Apple’s New User Tracking Warnings Get Heavy Criticism from Google Backed Groups

User Tracking

The AAPL.O or Apple Inc announced that some of their apps would be equipped with user tracking abilities. This will require extra permission from the users. A part of the European digital advertising associations heavily criticized this move by Apple on Friday. The announcement came from Apple’s disclosure of the new operating systems to be available on the upcoming iPads and iPhones.

The reaction of Other Groups

Multiple marketing groups, a total of 16 to be exact, have pointed out that Apple is not sticking with the system of ad-industry. This is a direct violation of the privacy rules of Europe that is required for seeking the content of users.

Most of these associations are backed by GOOGL.O and FB.O, which is Alphabet Inc (Google) and Facebook Inc, respectively. The groups commonly pointed out that Apple will be asking for the permission of the user more than once. This, in turn, can put the users at risk. It is expected that most of the users will refuse to grant permission for user tracking.

Need for User Tracking

Most companies, including Google and Facebook, regularly track their users online. This is for providing the users with ads relevant and useful to them, which are considered from their browsing habits. As per Apple, this new feature will give the users a better understanding of the use of their data. Last week, Apple also held a developer conference. In the training sessions, it was shown how multiple screens could be presented by the developers, justifying the need for permission of user tracking.

This pop-up is to alert the user that they are being tracked. Since the users can refuse this customized pop-up, the other marketing institutions of Europe are not pleased with it. Apple privacy engineer, Brandon Van Ryswyk, stated that a new Apple-made measurement tool would analyze whether the advertising campaigns are successful or not. This will not require any additional permission.

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