8 Best uTorrent Alternatives For Downloading Torrent Files in 2020

Best uTorrent Alternatives

uTorrent was one of the most popular torrent client programs available. It had an elegant and clean interface, which made the site user-friendly. The site was well-known for the content it had. It was a one-stop solution for the ones trying to download movies and TV series. Everything was fine until BitTorrent acquired it. Since then, people had to choose all the other uTorrent alternatives.

Fortunately, there are a lot of sites that are considered to be a few of the best alternatives to uTorrent. We have both open and closed sources. Few are unique, and few are quite similar to uTorrent. Therefore, the ones who have been using uTorrent won’t find it difficult to operate.

uTorrent was an open-source which did not contain ads. But, BitTorrent bought it and made it a locked-source, which was later on filled with spammy proposals and advertisements. There are a lot of uTorrent alternatives for Windows, Linux, and other Operating Systems. uTorrent alternative for mac is also available. Hence, this list is a compact one for an individual to refer to.

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Best uTorrent Alternatives

We have curated this list for the ones who are in search of the alternatives. Experts have analyzed these alternatives and observed them.

1. qBittorrent

This is the best replacement for uTorrent. It includes all the features that uTorrent had in it. Therefore, one can trust qBittorrent without further doubts. qBittorrent is free. It is open-source, which is very light. And, most importantly, it does not have ads.

uTorrent alternatives

One can get all the information that will be required very quickly through this. One can download torrents, add filters, search torrents, control bandwidth, control ports, and real-time statistics, in this alternative. Therefore, it is said to have a User Interface, which is very simple. It might lack some of the advanced tools. But, it gives the experience of uTorrent.

Compatibility: Windows, macOS, Linux, and FreeBSD.

2.  Deluge

Deluge is one of the best alternatives to uTorrent. The user interface is straightforward. Hence, the client is user-friendly. It does not contain adware or. It does not have any malware package or does not show any ads while running. Deluge is entirely free to use. It has plug-in support that can solve quite every problem.

uTorrent alternatives

One can easily download plug-ins from the Deluge website to make it function better. The interface can be customized. Features can be used that are needed by an individual for usage purposes—encryption, bandwidth control, peer exchange, UPnP, password protection, and the speed limit. Inbuilt plug-ins like blocklist, notifications, auto add, scheduler, and web-interface are available.

Compatibility; Windows, macOS, Linux, and FreeBSD

3. Vuze

Vuze is closed-source. It is an entirely different torrent client. One has to come across adware during the installation procedure. This is not a free alternative. Hence, to get all the benefits, one has to take the paid version of this torrent client. Vuze Plus can get one all the features needed for one to download torrents. It has incredible features for all the advanced users out there.


Vuze is a very light torent client to use. It has the necessary functionality to search and download them. However, this torrent client might be a bit complex and cumbersome.

Compatibility; Android, Windows, Linux, macOS.

4. Tixati

One might like Tixati as it is free from any crapware and ads. It is a free torrent client. Therefore, an individual will get all the benefits. One can get access to all the features that it has. The interface is quite different and manages efficiently. The ones who are not tech-savvy might face issues, as it is not as same as uTorrent.


One can join channels, which is one of the best features of Tixati. Joining channels that already have seeders and peers will help the user to share files easily. Furthermore, one can stay connected to peers and chat about all the updates and statistics. The basic features like filters, bandwidth control, DTH, Torrent search are available.

Compatibility: Windows, Linux, macOS X.

5. Transmission

Transmission is one of the best alternatives to uTorrent for macOS users. This is only available in macOS and Linux. But, one can get the Windows version from a third-party download site. Therefore, a Windows user need not worry. It is an open-source torrent client. Consequently, it is free.


The user interface is simple but hides powerful features inside of it. This is one of the best alternatives if someone asks for a straight forward interface. Hence, it is considered to be easy to use. Transmission is free of crapware, which is another relief. It comes with in-built Ubuntu as the torrent manager.

Official compatibility: Linux, macOS. Unofficial Compatibility: Windows (from third-party download site).

6. Tribler

This alternative has an in-built search engine. The theme of the User Interface looks neat and aesthetic. One can enjoy ad-free services. It is an open-source torrent client. Therefore, it is free to use. Advanced security features can be enabled here, such as onion routing, encryption, and hidden seeding.

uTorrent Alternatives

At times, downloading speed might take a hit, but Tribler runs smoothly. While running this, it is recommended to use a VPN.

Compatibility: Windows, Linux, macOS.

7. Frostwire

The ad-free torrent client comes with a quite easy and user-friendly User Interface. Therefore it is liked by the user. We have included it on our list because of its simplicity. Frostwire comes with an in-built search engine. It has the facility to import music files from iTunes.

uTorrent Alternatives

Frostwire is a suitable replacement for uTorrent. The ones looking forward to using a straightforward torrent client, this one is the best for them.

Compatibility: Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android.

8. BitTorrent

BitTorrent is a torrent client by BitTorrent Inc. This is a replica of uTorrent. The name and the logo are not the same. Other than that, nothing is different. The avid users of uTorrent will love BitTorrent. Adwares are there, but if one wants to avoid ads, then one has to buy the pro-version. Few other extra features are also available in the pro-version.


Few of the features might vary from uTorrent. But, otherwise, BitTorrent is a site for everyone to use it. There are no complications that might be a hurdle in the way of downloading torrents. Therefore, we can consider this as a reliable torrent client.

Compatibility: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Wrapping up 

These are the alternatives to uTorrent. One can opt for any one of these after knowing the best choice for them. All these sites have free versions to themselves that can be useful. Therefore, this list will serve one’s purpose, which all are looking for uTorrent alternatives.


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