Best Plex Plugins You Should Install in 2020

Best Plex Plugins

Plex is a digital media player server that can help you access music and video content through the P2P service network. The software supports different OS types like Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux, and network-attached storage or NAS devices. It allows you to watch movies and TV shows through various kinds of plugins. In this article, you will get details about some of the best plex plugins that can help you to watch your favorite content without any problem.

With proper plugins, Plex can help you to offer services more than streaming videos and audios. The plugins also increase your viewing experience.

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Here is the list of the top plex plugins of 2020

1. Trakt Scrobbler

Trakt Scrobbler is one of the best Plex plugins. You won’t discover it on the Plex, yet you can download it from web instruments. This module is convenient as it causes the clients to keep tabs on their development in TV shows and channels. It additionally gives a rating of the shows and movies. 

plex plugins
Trakt Scrobbler

This module adjusts with your playlist and provides a characterization of the most-watched shows and arrangements. You can get some issues while utilizing this plugin. It is because many users prefer Trakt Scrobbler and similar workers, as it turns out to be challenging to follow them all simultaneously.

2. SubZero

Suppose you love to watch foreign movies like Hollywood movies or Korean movies etc. Then you need to install this special Plex plugin. SubZero is a plugin for the subtitles. But, Plex has its subtitle manager. But that is not enough. So, if you need to have proper subtitles, make sure you install SubZero.


It has a connection with at least ten different subtitle sites (with their APIs). As a result, it can provide the best coordinating captions to the TV shows, motion pictures you are viewing. Furthermore, it continues looking for subtitles in the background to ensure you get the best experience. SubZero works in the background, and you will have preloaded captions. That means now you can watch any video content in any language with SubZero.

3. Manga Here

If you love reading Manga, you need to check this fantastic option from all the plex plugins 2020.  Manga Here is one of the best plugins for Plex. It routes all the latest mangas and classic ones in your plex. Hence, you can read any manga through Plex TV.

Manga Here
Manga Here

With this innovative Manga Here plugin, you do not need to use a different website to read your Manga. It was quite a useful plugin. Moreover, the manga collection is remarkable and gets regular updates. With Manga here, you can easily read the manga pages and zoom in or out any section as per your preference.

4. FilmOn

Love movies? Why not consider the fourth alternative is the list of best plex plugins? FilmOn has a decent fan base among the Plex users.  It is popular because of its massive collection of movies in different languages and different genres. You can find movies here in SD and HD formats. Additionally, it can integrate all the famous and notable television channels in your Plex device. Hence, you can easily watch live TV  with your plex account. 


Here you can find  600 plus TV streams from different parts of the world. Moreover, you can opt for the Video on Demand section to get the latest movies as promised. FilmOn also has a remote DVR function. The biggest benefit? It is completely ad-free. So, no more annoying advertisement breaks during your binge-watching session.


There are many available plugins in Plex that allow you to watch live TV as per your choice. Among this plugin support, IPTV is one of the best plugins for plex. You can call it the “Cable TV service of Plex” with more features. It opens all the available live TV options from different regions. The plugin collects all of the contents from different online sources.


You can choose your favorite pick among the available live streaming options. The most significant benefit of IPTV is that it directly connects live TV with your Plex server. You can choose sports, movies, TV shows, lifestyle shows, global news channels- everything is possible with this plugin. It provides you a similar vibe like watching TV. Hence, you never get to complain about the viewing quality.

6. Spotify

Spotify is one of the best premium music streaming platforms in recent times. At the same time, Spotify isn’t formally a Plex module; it’s worth downloading.  Spotify plugin for Plex comes with the features of the premium subscription. That means you can access everything that a Spotify premium user can avail. 

plex plugins

With this unique plugin, you can access the latest music through the Plex Media Server. In this way, if music is your thing, the Spotify alternative could be a feasible one. You can download any theme you like, access the on-demand playback section. Moreover, you get to stream music without any ad-break.

7. Tautulli

As a Plex user, you need to monitor your server to ensure the smooth running of everything in the play. Tautulli is a great Plex plugin for you. It runs close to your plex server and tracks other activities on your server. Users who can use Tautulli can get important information and statistics -for example, recent watching activities, who watched it, when, and the place of watching. 


Furthermore, you can follow/erase synchronized content on your Plex server. Additionally, you can also view detailed information regarding all the videos, pictures, music files with Tautulli. Also, one can set trigger/content notices for any activity happening in your server. It would help oversee traffic, burden, and more without any difficulty.

