Apple’s policies will not allow Stadia or xCloud on iOS


Cloud gaming is becoming very popular these days. It lets you play AAA games on the device regardless of the device’s hardware specification. If your device can stream a video then it can also support Red Dead Redemption on Google Stadia and Halo on Microsoft’s xCloud. But if you are using an iPhone or iPad then you have sheer bad luck. According to Apple, these apps violate the rules and policies of the App Store and shall never be allowed into Apple’s walled garden. 

Apple’s App Store claims that it has got real, live human beings who personally verify and review each app for security and genuine quality providing users with one trusted stoppage for all applications. Apple wishes to approve these games individually and allow Apple users to rate them personally through the App Store. The principle of Apple cites strict bans showing “store-like interfaces” on a remote device or “thin clients for cloud-based apps,” which xCloud and Stadia run afoul of. 

The approval process of Apple checks if the developers follow Apple’s developer policies. The policies include special rights to all transactions happening on iOS (Apple demands all payments to run through its own services as it gets a cut off revenue there). The App Store has got many prices that need to be paid, for example, salaries of all of the human app approvers, digital hosting costs, and developer support. The estimation of Apple’s cut of App Store revenues for the year 2019 was at Fifteen billion dollars.  Thus, you can understand Apple is making a massive profit.

Microsoft on Apple’s new policies

Microsoft is quite unhappy with Apple’s guidelines. It had a beta check of xCloud on iOS. According to Microsoft, Apple “treats gaming apps differently” is a quite strong opinion keeping in mind the fact that you can eat gaming subscriptions. Netflix and Disney+ both are allowed on the Apple store. Xbox Game Pass is almost similar to those video streaming services. Apple’s dislike for remote computing is maybe for a better push and consistent performance by native apps. 

Google Stadia remains silent on Apple’s move

Google has not yet answered to Stadia’s ban on iOS. It does not try to sound argumentative like Microsoft. Stadia is a lot different from Xbox. The games of Stadia cost money in addition to Ten dollars a month fee for like 4K resolution. So, you cannot call it Netflix for games as xCloud does.  Google is used to Apple’s such policies.

In 2009, Google Voice was banned for a year by Apple by replacing it with other alternatives. There is an app called Stadia iOS app which can be useful for a strange purpose. The descriptions read, “You cannot use the Stadia app to play games directly on an iOS device, but you can use the app to manage Stadia on other devices.”

Apple’s App Store policies are quite seen in the news lately. Developers such as Basecamp, Epic Games have not at all acknowledged the cut taken from every Apple Store. Spotify and Telegram’s complaints have fueled the antitrust investigations into the App Store policies. Apple has banned the gaming portion of the Facebook gaming app. 


Apple’s policies defend itself by promising consistent, user-friendly options. There is no strong user-centric defense for banning cloud-gaming. Cloud gaming may lead to less purchase of games from Apple’s Store, the central reason why Apple has got the policies done.

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