5+ Best Websites to Read One Punch Man Webcomic 2020

one punch man webcomic

Everyone is a big fan of Manga and webcomics. They bring us joy and recreation in life whenever needed. There are a lot of websites that will let you read them free. You might get confused about which site to stick on. There are a lot of sites where you can read One Punch Man webcomic for free.

In 2009, ONE started publishing this Japanese superhero Webcomic called One Punch Man webcomic. By June 2012, One punch man crossed over 7.9 million hits. The plot moves around a powerful hero named Saitama, who is bored with the absence of challenges in the fight against the devil. 

Best Websites to Read One Punch Man Webcomic 2020

Read one punch man webcomic Reddit Summary: The world is below constant attack from mysterious beings. The story follows Saitama, an average laid-off man who gave up seeking a standard job to become the world’s strongest hero. After a long three years of rigorous coaching, he achieves overwhelming superpowers.

However, when each villain explodes into bits and items with only 1 of his punch, Saitama once more starts struggling to seek out a thrill in his life. Currently operating as a hero for a hobby, Saitama is consistently checking out associate degree opponents to head off his lethargy.

So if you are One punch man fan or looking forward to reading it, check out the following sites.

1. WatchOPM

One of the best online platforms among webcomics in 2020 is WatchOPM. You can read your favorite Manga here. You can rapidly browse this website and get choices too. There are no irritating advertisements in between to interrupt your smooth read. It is free of cost; hence you do not need to worry about the subscription fee.

one punch man webcomic

All episodes and all editions of One Punch Man are available here. This free site updates very frequently; hence you can get all the latest editions for free. You may face some problems during translation languages. However, these errors occur very rarely and happen very low. If this issue does not bother you, this can be your best choice. This can be your best choice for one punch man webcomic read

2. Viz

Viz is a lot of like an officer platform where you will browse all the webtoons and webcomics alongside One Punch Man manga. Therefore if you wish to browse plenty of comics, this is the most effective website for you. Indeed, you will love this website.


Also, despite all the available sites, it is best to browse from an official website. Furthermore, you can contribute to the One Punch Man franchise. All contents on this website are genuine and of high-quality. In manga lovers’ opinion, it is the most effective platform to browse if you can purchase the One Man Punch manga comic from there.

3. Manga Fox

Manga Fox is a well-liked website for online comic readers. It contains loads of comics, Manga, and webtoons that you will scan online for entirely free. You will be able to read the One Punch Man webcomic series properly with no interruptions. Is not that great? But, it is not the most effective web site if we talk about style and aesthetics. However, if you do not care regarding the looks, then it is the most effective web site.


There are several sources by which you can scan Manga there. You might face several advertisements while browsing Manga here, which can be very irritating. The most significant part regarding this web site is that you can download Manga from here. Thus, it is one in all websites to your manga reading desires. The content of Manga Fox always remains updated hence serving you with the latest editions.

4. Manga Panda

Manga Panda is just like the other different online Manga reading websites. This website lets you read Manga free of cost. Although the website does not have a beautiful look, it is well-known for providing the most straightforward service in this sector. Most of the Manga here is poorly designed. This web site has no resizing, alternate chapters, and no watermark within the pages. That is why individuals like reading comics from this web site.


Its loading speed is rapid, and you will notice different Manga too on this web site. They feature Manga from all types of categories like ecchi, goth, Josie, yuri, comedy, action, mature, etc. You name it and are ready to serve it to you within seconds. Another great point concerning their service is that they have enormous information and databases that they update quite often. Therefore it is a decent option for you if you want to read One Punch Man online without charges.

5. Jaimini’s Box

Jaimini’s Box is another right choice to read your favorite One Punch Man webcomic online. The interface of this web site is straightforward and clean. You will notice all the episodes of the comic are in top quality and do not miss any part. The best factor regarding the webcomic site is that you can download the entire comic on your laptop for offline reading.

one punch man webcomic

All the episodes of the comics are adequately sorted so you can scan your favorite comics while not getting interrupted. Hence, enjoy the One Punch Man webcomic by quickly checking out the Jaimini’s Box manga website.

6. Manganelo

Manganelo is a website with a substantial database that many of the manga search engines use Manganelo. The web site features a vast quantity of manga comics that you will scan from its different sections, just like the Latest Manga section, and Newest Manga section, Hot Manga Section. It has more than forty different genres filled with loads of high-quality manga scans.


It has a simple and stylish look. Users can navigate throughout the vast content available. The homepage shows the most recent updates about the Manga and beside a dedicated section for many widespread Manga and New Manga. Its feature of vertical scrolling for readers at Manga makes it easier and straightforward to leap to the next page. It features an operation of loading all pictures right away, which may be turned off to save lots of knowledge during the reading manga.

7. Manga City

Manga city is an accessible website, well-optimized for smartphones. It comes with an appreciable interface. Most significantly, this Manga city tends to possess some mangas that do not seem to be out there on alternative websites.

Manga City
Manga City

8. Comixology

Comixology is a secondary part of Amazon.com, where you can browse Manga & webcomics. It targets to be the most prominent digital comics platform on the web. You can select the thirty days free trial before shopping for their subscription packages. Here, you will find all the episodes of your favorite show, One Punch Man.

one punch man webcomic

9. MangaReader

Another Manga scanlation web site that can provide you with your favorite One punch man webcomic is the well-known MangaReader. It additionally has an old classic user interface with numerous English manga comics to browse. Also, it has that “Surprise Me” switch for a random choice of manga comics. However, it is not a site that is mobile-friendly but works on laptops, computers, and PCs. The Manga reading expertise is additionally just like Mangastream, which can or might not be likable by the readers.

one punch man webcomic

However, it is a positive confirmation that each one of the manga scans and the manga comics is in prime quality with evident print and text written. It additionally has an A-Z list, which might be helpful to find the manga comics by the primary letter/number of their name. There are such a lot of websites where you can read Manga online. You can download Manga and read them offline from these websites. One-Punch Man webcomic is a Japanese manga character, and he is improbably powerful. The Manga was started within the year 2009 and continued. Therefore currently, you can find all information regarding One Punch Man Manga on these websites.

Wrapping Up

These were our assortment of the best sites to browse One Punch Man comic in 2020 at no cost. Although there are more manga websites where you can browse this webcomic for free, the listed websites are the best ones that contain all the episodes. Most of them are free of annoying ads. Happy Reading!

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