provides the viewers. This is a vibrant world filled with imaginary yet real characters. Anime is an artwork that never fails to impress an individual. In today’s era, we have a lot of anime fans who binge-watch anime content. We have curated a list of anime torrents websites, that will help you to watch more of anime.

Anime streaming sites has a lot of storylines revolving around different genres. You can find your favorite among the horror, romantic, adventurous, and so on. Few countries have blocked the anime torrent sites. Hence the best way out is to use VPN services to gain access to these websites.

Here are twenty anime torrents sites, that will serve your purpose. 

These are a few sites that will provide the best anime torrent sites. If you are an anime fan then, this is the right article for you.

1. Nyaa

Nyaa is an old website. It has been serving the viewers for a long time now. It was established in the year 2005. According to the viewers, it is considered one of the best anime torrent sites. These days, it is working efficiently, and the fact is overlooked that it had a few issues in the past. The content found here is engaging, and the website has a very systematic format, which helps the visitors find their needs quickly.


The anime fans are going to love it. Because it is interesting, right after opening the website, one can find a straightforward list of torrents. Nyaa shows a short overview about the torrent selected by the individual. After that, one can download the torrent file after checking the seeders and leechers. The best part about Nyaa is that an individual will not have to create an account to download torrents.

2. HorribleSubs

No matter what genre you prefer, HorribleSubs will provide you with any kind of anime torrent and will meet your needs. The site is an active anime community. One can talk to other anime fans about anime content through comments or via IRC.


The exciting thing about the site is that it has preview files available. It has a different page known as ‘Schedule’ which shows the latest release of anime content. The majority of the files have a different format of videos, ranging from 480p to 1080p. An individual will not have to register themselves to download torrents from this website.

3. AnimeTosho

AnimeTosho has the most active anime community as per records. The website has a lot of anime torrents. Precisely, it can provide you with whatever you need. AnimeTosho has a lot of dedicated anime fans. It has a lot of torrents that can be downloaded fast because it has a high number of seeders.


The simple interface that AnimeTosho has helps users to browse it easily. Hence, the site is very straightforward. The language of the site is English. It makes the site steady and allows people to find a stream of anime torrents. The site includes a lot more types of media, like movies, ebook torrent, and the list goes on. Therefore, AnimeTosho is one of the famous anime torrent sites.

4. BakaBT

BakaBT is a secret anime community. This website includes more than 90,000 anime fans. Consequently, it is one of the biggest active anime community. But, an individual is not allowed to join the community freely. One has to get an invitation from the website’s team. To be a part, the individual needs to go through interviews with the administrators. Nevertheless, one should not be worried about this process. The procedure is not as strict as it looks.

anime torrents site

Once done with the interviews, joining the community will open up a new anime world for an individual. There will be numerous torrents to download. BakaBT has a massive library. If people want to join the community, they will have to use IRC and keep an eye on the channels that BakaBT runs currently.  Namely; #bakabt-support and #BakaBT. One will be invited for an interview soon. The process is worthwhile!

5. Shana Project

At times, before downloading anime torrents, one needs to seed them for a span. Shana Project is a sustainable community of anime torrents. The site does not have any limitations. One can easily download as much as needed.

Shana Project
Shana Project

Shana Project has a lot of torrents in it. One can see the list and sort them alphabetically or by seasons. One can easily follow the list to know what it provides for downloading. Registering for the website is not mandatory. But, if one does, the individual can keep track of the newly introduced anime torrents on the site.

6. AnimeTorrents

AnimeTorrents is a website that can provide all the latest anime torrents. But, one has to register a new account to continue. It offers high-quality anime. Hence, it has goodwill among visitors. Subbed and dubbed content are available in AnimeTorrents, which puts the cherry on the cake.

anime torrents site

One can freely watch anime after downloading from this site, as it will have no language barrier. One can download anime as faster as one’s internet connection allows. AnimeTorrent is one of the most highly recommended torrent sites.

7. Anime Ultime

In this list of anime torrents, the next we have is Anime Ultime. This site originated in France, which was designed for dedicated anime fans. This is a gateway for the ardent anime followers.


But, Anime Ultime is a website that has French as its language. This might be a problem, but one can easily translate into English.

8. Anime Layer

Anime Layer is a Russian Anime site which has a beautiful UI. This attracts a lot of visitors. It looks unique and beautiful. Anime torrents listed on this website come with details required for an individual to know.


This website is available worldwide. It is regularly updated with content that visitors might like. Precise numbers of seeders and leechers are mentioned in this site. So that the users can select and download accordingly.

9. Project GXS

ProjectGXS is a storehouse of Anime content. Therefore, everyone likes this site. It is an excellent source of reliable content that one can find online.

Project GXS
Project GXS

This website has an index where one can see the list of anime, alphabetically. Once clicked on the site, it provides information about the available resolutions of the video. When it comes to the anime TV shows, one can see an overview of the particular show. Like, seasons and episodes, in detail. Therefore, one should visit the site for a better understanding.

