Apple to Release Multiple Gadgets between August and October 2020


As per reports, Apple has planned on releasing multiple of their devices between August and October this year. There are numerous products on the list, and the main ones include the iPhone 12 series, AirPods Studio, and the HomePod refresh. The upcoming iPad Pro and the rumored ARM-powered laptops of Apple are coming as well. Hence, the MacBook Pro 13 and the ARM MacBook are on the list too.

Multiple Devices Lined Up As Apple Plans To Go Big On Sales

The information had been leaked, and so far only two unidentified twitter accounts have reported this. Some inside information from Apple has also surfaced, and it indicates that the rumors are most probably true. Multiple sources are already verifying the extent of truth in Apple’s multiple gadget release rumors in the specified period.

The information suggests that Apple is planning to release the upcoming iMac very soon. The predicted date is 19th August. It will also be followed by the new AirPods Studio. The HomePod Mini and HomePod 2 are also reported to be released on the same day. The release of these products will mainly be done on the website, which Apple has been a lot enthusiastic about 9in recent times.

After that, the next release day is tipped to be 8th September. On this day, the new iPad, the iPhone 12 series lineups, and the Watch Series 6 are tipped to be released. The next release date is claimed to be 27th October, which will see the release of the MacBook and MacBook Pro 13. These are the brand new ARM-powered Apple laptops. A new iPad Pro will also be reportedly announced on the same day.

Other Releases

The other rumored releases include the 4K Apple TV, which is expected to come out in October. The AirPower and AirPower Mini will also be on the list. These products can be released anytime between September and October 2020.

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