5 Best Voice Changer Apps For Discord

Best Voice Changer Apps For Discord

Voice changer discord is by far the most popular and best gaming chat service for hardcore gamers. It is specially made for real-time chat applications for gamers to talk tactics during gaming sessions. Discord offers you both voice and text-based chat options. People use it mostly for voice changing programs to modulate their voice while talking on Discord. 

Some may use it for privacy reasons, and some may use it for fun purposes. One can make the sound of a kid, adults also of the opposite sex, and crack a joke or have a fun time with friends. Discord voice changer is a powerful and useful tool you can use for your reasons. 

Why do we need to use it? – Some individuals use voice changers to speak as an anonymous person. Some use to troll them anonymously. Several youngsters use voice changers to cover their time to attend 18+ vice chats while not being blocked. Plus, many of us hide their gender victimization using voice changers.

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Best Voice Changer Discord Apps

So if you are planning to use DiscordDiscord for voice changing purposes, here are the best voice changer for DiscordDiscord that you may refer to. 

1. Voicemod

One of the highest standard and best voice changer programs that you can use on Discord is Voicemod. Voicemod will be an excellent performing voice changer for Discord. Not only the service provides you with a lot of different voices, but it is also pretty straightforward to use.

Besides Discord, Voicemod can also be used with the voice chat on Skype, PUBG, Fortnite, Hangout, Mumble, etc. Voicemod effects make the sound a lot more natural than most different voice changer apps that are present in the market currently.

voice changer discord

There are many excellent filters, and if you wish to show your voice into a robot or something else, this is the best application to opt for. Voicemod happens to serve a free voice changer for Discord service, so many people are fond of it.

It is compatible with all trendy flavors of Windows and has integral compatibility with standard games like Fortnite, League of Legends, and more. When you install the app, it will add a new Microphone input device (the Voicemod Virtual Audio Device) that you can choose at the Voice settings of Discord. Thus from now on, your real voice is modified in real-time in step with the settings of Voicemod.

Supported Platforms: Windows.

Price: Free trial, $14.99.

2. AV Voice changer Software

AV Voice Changer software system is a professional grade voice changer software system that you will be able to use not solely in services like Discord and Twitch but also to record your morphed voice and edit it in waves to form it a lot naturally. The software system permits you to only access and modifies each characteristic of your voice.

Your voice will sound deeper, higher, younger, older, a lot of females, many masculines, a lot of robotic, or changed in any manner you prefer. The software system additionally comes with the advanced virtual driver technology that makes it compatible with most VoIP programs, role-playing games, and internet chat.

AV Voice changer Software
AV Voice changer Software

It is out there in 3 different versions; Basics, Gold, and Diamond, that you can choose from counting on your budget and demand. AV Voice Changer might not be a charm to everyone as a result of its pricing. Despite its advantages, AV Voice changer is one of the most straightforward and most powerful sound modification tools and one among the simplest to use.

You can chop, edit, change, and re-pitch any sound and voice in real-time or offline. Like the other clownfish voice changer discord apps, it can also work with Skype, Twitch, Steam, or similar voice chatting apps on PCs. If you wish to have more than just a voice changer, this can be the best software system for but with quite an expensive tag. 

Supported Platforms: Windows.

Price: Free trial, $29.95/Basic, $39.95/Gold, and $99.95/Diamond.

3. ClownFish

ClownFish is a free discord voice changer for Windows that will help you alter your voice while chatting on Discord. It works in almost all trendy flavors of Windows and is different as a result of it’s a system-wide sound modification system. This is installed in the system; thus, any application that uses your microphone can be used to operate your changed voice. The beauty of this is that it works for more than Discord (like the previous software) in a smooth manner.

voice changer discord

Besides Discord, you can use ClownFish in apps like TeamSpeak, Mumble, Steam, Skype, Hangouts, etc. Although ClownFish cannot match the quality of voice provided by applications like Voicemod, it will bring out quite a relatively friendly modulated voice. The effect list of ClownFish includes Alien, Atari, Robot, male, female, baby, and radio, among others. The app is also relatively pretty straightforward to line up and use. If you are trying to find a free voice changer program for Discord, this may be the one.

Supported Platforms: Windows.

Price: Free of cost.

4. MorphVox, Jr.

MorphVox Junior is one of the best free audio impact tools to change or modify your voice. You will have to use the in-built voices and sound effects to sound sort of a man, woman, child, robot, or any other supported voices of your choice. You can use this free voice changer program to alter your voice from male to female and vice versa. The package analyzes your voice to perform the best voice amendment effects; thus, you sound as familiar as your original voice.

There are some drawbacks to this free app, although. The primary downside is that ads support it. The second and a lot of vital downsides is that it is not as straightforward to line up to figure with Discord as several other available voice changer packages on this list. You must use it provided that you would like the higher sound quality and will be able to pay hours on its setup.

voice changer discord
MorphVox, Jr.

There is a genuine reason why MorphVox could be a superb selection during this list; the algorithms it uses are top quality and use a low processor. This means that it sounds excellent and can add the background while not hogging your system resources.

The best fact is that you get all of this free of cost in a nice-looking package is simply the icing on the cake. There is a junior version (free) and a professional version that prices $39.99. The professional includes many voice predetermined choices, higher audio quality, advanced voice effects, and a lot more.

Supported Platforms: Windows.

Price: Free of cost the Junior version, Professional version starts from $39.99.

5. Voxal Voice Changer

Last but not least, in the best five lists is the Voxal Voice Changer that brings plenty of powerful voice-changing options. Voxal is another real-time voice changing package that is simple to use and customizable by the user. Not only it permits you to record voice in real-time but also allows you to use effects to already registered voices.

You can use it on existing recorder audio files; thus, you will use it as a sound editing tool if you are feeling the requirement. While using it with Discord, you will use it in real-time, and there is no time delay; thus, you’ll speak on Discord while not sounding out of place. The app has got a vast collection of effects libraries that incorporate robot, girl, boy, alien, region, echo, and plenty of a lot of.

Voxal Voice Changer

It is quite a user friendly for beginners. Besides, it also includes enough advanced options to form its value at a glance, even for seasoned voice changers. Other than Discord, the app works with all voice chat services, for example, Skype, Hangouts, and more. Overall, this can be a good voice changer Discord.

It has a free version (for home use only) like other voice changing apps in this list. However, it also has a paid license program that is also relatively cheap. Some folks use it as a voice disguiser for an anonymous user over the radio, or while taking part in games, once mistreatment voice chatting apps (Skype, etc.) or in the other audio application.

In addition to the free home-use version, there is an advert Voxal Voice Changer priced at $29.99.

Supported Platforms: Windows and Web.

Price: Free of cost, the advanced version at $29.99.


The Voice changer Discord is very fun to use, and from the time you start using them, you will barely log on Discord, while not launching them initially. With these voice changer apps for Discord, you will have fun together with your friends and family. This can be awe-inspiring for streamers also, who would wish to feature some funny stuff to their streams with these.

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