10. 9Anime

9Anime is a site with an exceptionally aesthetic user interface. The visitor will like the design it has. This website has an extensive library filled with numerous content. At times, torrents can be hard to download on mobile devices. So, one should have a personal computer to download the required files.


It has a well-designed UI to attract visitors. One will like the interface that it has. Anyone can visit the site for online streaming. There is a lot of content available. But, the piece of advice you will require is that you should use an ad-blocker to watch stream videos online from this site.

11. TorrentDownloads

A lot of websites include different contents and, at times, make it hectic. But, TorrentDownloads is a website that is composed and works smoothly. This is a website that cites the best example of a perfect user interface.


One will get the option to filter torrents as per needs. TorrentDownloads has a dedicated anime section that helps visitors to find out anime torrents quicker. It has 70,000 anime torrents that are categorized in 28 sections.

12. 1337x

1337x is one of the oldest websites when it comes to downloading torrents. It is easy to browse movies and tv series. The site is simple and easy to use. There are categories to divide different torrents. 1337x is a website where one can get any torrent to download, and anime torrents are a part of it.

anime torrents

The website has a vast library. In fact, it allows one to download games, software, music, and a lot more. This website shows a list of trending torrents, which helps one to get suggestions; therefore, new anime fans can easily choose what to watch. It is used by a lot of people all over the world to download torrents.

13. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents is one of the oldest and biggest torrent storehouses in the world. However, it has a huge fan base, even on today’s date. It has a vibrant anime section with all the popular anime torrents; the fans might like those. The website has a rustic design, but a more straightforward form to use.


This website has a straightforward UI, which helps users operate it at ease. Henceforth, this is a site that is recommended by individuals. But, LimeTorrents is banned in France, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

14. The Pirate Bay

The Pirates Bay is unbelievably famous among all the internet surfers. The anime content found on this website is commendable. It is needless to state the fact that it has a vast collection of torrents. Not only anime but also different categories of the torrent are available in The Pirates Bay. If one knows what to watch, this is a go-to site for that individual.

The Pirate Bay
The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay supports magnet links. Inspecting comments below the torrent can guide one to choose what is right for download. This can also help to avoid getting infected by malware. Nevertheless, this site is good for the anime fans out there!

15. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 provides an individual with verified torrents. It has a community to know the site better and understand the torrent quality. It has a prominent search engine, which provides useful search results. After typing the name of the anime, one will get a lot of results. The individual can quickly determine which one to choose for downloading.


Torrentz2 is a website that can suffice when it comes to downloading any torrents. Anime fans love this website because it is easy to use.

16. AnimeWorldbd

AnimeWorldbd is a staunch follower of rules and regulations. It abides by all the rules and regulations, and therefore, it allows legal anime torrents. One can have access to the legal anime torrents.


But, if one puts away the strictness, an individual can enjoy this website. This is an excellent platform to get anime torrents downloaded. The user interface makes the site more comfortable and straightforward to use. Therefore, one can refer to AnimeWorldbd.

17. Kiss Anime  

Kiss Anime is a site dedicated to anime fans. It has all the anime torrents that an amateur might need. This website has a free option that changes the view of the homepage when users are accessing it from their mobile devices.

Kiss Anime
Kiss Anime

One can read manga, novels, and enjoy other forms of recreation in the website.

18. Torlock

Torlock is a site that allows verified torrents to be a part of it. It has a straightforward user interface. This website has a concerned section for anime.


anime torrents

After one browses the site, there appears a list of torrents and a search engine. This is for the users to search and choose the required torrent—this one of the rare websites which keep verified torrents for downloads. Hence, one can trust this Torlock.

19. AniRena

AniRena is a very organized website. It has a dedicated section for all the anime, which are non-English. One can easily segregate the torrents while downloading. It also helps the individual to understand which one to watch and which one not to. It displays the size of the file while downloading.

anime torrents

AniRena is one of the best torrent sites. Unlike other torrent sites, one does not need to create an account to download torrents. Therefore, a visitor or an anime fan can rely on this website undoubtedly.

20. Seedpeer

Last, but not least on our list is Seedpeer. This is a reliable website when it comes to anime torrents. It has dedicated anime sections. Seedpeer has a very sophisticated UI and is easy to navigate through.

anime torrents

It is a renamed website which was known as ‘Meganova.’ It was a celebrated website. This site shows the size and age of a torrent file. Seedpeer is a transparent website. Hence it is reliable.

Wrapping Up

The list is complete now. To know the best one that is compatible with you, it is necessary to go through the list and understand every unique feature a site has. The sites mentioned above will help you to download anime torrents. You can easily find an English dubbed anime series or movie from any of these sites. If you are an anime fan, you have read the right article. Happy Watching!


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