7+ Best Free Live TV Apps for Android & iOS in 2020

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I love binge-watching my favorite movies and series. But, due to my hectic schedule, I cannot keep up with my favorite TV shows. And, sometimes I miss them badly. I know even you must have missed one or two seasons or episodes of your favorite show due to a hectic schedule. But, not to fret anymore. In this article, we listed the best free live tv apk for android and iOS. 

The days of fighting for tv remotes with your partner or your sibling is gone. With the fast-paced technology, offering you so many boons, you get to watch your favorite show or movie on your smartphone. Hence, no more crying and tears. You will be able to watch your show at your convenience by simple-clicks on your smartphone. Moreover, the apps are free to use. 

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With modern life being so busy, and you do not have a breath to spare, we know how important recreation is. Whether it playing baseball or watching your favorite “Home Alone” movie series. So, you can easily download a live TV app on your smartphone and then you are good to go. Hence, let’s take a sneak peek at the best free live tv apk.

Top Free Live TV apps for your Android and iOS

1. Exodus Live TV App

With this app, you will be able to watch all the HQ live TV shows. The resources are by the famous Kodi addons. Moreover, you can use and install this app on Android to watch your favorite movies and shows. 

With Exodus, you have access to more than 1000 TV channels, and that too for free. It has a great user-friendly navigation tab. So, you can easily switch from one channel to the other and from one show to the other. Moreover, you can even switch from your local TV channel to your favorite international TV channel. So, if you are a US citizen, and want to watch something on BBC One, then you can easily switch. 

So, you can navigate to various channels simply by typing the channel numbers on Exodus. You can even use the filter tab to select your favorite channel. Each and every channel is divided category-wise. Hence, when you look into the Sports category, you can easily find your favorite sports channel. Therefore, exodus live tv apk is considered one of the best live TV apps. 

Exodus works just like your TV cable but it is way better than your cable. It ditches the traditional norm of sitting on the couch and then watching your TV show. With Exodus, you can watch your TV show on Metro, while lying on your bed, or eating your lunch in the cafeteria. Exodus has a wide range of categories from Kids and Entertainment, Sports, Religion, to NEWS. 


You can watch a myriad of TV channels on Exodus. Some of the channels are HBO, Disney, CBS, HSN, TNT, ESPN, Lifetime, Sports Max, CNN, Euro Sports 2, Fox, KTLA, NBC News, NOTV, News12, KTVM, WSFA, and ABC 27 News. Therefore, there is no halt to your daily dosage of entertainment with Exodus. 


  1. Exodus comes with low buffering. Hence, your show does not get interrupted in between an important scene.
  2. You do not have to sign-up. Hence, a free account.
  3. It supports HD quality streaming.
  4. It has simple navigation so that you can easily watch your favorite shows.
  5. Exodus has a very lucid user-interface as well.
  6. If you want to use it anonymously, then you can use a VPN.
  7. You can easily switch between the international and local channels. 

Therefore, you can use Exodus as your free live TV streaming app. It is favored by a lot of people and is a must-try. 

2. Mobdro

Mobdro is another great application to watch TV online. If you have fast-paced data or WiFi connection, then you can stream your favorite movies and shows on your smartphone and tablet. It is not like HBO or Netflix that features only a listed number of shows and when to watch. But, in Mobdro, you can select a specific channel and view the show currently streaming on the channel. Hence, it gives a new concept and outlook to your traditional TV watching norm. So, you can watch the show being aired at that exact moment. Therefore, you do not miss your daily 9:30 pm show. 

You can also choose a channel from a list of categories. But, there is no manual search option. Hence, selecting from the different categories is the only option available to you. The channels are sorted into various categories such as Sports, Series, Movies, Animals, technology, Video games. The contents are directly taken from Internet pages. So, in spite of the contents being free, Mobdro does not confirm that the contents are completely legal. So, the signal can be pirated. 

Different Categories:

Following are the main categories, you will find on Mobdro:

  1. Channels: This shows the list of all the TV channels. These you can easily access from the app.
  2. Series: These are the TV channels that air TV series and shows on the Internet.
  3. Movies: Movies being broadcasted across different channels. 
  4. News: You can access different news bulletin on different channels and across the world.  
  5. Pets: It shows videos of different animals from cats, dogs to fishes.
  6. Music: You will find various music content from channels like VH1 to MTV.
  7. Tech: This broadcast different technological videos and contents.
  8. Spiritual: You will find spiritual contents over here.
  9. Gaming: Game lovers will find all video games related to content in this section.
  10. Podcasts: You will find various radio programs from across the world.
  11. Others: This includes all other channels that are a bit hard to categorize. 

You can watch all the shows easily in Freemium mode. Mobdro is undoubtedly one of the best free live TV apk. The app’s editor chooses different broadcasting channels. So, you can easily locate channels with the help of the above categorizations. Mobdro’s concept is the same as traditional TV broadcasting except for the fact that it does not limit you to your couch.

