20+ Best Discord Dating Servers for Online Dating

Discord Dating Servers

Dating has gone digital in recent years. People are now comfortable searching for potential partners online. But the online dating scenario is now changed, and people prefer to meet in person or interact personally with another one to develop an understanding. Hence, the discord dating trend is on the rise, and people now prefer discord dating servers.

Well, discord dating servers are an excellent advantage for those who prefer to find their potential dates online. It offers you a personal and exclusive one-to-one interaction with another person. But, what are discord dating servers? In simple terms, they are specialized discord servers for dating. Discord servers or discord is special software that allows you to initiate a private online chat room as per your interest.

You can invite selected people inside that virtual chat server through an invitation link. The discord chat rooms offer available for texts, online chat or video chat, etc. So, it is clear that discord dating servers allow a person to have a face-to-face interaction with another persona and make it a more precise cut and transparent procedure.

Here are the best 20+ discord dating servers

These servers are authentic and are great if someone is searching for a dating partner.

1. Playroom

The first entry in this list is the Playroom Discord dating server. It Is a server facility from the dating website Playroom and has been promoting dating for some time in an understandable way. It is a  dedicated server for dating and has a lot of beneficial features for anyone interested in dating. The playroom server comes with an advanced matchmaking AI Bots that help a user to find their potential partners by tallying common interests, hobbies, profession, age, and other professions.

discord dating servers

Then there are many other features like speed dating, weekend dating, etc. The Playroom is strict on their policies and takes swift action regarding violations of rules. It also offers extra benefits like private voice chat, VIP chat rooms, image sharing options through donations. It is safe and is excellent for serious users.

2. Love Central

Discord dating can be fun, but it may not always be right for teens who want to explore digital or virtual dating. Love central is one of the best dating discord servers that is for teens. It is a dedicated dating server and promotes teen dating in a safe and fun way. It has its unique rules and guidelines that allow only teens under 18 for a dating experience.

discord dating servers
Love Central

3. Azkaui Server

Azkaui Server is one of the best discord dating sites that you can use. It is best because of its services. Unlike many other discord dating services, it is a private server that allows people to use discord chat rooms for dating.


But, it is only for those who are older than 18 years. Azkaui is famous for its services and guidelines. It is safe and has a dedicated user base of 35000 users from different parts of the globe.

4. M&Y

M&Y is different than many other conventional dating servers discord.  It is for the LGBTQ+ community but encourages other users also. M&Y comes with its unique matchmaking bots that allow a person to check on a person who is of interest. But, the verification procedure like identity or age verification procedure lacks behind. It is not strict like the Playroom and is more relaxed and fun.


Their server comes with a per-minute leveling system and also grants online experience to a user on their interaction with other people. Besides that, it also accepts a donation from the supporters. One of the most striking features or M&Y is that it has a function of paid roles that start from $1 to $100, and every pay allows a user to access new features of the discord dating room.

5. The Pigeon Pen

 The fourth entry in this list is the Pigeon Pen. It is a growing discord dating community with nearly 9500 users, and every day more people join their dating community. It is a dating service for laid back people who love to enjoy a meaningful conversation with another person. 

The Pegion Pen
The Pegion Pen

6. Beautiful people

 Beautiful people are another discord dating server that is teen-friendly. It allows people under 18 years old to join their service and meet with people of different ages to converse and make friends. Additionally, it comes with a global user base, and people are always active here.

7. Hen Cult

 Well, Hen Cult is one of the best discord dating servers for the anime lovers. It is also an under 18 discord dating service that allows you to an anime fan from different parts of the world. It comes with a large anime base of typical, popular shows and even some adult anime shows.

So, and the user gets a deadly combination of anime and dating in a single server.  Their server comes with an active group of moderators to endure every chat is safe, and no one is in danger. You can easily watch anime or chat with a fellow otaku for a tremendous virtual dating experience.

8. Canadian Hangout

Canadian hangout is a discord dating service based in Canadian. It initially started as a discord dating server for Canadian people. But Canadian hangout has now opened its doors to people from all around the world. It is a versatile discord server because it does not explicitly promote itself as a dating server.

Canadian Hangout - discord dating servers
Canadian Hangout

That means you can go for a virtual dating or you can also chat with other people just to make friends. It is a cooperatively new dating service that is becoming popular with each passing day. The most significant benefit of Canadian hangout us that it comes with a local club-like vibe where people meet and relax and even fall in love. It is all for the healthy interaction among real people and is a safe discord dating service.

9. Finesse

Well, the ninth entry in this list of discord dating servers is Finesse. It is not a dating service but comes with the tag of dating. So, you can consider Finesse as a community that allows connecting two different people for dating or friendship. Finesse is excellent for you if you have a creative streak. Because this unique dating server encourages the users to showcase their artistic side like: art and craft, music, dance, visual arts, etcetera, to connect to other people. Additionally, there are typical services for dating services.


Finesse is among the safest discord dating services in this list that aims to engage people into meaningful interactions. Additionally, any user can also report any type of harmful or objectionable antiques, and the moderators ban any suspicious person immediately. In short, Finesses is your best choice if you are creative and aim to connect t people to go on dates or become instructors and moderators.

