12 Best Gaming Desk for PC and Console Gamers in 2020

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A gaming desk is something which adds a lot of value to your already great looking gaming set up. There are many things to keep in mind when comes to buying a gaming desk, and people also have different needs. For some example, many want a simple but large desk for all their gaming peripherals to put, on the other hand, there are many who goes for aesthetics like RGB lighting.

Keeping all of these in mind here is a list of best 12 gaming desk you can buy in 2020. Also, you will find a desk on every budget category on this list, so without further redo, let us jump right in.

12 Best Gaming Desk for PC and Console Gamers in 2020



The first desk on our list is EUREKA ERGONOMIC Z1-S which has mostly all the features you need from a gaming desk at a reasonable price.

It has a surface area of 44.5” x 24.2” so there is plenty of space to keep all your gaming peripherals. The top of the desk is made from laminated carbon fibre texture and has an in-built keyboard and mouse pad. So you do not have to buy a separate mouse pad. On the sides, it comes with a cup holder, headphone stand and controller stand.

When it comes to the looks, the stand has a ‘Z’ shape to it, adding a gaming aesthetics and for a bonus, it comes with blue LED lights. The overall shape provides the stability you need when the game will get intense.

Price: $219.00 (Amazon

2. ApexDesk Elite Series

ApexDesk Elite Series
ApexDesk Elite Series

If you do not want something that flashy but cool under the hood ApexDesk Elite Series will be a good choice. It is an electronically changeable and height-adjustable desk via a push button under the top.

It can be adjusted from a standing level to workbench height, so it can be used in many purposes. When it comes to the height, it is quite heavy making it harder to move around alone, but for a gaming desk, it is a good thing. The top of the table is also made from scratch-resistant laminate and the surface area is 33” x 71”.

The desk does not have any RGB variant but you can get it in multiple colours – white, off-white and black. The only minus point is the price is much higher than the competition.

Price: $628.99 (Amazon)

3. GreenForest L-Shaped

GreenForest L-Shaped
GreenForest L-Shaped

There are many people who need more space on the desk to set up their multiple monitors or for streaming equipment. Keeping them in mind, the next desk on our list is GreenForest L-Shaped.

The desk is made out of eco-friendly P2 particle board, which is moisture-proof and scratch-resistant. The surface area of the table is 58.1” x 44.3” which is not only good for a gamer, even efficient as an office desk.

The legs are also adjustable so you can put it in uneven surfaces without any problem. Just like the previous desk, there are no fancy lights, but there are multiple colour options available. At last, the affordable price point makes it more appealing.

Price: $153.99 (Amazon

4. Arozzi Arena Height Adjustable

Arozzi Arena Height Adjustable
Arozzi Arena Height Adjustable

Arozzi Arena is another good looking and simple gaming desk. Although it has a height-adjustable feature, it is not comparable to ApexDesk Elite Series. The overall dimension of the table is 36.25” x 25” x 10.35”, so you will get much space for your display and other peripherals.

The weight is again on the higher side, which is again a good thing when it comes to gaming. While shipping it comes disassembled, but the manual has a clear instruction and by following it you can set it up quickly.

The top of the table has a gaming cloth, which eliminates the need of an extra mouse pad. The cloth can also be easily removed and washed. Under the top surface, there is a synthetic net for cable management. When it comes to customization, the table is available in many flashy colours, like red, blue and green.

Price: $311.45 (Amazon)



Mr IRONSTONE is not the largest desk ever, but it can still hold all of your gaming components. Just like the EUREKA ERGONOMIC Z1-S, it has dedicated cup holder and headset hook on the sides. The dimension of the desk is 45.3” x 29” x 30.5” and it can hold up to 110 pounds.

The table is made of high-quality laminated top and durable metal frame legs and the ‘R’ style desk legs design provides more support and ensures stability and durability. The manufacturer also provides good after-sales service. If you want something compact, this table should be one of your favourites.

For cable management, it has two holes on the top. Although it does not boast any RGB lights, you can get it in both black and white variant for the same price.