You can see shows and movies in different languages from 30 different countries. Hence, giving you a wide array of shows and other contents. Moreover, the app is very easy to use. All credits to its friendly user-interface. 

3. Swift Dreamz

Swift Dreamz is a splendid app for watching and streaming your favorite TV shows and movies. It allows you to enjoy a lot of live TV channels on your smartphone including news channels, sports, entertainment, and anything you want. This app hosts various live channels from a myriad of countries including:

  1. USA
  2. UK
  3. India
  4. Pakistan
  5. Australia
  6. Greece
  7. Canada
  8. France
  9. And, other Asian, African, and American countries.

So, if you are an Indian, living in the USA, then you can watch your favorite Hindi daily soap on Swift Dreamz. This app has countless mind-blowing features that are ought to make your viewing experience great. Some of the features include free live TV, multiple video player support, that too without any subscription. You do not have to register yourself on the app to enjoy live free streaming. Hence, this makes Swift Dreamz a much-needed app. 

With the fast-paced and growing lives, and everybody being busy with work, people want an app that helps them streaming media content using the internet, including news, movies, TV shows. They want all these without facing the subscription issue and watching content in high-quality. Swift Dreamz allows you to view 700+ channels with ease and at your convenience.


As mentioned earlier, Swift Dreamz is completely free of cost. Hence, you get to enjoy all the features without registering and taking a subscription. Moreover, it comes in a user-friendly design. Therefore, even a novice person can use this live TV apk comfortably. You know which buttons are placed at exact locations. Therefore, making the app very easy to use for you. 

You can download and install this app on any of your Android devices. It supports Android version 2.2 and above. Hence, it can be installed on almost all Android devices. You also get Chromecast and DLNA support. This app does not lag on 3G, WiFi, or 4G network. Hence, there is no interruption while watching live streaming. This app is very straightforward and easy to use. Hence, it is a must-try app. 

4. Hulu

Hulu is one of my favorites and also one of the best live tv apk. It only showcases its originals but also streams live TV. You can watch a myriad of shows from Fox, ABC, and NBC. Also, it is growing popular with its critically acclaimed original shows. 

Hulu keeps you to-date with live TV streaming shows. Therefore, you do not have to wait for your shows to come on any other app like Netflix. Hulu has some great shows and has won awards for its series and shows. From The Handmaid’s Tale to The Act, you will find all original contents on Hulu. Moreover, it has a list of many TV shows as well. You will find your favorite TV shows and episodes on Hulu just the day after they stream live on TV. You will find Killing Eve’s all the past and current seasons on Hulu. While, for Grey’s Anatomy, you will find just the current season. Therefore, Hulu is a great app for keeping up with your favorite show. 

Hulu also has a wide range of movies as well. From Academy-winning movie Parasite to Portrait of a Lady on Fire. So, if you have missed watching a movie on theatre, you can catch up with it on Hulu. 


Hulu’s navigation can be a bit confusing sometimes. But, you will find many TV shows and series on Hulu. Once you open the app you will find your personalized page where you can see News, Hulu Picks, Hulu Originals, Movies, and other options. When you scroll a bit more down you will again find some more categories including Feel Good TV, Comedy Cartoons, Family TV, Kids, Award-Winning TV Dramas, Newly Added Movies, and Newly Added TV. Therefore, you can choose from various categories and what to watch according to your mood and preference. 

Hulu includes 300+ channels. So, there is hardly any chance that you will get bored. You can view your show without any annoying ads interrupting your viewership. It has one of the biggest libraries and you will find all your dearest shows. You can even keep with national and international news easily. So, get your Hulu app and involve in a beautiful live TV streaming. 

5. Sling TV

Live TV streaming apps are made to replace your traditional cable TV and let you watch your shows on the internet on your phone. While other streaming apps like YouTube TV are increasing their price plan, Sling TV is a great alternative. You can view different channels from ESPN to Fox. So, you enjoy it a lot when you get Sling TV.

You can watch channels that are offered by your Satellite TV or cable. Therefore, if you are late from college or work one day, then you can get Sling TV and watch while you head home.  When you cut your cable and rely on Sling TV, then it is pretty good to use. 

Navigating through Sling TV is pretty zippy. It has a friendly user-interface and is no big deal to use. You can even watch and record your shows. So, you watch your favorite series at your convenience. 

You will find more than 100 channels on Sling TV. Following is the list of the available channels:

  1. ABC
  2. Fox
  3. CW
  4. PBS
  5. Big Ten Network
  6. Boomerang
  7. Bloomberg TV
  8. CNN
  9. CNBC
  10. Comedy Central
  11. Disney Junior
  12. Disney Channel
  13. Fox Business
  14. Food Network
  15. FX Movies
  16. Fox Sports 2
  17. History
  18. MTV
  19. MTV2
  20. Science
  21. BBC America

Therefore, as you see, you get to choose from different categories starting from Movies to Kids to Sports to Entertainment. Sling TV comes with full package entertainment. So, you get to watch all your favorite channels even less than your cable bill. Your kids can watch Mickey Mouse Club House and you can watch The Good Doctor at ease. 

6. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is an amazing amalgamation of YouTube and cable channels.  Therefore, it provides you a lot of free streaming services. It is a great alternative to Sling TV and Pluto TV is gaining fame slowly and gradually.

If you have been thinking of ditching cable TV for web series and other internet series, then Pluto TV is presenting a great alternative. You can watch your favorite cable TV shows as well as web series streaming on other platforms. Hence, no more ditching one for the other. Moreover, it gives you hot news and on-demand movies. So, you do not miss anything on this planet.

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Pluto TV started in 2014 and has grown quite immensely over the years. It has been quite popular and favorite in 2020. You can watch it on your Android and iOS as well. It is available on mobile in Switzerland, UK, Germany, Austria, and other nations. Moreover, it is compatible with Google Chromecast, Amazon Kindle, and Apple TV as well. So, whatever device you have, you can binge-watch your favorite series on Pluto TV. 

It has more than 200 channels. It has 007 Channel showcasing all James Bond movies. You will also find VH1, Investiga, NFL Network, and a hell of a lot of other TV channels. It is free of cost and if you sign up, you can even save your favorite channel at the top. 


You may not find a lot of news content but it is great for entertainment content. If you are a gourmet, then you will love binge-watching MasterChef. Pluto TV is just like your cable TV. You will find commercials in the middle of your show that lasts for about 80 seconds. So, you get full cable TV feels except for the fact that you stare on your mobile or tablet screen and not on your TV screen. 

7. USTVnow 

USTVnow is a great option for watching US TV channels and is quite popular in the United States of America. It is basically designed for US citizens who live abroad and miss watching their favorite shows and movies. But, USTVnow does not verify whether you are an American or not or whether you live abroad or not. So, it is basically a free-to-all live TV apk

The user interface is simple and easy-to-use. You won’t face any problem as such. Hence, you can navigate through it easily. You will find major US channels like ABC, CW, CBS, NBC, FOX, and PBS. These are the main channels Americans watch on their cables. SO, if you are planning to ditch your cable connection because of the high bill, then you can totally do that and opt for USTVnow. 

The streaming quality of this app is unspectacular yet solid. The quality depends on your internet or WiFi connection. Moreover, you can even choose between high, medium, and low quality according to your internet connection. When you are watching a live show and want to switch between one video quality to another, you may miss 10 seconds due to reloading and buffering.

If you watch NFL games, then USTVnow gives you a good hold of the games. You can easily watch them USTVnow without any major issue. Some of the features of USTVnow are:

  1. It has clean user-interface.
  2. The app hosts both USA and European channels. So, you get hold of a myriad of channels and shows.
  3. It has a pretty large library for live streaming.
  4. If you have good internet connectivity, you will face no buffering or halt between your shows.
  5. Lastly, there are no such special requirements to play USTVnow. 

8. UKTVnow

The last but not the least free live TV apk to earn a place on our list is UKTVnow. This app is a great option for viewing shows all over the planet. You can easily connect to your smartphone Android and iOS, or Android TV box. If you ever wished of having a TV on your hand, then your wishes have come true finally with UKTVnow. 

It offers you over 150 channels. Therefore, you get a myriad of channels and show options to choose from. It is very lucid to use and has a good user interface as well. It is a safe and fast app and streams without any buffering or interruption. Hence, you get to watch your favorite show and movie smoothly. 

To use UKTVnow, you have to register first. After you are done with this process, then you can watch on-demand movies and shows, and your favorite programs for free. You can even watch them offline. Some of the popular channels AXN, BBC channels, 3 sat, AXS TV to name a few. You can watch live streaming in countries like Spain, Pakistan, India, the USA, Netherland, Turkey, Italy, Canada, and the UK. 

UKTVnow was basically designed for UK channels. But, with its growing popularity and fandom, it added various channels from foreign countries as well. You can view a lot of channels live from different countries as well. Hence, live streaming foreign channels is not a big deal for UKTVnow.  

It has an integrated media-player for streaming various shows. Moreover, you can also select an external media player for streaming your videos. You can even bookmark your favorite channels and watch it again. So, great sound quality and high-resolution videos are just amazing add-ons to UKTVnow.  


Live streaming apps are a great way to escape the clutches of traditional cable TV. You can watch your favorite shows and movies on-the-go easily. All thanks to the free live tv apk. Hope this article helped you to decide your favorite live tv apps. So, if you are busy and missing your daily news bulletin and serial, then choose a free tv app and get going. 


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