Top 5 Best Hacking Tools for Windows, Linux, MacOS X Latest 2020

Best Hacking Tools

If you are looking for a place that can guide you in choosing the best Hacking Tools for Windows, Linux, MacOS X, then this is the exact spot where you should be. In today’s article, we are sharing the Top Best Hacking tools for all the major OS.

You can make use of these tools for traffic analysis, port scanning, password cracking, web vulnerability scanning, forensic tools and so on. So here we go –

Disclaimer – The article below is only for knowledge purpose and we do not motivate people to use any sort of malicious sites. We believe is using these tools, if needed, for ethical purposes only.

Top List of Best Hacking Tools


hacking tools for windows

The first one is by far the best Hacking tools for Windows – MetaSploit. This Hacking tools is one of its kind as it does not just offer a collection of Tools but lets users customize their tools as well.

This tool allows you to stimulate real-world attacks and is absolutely free of cost. You can easily locate vulnerabilities with the help of this tool as well as uncover the weaknesses of your system.

With the aid of Metasploit framework, you can create your own tools and also make use of the penetration tester to know the vulnerabilities. You can use this hacking tool for MacOS X, Windows as well as Linux.

2.Nmap Port Scanner Tool

Nmap i.e., Network Mapper is one such tool that comes for free of cost and is one of the most effective and popular port scanner tool. This tool comes in a Graphic User Interface avatar and enables security auditing and network discovery for its users.

It is one of the Mac Hacking Tools that is also compatible with Linux and Windows. If you want detailed details like Operating System by hosts, hosts on the network, services of the hosts with details and also the firewall being used, etc. then this is the tool you need.


Nessus is one of the Hacking Programs that scan multiple vulnerabilities like misconfiguration alert, IP/TCP Stack, Malware detection, Prep of PCI DSS audits, Remote access flaw detection, and so on.

One can simply set the scheduled scan at the time one wants and also re-scan all or some part of early scanned hosts with the help of selective host re-scanning feature. The tool is compatible with Windows 7 and 8, Mac OS X, and Linux distros like Debian, Ubuntu, Kali Linux, and so on.

This tool works on the mechanism of Client-server framework. It is one of the most used and effective vulnerability scanners. With its helps, you can scan many networks on hybrid networks, IPv4, IPv6, etc.



Originally known as Ethereal, Wireshark is one such hacking tool that is more of a packet crafting tool. You can read live data with Wireshark from ATM, FDDI, USB, Token Ring, PPP/HDLC, IEEE 802.11, ATM, Ethernet, Frame Delay, and so on.

The tools discovers vulnerabilities of a network and also probes firewall rule-sets.

This is one of the most widely used tool by security professionals for deep scanning hundred of protocols, live pocket capturing, analyze networks, and so on. This tool is free to use and an open source tool.



Maltego, last but not least, is an open source software that lets users gather a loads of information about the cuber threats around you. The tool is based on Java and hence displays a GUI that can be easily navigated.

This tool is one of the bets hacker tools that enables users to analyze the real world links existing between companies, people, IP Addresses, Domains, DNS Names, sites, etc.

This tool lets you see the severity and intricate behavior of points of failure in your infrastructure and surrounding you. It can be used on Mac OS X, Windows as well as Linux.

Concluding Part –

I assume you have chosen the best hacking tool for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X. In case there are any other names that you would want us to write about in this list, then feel free to let us know in the comment section below. Your suggestions are always welcome!

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