Apple Pay Users May Get To Scan QR Codes for Transactions in iOS 14

QR Code
QR Code

Apple users have different exclusive options when it comes to various activities. Apple Pay is one such service through which users can pay or receive money without any hassle. This digital payment platform of Apple is quite popular, and most Apple users use this feature regularly. However, the payment procedure is still dependent on —-technology from a few years back. However, that may change with upcoming updates.

QR Codes to be Introduced

As per the latest reports, the upcoming iOS 14 may include a QR code scanning facility for transaction purposes. Since the iOS 14 is poised to release, various testers and developers have been monitoring every aspect of it. Some hidden codes have been found in iOS 14, which suggests that QR code scanning facility in Apple Pay may get introduced. Users might also be able to give the payment for simple items using QR codes.

These codes are designed to generate the activation of Apple Pay. Simply put, this will simply incorporate an additional way of using the platform. With the release of the iOS 14 developer beta version, many testers have found such similar references. However, the testers have been unable to use this feature yet. That means the activation and working procedures are yet to be seen.

New Features

Even though the work has not yet been seen, it can be estimated well. Testers have found instructions and images. These indicate the directions for the users to use QR codes in the new Apple Pay. It has also been reported that the code for the feature to work is present in a public system API.

This is good news, as the Apple Pay users will be able to scan QR codes for payment through third-party apps as well. However, users should also keep in mind that this feature is present in iOS 14 beta only. This means that there is no guarantee that this feature will be present in the final version.

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