8. Icefilms

The eights plugin in this list is UIceFilms. If you have the Roku TV plugin in your Plex server, always make sure to download it. IceFilms can make everything a lot easier.


One can get updates related to all the upcoming shows in Roku Tv through their email. But, they have to register their Email ID to avail of this service. 

9. WebTools

Need one of the best plex plugins to make a decent library of all the contents available in your Plex Server? WebTools is the best choice. It allows you to organize the media content and also the server with efficiency. WebTools has multiple tools that will enable you to control and monitor different content and related technical matters in your Plex server.


Some of the best tools are subtitles management, logging tool, management modules tool, etc. With WebTools, you can also host multiple channels and apps in your Plex server and stream content from those channels. It makes your plex a new and neat place that has an adequately organized library for your convenience.

10. OpenPHT

In case you need to check your plex server and upload new content in your library, you need to access a unique web portal. Accessing that particular portal every time you upload new content can become complicated and time-consuming. The best idea is to download OpenPHT. The third-party plex plugin is quite intelligent and works excellent.


Moreover, it works on almost every Operating System like OpenBSD, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, etc. OpenPHT saves your time as it saves you from the hassle of logging into the web. Instead, you can work with its help. This way, you do not need to open a web portal for each of your activities. In the end, you can save a lot of time.

11.Old Movie Time

Almost everyone has a list of good old cinemas that they love to watch repeatedly. Such movies generally have a classic appeal and make an emotional connection with the users. Old Movie Time is a unique movie plugin for plex. It comes with a fantastic collection of old era movies from almost every genre.

Old Movie Time
Old Movie Time

You can find some classic and rare movies from genres like action, family drama, children, adventure and horror, etc. With Old Movie Time, you can download HD movie prints of those movies without any problem. You can download this plex plugin from Web Tools, and it is worth a try.

12. Twitch

Twitch is a well-known gaming streaming platform that offers live streaming from gamers all around the world. This is among the official plex plugins that are great for gamers. You can watch your favorite gamers live-stream their action on your TV. The plugin may lack some advanced features, but is quite good. It supports this plugin with an easy interface.


plex plugins

With this plugin, you can stream HD quality videos. But, it does not allow you to log in to your Official Twitch account. It is a major let down. But, if you love watching gaming streaming through Overwatch, Twitch’s official plugin is the best choice for you.

13. Crackle

Crackle, the premium web streaming platform from Sony, is entertaining. You can watch all the classic and latest shows of Sony through Crackle. In case you are hunting for a premium streaming plugin for plex, make sure to download this official Plugin from Sony.

plex plugins

The most significant benefit of it is that you can watch all the content for free, and you do not need to spend a single penny. The library is enormous, and it comes with proper sections and configuration. Moreover, you do not need to have a Crackle account to access all these available contents.

14. Nickelodeon and Nick Jr.

Lex is not only for adults. Children can also get quality entertainment from Plex. The official plugins of Nick Jr. and Nickelodeon are one of the best plex plugins 2020.  The two plugins come with an easy interface.

plex plugins
Nickelodeon and Nick Jr.

Their library is remarkable and has all the classic and latest shows. Additionally, the channels upload new content regularly. Your child or young family members can watch their favorite cartoon shows from Nick Jr. or Nickelodeon. Or, you can also relax by watching your favorite childhood shows during a family night.

15. Plex Export

Plex Export is a renowned plex plugin. With it, you can share your list of contents on your server through a particular HTML page to your friends and contacts. It is great because you can share your content list without sharing the access permission to the sender. 

plex plugins
Plex Export

Moreover, the media show page shows an overview of all the available media in your libraries through thumbnails. Channel content by sorts, entertainers, etc. and get subtleties on a scene by tapping on the thumbnails. Put, you must install PHP on your server to run Plex Export. Besides, you will require a token if your Plex is on Home mode.

16. Plex- Sync

Plex-sync is another helpful and must-have utility for your Plex worker. As its name recommends, the module encourages you to sync content over your various plugins. That means it guarantees that the substance present on one of your plugin has a synchronized viewed/seen status across other Plex workers.

plex plugins
Plex- Sync

For this, it uses the IDs related to various libraries on every one of the plugins you wish to adjust. It provides the status and gives a CLI (order line interface) to run the necessary orders. Moreover, suppose you want to computerize the sync cycle and maintain a strategic distance from the need to physically enter orders each time you need to synchronize watch status.


All of these plex plugins are good and offer you quality entertainment. You can download these plugins from the internet easily. Moreover, all these plugins are secure. You can choose any of the plugins as per your preference.


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