10. Cuties

 Cuties is an open discord dating service that is not strict and comes with fewer filters. Even if it is free for everyone, objectionable content like gore, children abuse, doxing, or spamming results in a ban.


Cuties come with a 6000 member base, and it is gradually gathering more users. But, a user needs to express themselves in a proper way to avoid any uncomfortable situation.


Oofism is quite a new entry in the arena of discord dating but has a promising future. It allows the users to discuss various topics and connect with strangers through their discord servers, But, only adults or people older than 18 years can join OOFISM.

discord dating servers

12. The Pub

 The Pub is a popular name among the discord dating servers under 18. If you are new to discord dating and want to have a safe experience, you can join  The Pub. It comes with multiple beneficial features that make discord dating fun yet safe. Furthermore, there is no age limit, and anyone can join it.

The Pub
The Pub

13. E-Girls Heaven

 It is a multifaceted discord dating server that is versatile and has two sites. It has a safe discord server where a user who is a minimum of 13 years old can log in and watch anime or date people virtually.

E-Girl Heaven
E-Girl Heaven

In their SFW server, you can also make friends. And, if you are an adult, you can quickly check their NSFW discord dating server through a request to the admin panel. It opens all possibilities for any user.

14. Shy Hangout 

Shy hangout is another prominent player in the discord dating world. It is one of the best sites and servers that is safe and offers excellent services. Shy hangout comes with 40000 active users.

discord dating servers

The most significant benefit of Shy hangout is that it has multiple channels for facilitating users. It comes with an NSFW tag and may not be for those who are into the earnest search for a partner. But, there are endless possibilities.

15. Beautiful People

Beautiful People is another popular discord dating sever for young people. Usually, a lot of discord dating servers come with age restrictions. But, beautiful people allow minors and teens in their servers. Hence, even if you are under 18 years age, you can join this place without any problem. So, people of all ages are welcome in Beautiful People. It is also a discord ERP server and allows you to connect to strangers without any problem.

Beautiful People
Beautiful People

Furthermore, it has users from different parts of the world. That means people are active round-the-clock. As per the activity trend goes, Beautiful People becomes a beaming place during the midnights.

16. Not a cult

Not a cult is a public discord dating service with multiple servers. It has software that operates the servers through the internet. That means, Not a Cult comes with numerous channels and servers that a user can use for discord dating. It has a strict verification and related policy and only allows users who are minimum 18 years old.

Not a cult
Not a cult

17. Game on

Game On is a unique discord dating server that offers next-level virtual dating. It is among the few discord dating servers that use technology to make discord dating more fun and exciting. It comes with multiple servers, and a user can access any server they like. This is open to people older than 16 years in age. Game on comes with a global user base and offers a lot of services related to dating.

18. The Draconian’s Den

 Do you want to find a real date from an online discord dating server? You need to check the Draconian’s Den for once. It is one of the single dating servers that are of severe couples.

The Draconian's Den
The Draconian’s Den

Hence, it is a pure dating server that helps you to connect to single people near you. Additionally, here you can chat personally with another person. Draconian’s Den aims to offer a private space for couples. It can be among the best choices if you are in for serious dating.

19. Tissie- CZ/SK

Why not combine dating with game, anime, and chatting? Tissie offers everything together. It is a discord dating server accessible to people older than 16 years. Furthermore, Tissie also has a particular server for 18+ users, You can use it and other servers for dating, chatting, making new friends, and watch anime or discuss games with strangers.

20. Quantum Labs

Quantum Labs is another discord dating service for adult people. It is a typical dating server. Teenage uses can use this server to connect to people near their neighborhood. Additionally, it is an excellent server for a fun time, and users can easily spend their quality time here.

Quantam Labs - discord dating servers
Quantam Labs

21. Daddy

A unique dating servers discord with voice channels. It is a socializing and dating server that comes with multiple voice channels. This comes with a user base of more than 100000 active members and claims to have a 1:1 male to female ratio. It is a global discord dating service that allows anyone to date virtually.


22. Slippy’s dream world

Slippy’s dream world comes with nearly 20 different servers on the discord. Anyone minimum 18 years old can join it for discord dating. The global emote servers help you to connect to people from all around the world. The software maintains the channels through the internet for seamless user experience.

Slippy's Dream World
Slippy’s Dream World

23. Chill zone

Chill Zone is a topic less discord server. That means anyone can use it as per their choice. It is for discord daters who prefer online dating. You can use any server from their multiple options to connect to new people and make friends or date someone.

Chill Zone
Chill Zone

24. ERP Era

ERP Era is a fun and excellent discord dating service that allows strangers from different parts of the world to connect. It is excellent for adults and will enable users to live in their fantasy world and have fun. Additionally, it also allows you to have a close relationship with other people and spend quality time in discord dating.

ERP era
ERP era

25. Love Cave

Love Cave is an adult discord dating site with nearly 35000 active users. It is an excellent dating service that offers users to connect and communicate with other people for fun dating experience. It is excellent if you want to spend some quality time and relax with like-minded people.

discord dating servers
Love Central

Discord dating is becoming popular as it allows a user to have a great and personalized dating experience. You can easily find your next date or find someone to spend your life with a serious relationship through these servers.  It is better to join a popular and well-known dating service for a better experience without any problem. There are plenty of servers that can serve your purpose.

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