5 Best Point-of-Sale Systems for Small Businesses

Best POS Systems for Small Businesses

Point-of-sale systems improve customer experience with contactless payment. On the other hand, business owners can easily track their inventory, sales and performance. There are many Point of sale systems (POS) available on the market, so choosing the best system for your client base might take a while. So in this article, we will provide 5 best POS systems you can use for small businesses.

Best POS Systems for Small Businesses

These POS systems are judged upon hardware and software options, customer satisfaction and most importantly their pricing. So let us dive into the list.

1. Square


Square POS system was founded in 2009 which are curated for small businesses like shops and diners. When it comes to the positive points, you can start without spending a penny with some powerful options. Tracking inventory is easy and you can integrate many payment systems easily with it. WooCommerce, Weebly, QuickBooks Online etc can be also tied up with Square POS system from the dashboard.

But if your business deals with many clients, their processing fees will be higher. Also, you can use their loyalty program, but that is available with an extra fee. They offer three plans. With the Free plan, you can sell online or in-person while tracking inventory, review sales reports, and performance of your employees. Then there is a Plus plan, which will cost $60 per month, which will provide advance inventory features and management tools. Finally, their Premium plan is made for enterprises.

2. eHopper

eHopper is an inexpensive solution for small businesses which was established in 2013. Most important features of it are inventory management, email receipts and tip management. You can use your existing hardware like tablets, iPads, PCs to use it. They also offer many hardware options for sale like thermal printers, cash drawers, scanners etc.

On the negative note, it does not support gift card and credit card processing fees are charged to customers. eHopper provides four plans. Essential is their free plan. Then Freedom costs $29.99 per month where you will get options like tracking, low stock alerts etc. Restaurant plan costs $39.99 per month where you will get menu building, table management, and floor planning tools. Finally, their OmniChannel plan adds loyalty, e-commerce and Facebook sales, costing $99.99 per month.

3. TouchBistro


Talking about restaurants, TouchBistro POS system is built for it. It is a cloud-based analytic tool to boost food and drink sales. You can use iPad, Apple TV, Mac and many payment devices with it. If you want you can add more services like reservations, online ordering and gift card program, but they all will cost you extra.

Their pricing starts from $69 per month and every extra feature will cost more. But if you run a restaurant, we will highly suggest you use TouchBistro. If you face any kind of problem you can contact them 24/7 over the phone, but their customer support is not always responsive.

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4. Shopify


After the launch in 2006, Shopify has gained popularity and now providing capable online shopping services which are hassle-free for owners and pleasant experience for the clients. It is meant to be used in e-commerce, thanks to their powerful virtual features. Although their free plan does not support omnichannel selling or POS services.

So to use Shopify you have to go for a paid plan which starts from $29 per month and goes up to $299. Your plan determines the credit card processing fees. For example, the Basic plan will cost 2.7% plus $0.00, Shopify plan will cost 2.5% plus $0.00 and the Advanced will be 2.4% plus $0.00. If you are opt-in for the Pro version, which cost $89 per month, you can use features like inventory management, omnichannel selling and in-store analytics.

5. Vend


Finally, we have Vend, which is curated for retail stores and the whole program can be learned in a few minutes. Just like eHopper, you can choose from tons of hardware options like PCs and Mac. It can also integrate with retail programs like QuickBooks Online, Xero, Mailchimp etc. In case you face any issues, their 34/7 customer support team is ready to help you with live chat.

When it comes to the plans, Vend offers three options. The Lite plan costs $99 when paid annually, or $119 for monthly payments and has a turnover limit of $20,000. Pro plan will cost $129 per month when paid yearly, or $159 with monthly payments and will offer advanced reporting, e-commerce options, and gift card features. Lastly, their Enterprise program does not have a fixed price and will be determined over the facilities you need.

Wrapping Up

Other than these 5 Point-of-sale systems, there are a few other programs you might also like, which are ShopKeep, known for good inventory management and Lightspeed Retail which can be easily used from an iPad.


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