6 Best Procreate Alternatives for Windows PC


For artists, the canvas is one of the primary equipment. Similarly, digital artists also need a suitable canvas. For users who like to use their smart devices for sketching, Procreate is one of the best applications available. However, the usage of Procreate has been well restricted to iPad users only.

The users need to pay a one-time charge of 9.99 dollars for using Procreate. With its practical utility, users have been trying to use procreate in other devices as well. For example, Procreate for Windows is a well-sought search in the Windows store.

Why is Procreate so Popular?

The Procreate app is mainly associated with the IPad. For artists and digital artists, procreate is highly recommended. The experience even becomes better with an iPad. The screen of iPads is famous for providing a near to fluid experience. The Apple pencil that comes with iPads adds cherry to the top.

The integration of Procreate is seamless, providing a buttery smooth digital sketching experience. However, iPads are not the most used medium for digital sketching. The majority of users prefer to use Windows laptops and PCs for sketching. However, Procreate is not available in Windows.

Since Procreate for PC is not available officially as of now, you can go for other options. For example, Procreate alternative options are widely available. There are many apps available in the Windows Store that work like Procreate. Even though the functionality is not the same, it is highly similar. Most of the digital artists need good sketching software. With Procreate alternatives, you can do the same work with a similar feel.

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Top 6 Alternatives of Procreate for Windows PC

With the restriction of Procreate availability, Windows users have to go for alternatives. However, it is necessary to use apps that provide a similar experience as Procreate. Given below are 6 of the best Procreate for Windows alternatives that you can use.

1. Autodesk SketchBook

Best for – Professionals who need advanced tools

The Autodesk Sketchbook is the first procreate alternative in this list. This application is quite famous for itself. Many sketchers use this app as the first choice. The user base of this app mainly contains artists, artists, and designers. There are lots of advanced features available in this app. Any artist would love to use such functionalities. An additional advantage of this software is that the pen interface is supported.


This means you can use Windows tablets and touchscreen Windows laptops flawlessly. It automatically periodically saves data. Hence, the chances of data loss are significantly less. The best part about this software is that it provides a lot of features for absolutely free. No charges are required to use the full version as well.

2. Krita

Best for – artist looking for a free, open-source Procreate alternative for digital painting

Another top Procreate for Windows alternative is Krita. Many of the digital artists prefer this app over anything else. This sketching software has an open-source license. A group of sketchers developed this particular software. Hence, the software is designed to enhance its functionality at a maximum level.


For comic makers and digital artists, this software has unique settings. Most of the Manga creators and comic book writers use this software. The brushes can be customized as per the user’s choice as well. Consequently, users get the chance to boost their creative skills. Apart from that, the PSD files of Photoshop are supported as well.

3. ArtRage

Best for – Old fashion Artists who would like to draw oil painting and watercolor

Another of the alternative software for Procreate that you can go for is ArtRage. For digital sketchers who prefer old-styled art, this software is a must use. The main essence of this software is creating art with the mixing of colors. Many veteran digital sketchers do not prefer the new point to point sketching technique. The old-style is still a comfortable field for them.


Since creativity thrives in comfort, you should never overlook it. Therefore, if you prefer creating art by mixing colors, ArtRage is the app for you. Textures can be created, with shapes, and shades as well. ArtRage provides a sketching experience which is very much like a canvas. The user interface is also very easy to use. However, this app is not free. It charges a one-time fee of 79 dollars.

4. Concepts

Another of the popular Procreate for Windows alternatives is Concepts. This software does not use proper sketching. Instead, it uses vector drawing as its main functionality. In an unconventional approach, you can solve your sketching requirements. Freehand sketches can be done. Vector type sketches are the main attraction though.


Blueprints can be well digitized with this app. You will get to choose between a variety of strokes and brushes. We can use multiple layers in this app. If you want to prepare your sketches with ultimate precision, this is the software to go for. There is no limit on canvas, as well. There is both a free and paid version of this software.

5. Corel Painter

Corel Painter is yet another alternative that you can use on Procreate for Windows. Digital artists and sketchers will be delighted to use this app. The app contains all-in-one functionalities. Corel Painter uses the paint system known as ‘RealBristle,’ and it is globally recognized. The paint system is exceptionally realistic. The digital art tools present to recreate the feeling of traditional canvas in the sketches.

Corel Painter

Many professional digital sketchers use Corel Painter as their primary tool. Multilayer editing is supported. PSD files can be imported and edited as well. Paper textures are available in dozens. There are over a thousand types of brushes available. The price is high, though. You will need to pay 300 dollars once at the time of purchase.

6. PaintTool Sai

The last Procreate for Windows alternative on this list is PaintTool Sai. The brush guard available in this software is a handy tool. The brush guard protects your art from getting deranged. The paint gun comes with protection too.

paint tool sai

The paint tool is quite speedy, as well. You can paint effortlessly with the wide rollers. With almost everything available, this software is an excellent tool for sketching. If you prefer to sketch with ease, this is the perfect software for you.

Wrapping Up

All of the applications mentioned above act as proper alternatives of Procreate for Windows. Therefore, you can try them out according to your personal preferences. A sketcher will find all of them to be extremely useful.


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