How To Fix Can’t Login to AOL Login Mail Issues – A Detailed Guide

Fix Can't Login to AOL Login Mail Issues

Many people nowadays are facing issues with AOL Mail while trying to login. AOL Mail is a free website based email webmail service system like Gmail, Yahoo, and outlook. Sometimes AOL Mail is also referred to as AIM Mail which stands for AOL Instant Messenger which is AOL Mail’s instant messaging service. Here we will discuss how to resolve every issue while logging in to AOL.

AOL Mail has a world-class spam & virus protection system. It helps you remove all the scam and viruses mails that can harm your device. You can also make your free AOL account to AOL premium subscription account. It will keep your AOL email addresses, software, settings and bookmarked favourite places for as long as you want it to be.

How To Fix AOL Login Mail Issues – Detailed Guide

There are many common issues in AOL mail and user services. When you come across these issues you will receive an error message on your device. Some of them are really easy to fix and some of them are hard. Here are some common error messages.

  • The username/password is invalid.
  • Can’t sync to the AOL (normally shows on phone or mail app).
  • Service temporarily down error 500.
  • Blank page (no error message).
  • This account has been deactivated due to inactivity.
  • Connection is not secure/private.
  • Can’t connect to this page/can’t reach this page.

Aside from those error messages, you might also receive some more specific error messages if you use the desktop version of AOL Mail (messages will only show during the sign-in problem.)


How do you fix AOL mail Login Issues?

As we were saying about the error messages, most of them are really easy to fix but some of them might be hard for your own to fix. So for you, just do these few tasks and it will fix your AOL mail login issues.

Solution 1: Create a New AOL Email Password
Reset Password
Reset Password

If you can not log into your email account and have the username/password invalid error issue. Then you should create a new password for your AOL mail account.

  • Go to website on your browser.
  • Give you AOL username and press the next button.
  • Now press the ‘forgot password’ link under the next button.
  • Now you will see an option saying “phone number to receive the code.”
  • Press “Yes! Please send me the code” after that AOL will send a verification code to your Phone.
  • Type the verification code that you receive from your phone and press the next button.
  • After all that, you will get the option to create a new password for your AOL account.
Solution 2: Check if IMAP or POP Servers are Invalid

If you are having AOL Mail login problems only on your android or iPhone but not on your desktop or laptop. Then it shows the error is on the IMAP/POP server. Sometimes it might have happened due to the SMTP server. To fix these problems you need to check if server address ports are matching to the following server addresses or not.

IMAP server address: Port no: 993
POP server address: Port no: 995S
SMTP server address: Port no: 465 or 587

If your iPhone or Android device’s port address did not match then replace your current port address with the one above. Hopefully, it will fix the problem.

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Solution 3: Check If the Server is Under Maintenance

If you are using correct login info but still can not log in to your AOL mail account, then this problem might be related to AOL server maintenance. There is a chance that AOL servers are on maintenance or AOL servers are down due to overload. Probably that is why you are having problems login to your devices.

If that is the case, wait before making any other changes on your AOL settings, examine the server status and if it’s broken, on maintenance, or overloaded then please wait until it starts operating again.

Solution 4: Change Your Browser Settings

If you are having an error ‘can’t load this page’ or any similar issues from your browser, then you have to make several changes to your browser settings to fix this issue. Follow the steps below.

  • Update or install your web browser to its newer version.
  • Update JavaScript, adobe flash, and other plugins.
  • Clear all cookies and cache files from your browser.
  • Enable the pop-up option for AOL mail.
After doing all those steps, your browser will be fixed and you can use your browser to load the site without any problems.

Solution 5: Analys Your VPN or Security Programs
Remove VPN
Remove VPN

Sometimes when you try to login to AOL mail account you will get a privacy error on your browser. If that is the case it means that your VPN or antivirus running is blocking the connection.

If so, turn off the VPN or antivirus software and restart AOL mail account in your devices. If it still doesn’t work then do these following steps.

  • Correct the time & date on your device
  • Uninstall all antivirus, VPN, and Proxy software.
  • Disable any proxy or VPN programs of your browser.

After all the steps the problem shall

Account is Deactivated
Account is Deactivated

be fixed. Your device will no longer be blocking the connection from AOL mail and will not show any privacy error messages on your browser.

Solution 6: Check If the Account is Deactivated


It may be possible that your AOL account has been deactivated. There are many reasons for an account’s deactivation but most of the time it’s because the account was inactive for a long time. The following actions are the reasons for an account’s deactivation.

  • The user requested to delete the account.
  • If the user didn’t sign in to the account in the past 12 months.
  • If the account violates the AOL terms of service.

For confirmation, you need to check ‘account recovery flow’. If your account has deactivated, then you have to create a new AOL account. Your old username will also not be available for you to use it again.

Solution 7: Contact the AOL support
AoL Support
AoL Support

If you tried all the above solutions but still could not fix the login issue of AOL mail account, then we recommend you to contact the AOL support for help. AOL mail has a toll-free number 1-800-827-6364 (Mon-Fri: 8 am-12 am ET; Sat: 8 am-10 pm ET) for their users, so the users can contact them when they need support. You can also ask for support on their website. The website is 24×7 live with experts ready for help and support.

Wrapping Up

That is the entire fix we can offer for you for your AOL mail login issues. Hope you have found this article helpful. If you have any better fix for this problem then do not forget to share your thoughts on the comment section.


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