8 Best Rabbit Alternatives [2020 Latest]

Rabbit Alternatives

The Rabbit service or Rabb.it TV has ceased to exist as it was inherited by Kast in July last year. Hence, there are several Rabbit alternatives out now. The Rabb.it platform was a preferred web-based service that became well-known for supporting synchronic video streaming at the side of video and group chats. 

With Rabbit, your friends and family do not even need to be in the same room to stream movies and organize conferences together. Rabb.it also enabled the sharing of playable media like Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu videos across standard net browsers like Opera or Chrome.

Besides, there was a Rabbit mobile app for streaming media. It was beautiful all in one entertainment solution that countless folks miss at present. There are many Rabbit streaming alternatives that you can use for streaming your favorite media both at home and on the street.

Following are the eight best Rabbit alternatives that you may use in 2020

1. TwoSeven

The first on the list is TwoSeven, one of the best alternatives to Rabbit website that will help you to synchronize and stream videos at the same time online. You can also watch Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Vimeo content with your friends and family at home or on your journey when TwoSeven service is available. 

rabbit alternatives

This real-time media sharing platform focuses mainly on three parts. They embrace most support for video streaming services, live reactions via digital camera, alongside real-time viewing expertise with fast responses. TwoSeven gives you excellent performance, live chat sessions, and fun-time with family. Undoubtedly, TwoSeven can stand as the best Rabbit streaming alternatives.

2. Metastream

Another website that can fulfill your needs like Rabbit is Metastream.  Metastream is already in the minds of millions of users worldwide who are using Rabbit alternatives. With Metastream, you will begin a streaming session and proceed to listen with your friends, family, and other pals. Metastream has a minimal interface and supports significant streaming devices.

rabbit alternatives

Moreover, Metastream has numerous features together with video queuing, live on-screen chat, and seamless user management. It may boast of a sophisticated live synchronization playback choice. However, this free-to-use service l fails to offer audio messaging or web camera support.

3. Watch2Gether

Watch2Gether is a social video domain that lets users watch synchronic videos with your family, friends, and associates all promptly. It is undoubtedly the simplest Rabbit web site available on this list that you can use to stream music, movies, or search online at Amazon. You can use Watch2Gether for smooth streaming as a Rabbit alternative. It has got excellent real-time playback.


However, you should stream video content with most transfer speed since the Watch2Gether service does not feature a virtual online machine-like Rabbit. Also, Watch2Gether doesn’t offer support for widespread streaming services like Netflix and other websites.

4. SyncLounge

SyncLounge is a very great alternative to Rabbit. It will help you to sync media content across several devices in different locations. It depends on superb media server software that allows you to stream and watch synchronized media at the same time.


Another great advantage of SyncLounge is that it allows you to create separate private rooms for family and friends. Synchronization playback of SyncLounge is excellent, along with chat support. If you are a Plex user, then SyncLounge will be the best choice. SyncLounge will let you easily connect with your Plex library. Undoubtedly, SyncLounge is a good Rabbit streaming alternative

5. Netflix Party

Netflix Party is a famous co-watching platform that is similar to Rabbit in terms of features but dedicated only for streaming Netflix content. You will get features for group chat. It can be used to interact while watching web series and movies in real-time. It allows one to watch Netflix together with your loved ones in synchronized video playback. Besides, the chat feature also supports GIFs, emojis, and typing indicators, which is great.

Netflix Party
Netflix Party

The best part about Netflix Party is that you don’t need to install the software as it runs online. However, one must keep it in mind that it will not have features like webcam or audio commentary, so there is that. To sum up, Netflix Party is a good choice for those users who want to watch Netflix and chill together.

6. Airtime

If you are on a search for an alternative to Rabbit that works efficiently on smartphones, then there are no better applications than Airtime. With Airtime, you will be able to watch YouTube videos along, hear music, group chats exchange animated stickers, send a voice message, GIFs, and much more. Airtime supports up to ten users in a single space, and that is enough.


The best issue concerning Airtime is that it supports audio comment and media playback at the same time that was a well-liked feature of Rabbit too. Besides, you will be able to send photos, short video clips, texts all during streaming. In all, Airtime is the best app for streaming watch parties on mobile phones and a whole replacement for Rabbit in terms of options.

7. Syncplay

Syncplay is a great and unique app in this list, for it permits audiences to stream downloaded content on your laptop. It can work on all major operative systems like Windows, macOS, and Linux. You will be able to play any offline media on VLC, Media Player Classic, or MPV and Syncplay and can broadcast your playback using a private room. You can share your private space along with your friends and family while watching the content along.


In many ways, Syncplay is similar to Rabbit; however, it does not have any interactive options like chat or audio message. Its sole purpose is to adjust the media player across users and devices, and it will do an excellent job at that. Thus, if you are looking for a straightforward program that may keep your media player in sync, then Syncplay is the best option.

8. myCircle.tv

myCircle.tv is definitely among the simplest Rabbit alternatives because it permits you to watch movies along with a seamless service. It has several video streaming platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion underneath its portal. Audiences can directly play videos on the web site, and other members of the same space can watch videos in complete sync.

rabbit alternatives

Besides that, you will be able to share URLs from different websites and watch video content along in no time. On the interactivity front, you have got a chat feature with emoji support. However, you don’t get a web camera or audio support in myCircle.tv. All in all, myCircle.tv is a promising platform for watching shows, movies together.

Wrapping Up

So, here are the best rabbit alternatives for 2020. All the sites mentioned above are user friendly and very famous among online audiences. They excel in features and functionality as well. No matter whichever you choose to go with, it will provide you with excellent performance while you have fun with friends and family. 

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