Apple Launches iOS 14 Public Beta Version

public beta of iOS 14
iOS 14

The speculation regarding the upcoming iOS 14 is growing steadily. With many new features promised, Apple fans are eagerly looking forward to iOS 14. To give a brief idea about what is about to come, Apple released the public beta of iOS 14. Now, the new iOS features can be tested by normal users as well, along with developers.

Features of iOS 14 Public Beta

The interface in the public beta of iOS 14 has been greatly redesigned. App Library view is available, and different apps can be grouped in a single one on the same screen. Home screen pages will now also support the addition of widgets. Smart Stack of widgets can also be created which will change widgets automatically with respect to activity, location, and time. Siri has been upgraded and has been made more compact.

Call notifications will come with a popup from the top side instead of occupying the entire screen. Users will also get the Picture-in-Picture support and the Messages app is updated. Group messaging experience will get enhanced, and new Memoji options include face covering, hardware, and hairstyles. The Apple Maps and Safari Browser are also updated. The new privacy features are also great, with users getting notified with any app accessing the camera, microphone, or data.

New Version Compatibility

Multiple developer beta versions were released by Apple earlier. All the tests revealed many of the new amazing features that iOS 14 will have. However, for the first time, the users will also be able to use the iOS 14 public beta version for themselves. Users can do this by downloading the beta on their devices.

Apple devices, mainly the iPhones, iPads, and the iPod touch will be compatible with the iOS 14. Notably, all Apple devices that are currently running on iOS 13 will be compatible. These users can download the beta for the early experience of the upcoming operating system.

Downloading iOS 14 Public Beta

Apple has launched the Apple Beta Software Program. Users can get enrolled in this program with their individual Apple ID. Devices having iOS 13 are said to be compatible with this beta version. On the website, the Beta Program is available and users can check most of their related queries from the FAQ section.

It is recommended to the users that the public beta of iOS 14 is downloaded in a secondary Apple device. This is because the beta version is most likely to come with multiple bugs and issues. Users should also back up their own data without fail before downloading the beta version.

Once the user has enrolled with the Beta Software Program, the process is quite easy. Users need to go to the Settings -> General -> Software Update in their device. With the software update, the version will be downloaded.

It is recommended that the Apple device in which the beta version is downloaded should have sufficient battery (minimum 50%) in the time of the download. Alternatively, the device can be connected with the charger in the time of downloading. Users also have the option to go back to their stable iOS version if they are facing any difficulties from the public beta version.

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