Top 10 Sites like FingerHut – Buy Now Pay Later

sites like fingerhut

1. The Shopping Channel

FingerHut is one such site that is an ideal for any shopaholic in the world. It offers the users with the option of Buy Now and Pay Later. This way users can buy their favorite items even if they do not have any money at hand. If you are in search of Sites like Fingerhut, then my friend, you have dropped exactly at the right place. In this article, we are sharing the best 10 sites like FingerHut. So here you go –

websites like fingerhut

The first one from the places like FingerHut is the Shopping Channel that consists of over 23,000 products. It has got a vast range of products from Kitchen items, to fitness, shoes, jewelry and so on.

You are also offered the service of a TCS Card that can get you amazing offers and free shipping as well. There are other card memberships like the VIP Credit card.

2. LendYou

places like fingerhut

LendYou, as the name has already suggested, is another best site to rely on for not paying at the moment of purchase. Here, one can connect with a number of lenders that are ready to offer loans for you to make online payments for purchases and bills.

As per the requirement, one can request a loan and the loans up to $1000 are approved in an instant. This can be used anywhere – bill, online payment, etc.

3. Gettington

companies like fingerhut

Another one of the websites like FingerHut is the Gettington. This site has a lot to offer starting from Home decor to Electronics. Here the users can navigate easily and avail a line of credit by signing up through a few steps.

There are a lots of amazing discounts here as well. You are charged $0.50 as the internet fee and an amount of $38 as late fee if you miss payment in installments on time.

4. HSN


The next on the list of companies like FingerHut is the HSN. HSN offers products like Food, Kitchen, Beauty, Shoes, Electronics, Fitness, Clothing, Crafts, and so on. You will first have to fill an online application form so as to use the offers like HSN Credit Card.

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A word of advice, never miss your payments since you will be charged an extra 1 Dollar for that mistake.

5. MDG

MDG - sites like fingerhut

MDG is another best site like FingerHut that has been prevalent in the market for over 20 years now. Not just that but it also has got the Consumer’s Choice Award and these things make it clear where the site stands.

The site offers electronics, Home decor and furniture, appliances and so on. If you have the credit, you can get low monthly payments for $3000 which will be approved instantly.

6. Zebit

Zebit is another one of the sites like FingerHut. The best part about this site is that it does not ask you or your credit score. It has got a lot to offer from Jewelry to Electronics.

For up to the loan of $2500, the site offers interest free credit with two conditions – one begin above 18 and the other having a job.

7. AfterPay

The next Alternative to FingerHut is the Afterpay. The name clarifies the whole idea of this site. The site has a store of stores that allows you to buy now and pay later. For debit cards, you get a credit up to $500 and this value differs for Credit cards.

8. zZounds

zZounds is just another FingerHut alternative. It offerss the Buy Now, Pay later option through which users can buy various equipment on this site especially music instruments.

Orders that are under $1000 are up for their 4 months installment plans that come with no credit check.

9. OverStock

OverStock is a great site that provides stores of home decor, furniture, bedding, and a lots of other goods. These goods are often sold at a bargain price.

The feature of Bill Me Later allows you to buy anything you like and pay for it later. If you pay the amount within 6 months of your purchase then you will not be asked for any interests for orders of minimum $250.

10. QVC

Last but certainly not the least is the QVC. This amazing site has received a number of awards and offers extraordinary service to its users. This is the best example one could give for – Buy Now, Pay Later sites. One can get Home, Beauty, Decor, Luggage, Fashion and so on over this site.

Concluding words –

So these were the 10 best Sites like FingerHut. I hope the article was of use. Do suggest more names if you have any in mind.

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