Price: $139.00 (Amazon



If you loved EUREKA ERGONOMIC Z1-S but need more space on your table, ERGONOMIC Z60 will be the perfect choice for you. The desk has a wide 60-inch carbon fibre textured desktop with plenty of surfaces for your gaming monitors, gaming keyboard, and other gaming gear and it can hold up to 220LBS.

When it comes to the lighting, not only blue lights, it has full RGB support so you can flaunt your favourite colours. If you want more space for accessories like the cup holder, you can buy that separately from the manufacturer, although it will raise the overall cost.

The design is still the same as the Z1-S but the main difference is the more space to work with. The ‘Z’ shape stand is going to keep up with your intense gaming moments and it can be divided into two sections to make it easy to transport.

Price: $334.00 (Amazon

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7. Thermaltake Level 20 RGB Battlestation

Thermaltake Level 20 RGB Battlestation
Thermaltake Level 20 RGB Battlestation

Although on the first look the Thermaltake Level 20 RGB Battlestation looks simple, that is not the truth at all. This has all the bells and whistles you can expect from an expensive gaming desk.

First of all the cable management is great, there are six control panels for adjusting your different display options and four programmable level settings. But if that is not enough you will also get the full Razer Chroma RGB lights, and if you have any compatible hardware it can synchronize with it.

The height is also adjustable, so with a single tap, you can switch from standing to sitting position and vice versa. The only downside is this desk is much more expensive than the rest.

Price: $1,199.99 (Amazon

8. RESPAWN 3000


If you need a lot of space to hold your peripherals, RESPAWN 3000 is the way to go. The desk is made of wood, metal and plastic and the dimension is 23.6” x 52.6” x 34.6”.

For the monitor, it has a raised shelf and for all the other peripherals like headphones, speakers it has separate space. The bevelled front edge reduces stress for your hands and the adjustable glides let you find a level that suits your sitting position.

Price: $300.99 (Amazon

9. DXRacer Newedge

XRacer Newedge
XRacer Newedge

DXRacer is a popular brand when it comes to gaming furniture, especially gaming chairs and with the DXRacer Newedge, they hold their class. Although the assembly is a bit tough, the instruction manual is clear.

The design of the table is unconventional but that helps it to stand apart. The dimension of the table is 31.5” x 31.5” x 47” and weighs around 70 lbs. The cable management is good and the overall looks give it the premium vibe you may want.

Price: $399.99 (Amazon

10. Atlantic


At the first look, Atlantic might not give you a premium feel, but when it comes to neatness and accessory storage, it holds an upper hand. It has ample space for your desktop, laptop, headphones even DVD holder.

Not only that, but the cable management is also great and it has separate speaker holders too. The desk surface has a diagonal serrated texture to it which gives you decent grip and on the bottom, there is a retractable drawer that is also made from solid wire metal in case you need to store something more. The best thing about this table is the price is much lower than the rest.

Price: $159.99 (Amazon

11. Origami RDE-01 Foldable

Origami RDE-01 Foldable
Origami RDE-01 Foldable

Origami RDE-01 Foldable is a light-weight and well-build gaming desk with all the necessary features. It has a foot-rest, which is mostly not available on other gaming desks and you can also put your CPU or gaming console their, to keep those away from dust.

Another interesting feature is that you can fold it flat, to save space when it is not needed. To unfold it just takes 40 seconds. You also do not need any tools for assembling.

Price: $228.99 (Amazon

12. Coleshome L Shaped

Coleshome L Shaped
Coleshome L Shaped

The last but not least is Coleshome L Shaped gaming desk and this is perfect if you need a lot more space than a normal desk. The dimension of the table is 60” x 29” x 45” and the surface area is made of engineered wood which is completely waterproof and scratch-resistant.

Not only for gaming, but it can also easily be used as an office desk. It comes with a raised desktop shelf. If you want to go full streamer mode and need three desktops, this table has plenty of space for that. Although you have to use a separate mouse pad and there are no RGB lights.

Price: $139.99 (Amazon) 

Wrapping Up

So these are the best 12 gaming desk you can buy in 2020 to complete your gaming setup. I have tried to include desks in various price points and for different needs and I hope you will find the one for you. Do keep in mind for most of the desks you have to assemble it manually. But most of them will come with instructions but if you are minor, do ask your parents for help.


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