10 Best Wireless Gaming Keyboards of 2020

wireless gaming keyboards

Wireless gaming keyboards is not something people tend to prefer for the response time. But nowadays manufacturers are creating these keyboards with much less latency and with many great features and stunning RGB lighting to grab attention. As they do not have wires, using those from a distance is also pretty easy and effective if needed.

Here we will have a look at 10 best wireless gaming keyboards available in 2020. All these products are based on some key points like budget, looks, comfort, key type, battery life, etc. So let us jump right into it.

10 Best Wireless Gaming Keyboards of 2020

1. Logitech G915

Logitech G915
Logitech G915

Logitech is known for making some great gaming components, and G915 is no exception. It is a full-size keyboard with a low profile design, comes with a variety of mechanical switches, dedicated macro keys, media controls, and full per-key RGB lighting. The base of the keyboard is made of aluminium and plastic, which makes it sturdy.

When it comes to the battery life, G915 can last over 30 hours with the brightest RGB settings on a single change. Without the RGB it will last almost 100 hours, which is astonishing, but we all know we cannot live without the RGB, right? For audio, it has a roller which makes controlling volume a smoother experience.

Price: $250 (Amazon)

2. Logitech G613

Logitech G613
Logitech G613

If you want the Logitech brand value on a much lower price point, G613 will be a good option. It is also a full-sized keyboard with 6 macro keys, dedicated media keys, and Logitech Romer-G Tactile switches. Sadly it lacks support for RGB lighting. On the plus side, it has a wrist-rest, but it is not removable.

The travel distance of the keys are only 3 mm and there is a subtle tactile bump. The extraordinary feature of their keyboard is its battery life. With a pair of AA batteries can push up to 18 months of continuous use. IF practicality is more important for you then gimmicky features, you might want to check this one out.

Price: $65 (Amazon)

3. Logitech G915 TKL

Logitech G915 TKL
Logitech G915 TKL

If you like compact keyboards, or your table has less space, Logitech G915 TKL should be your choice. It has the same quality and design as the Logitech G915. So it has that aluminium-on-plastic design. When it comes to the keys, it has low-profile GL switches that feel like the Cherry MX switches. RGB is another thing it carries from the original G915.

The battery life is also great on this keyboard. But for sake of the smaller footprint, it lacks a few things, like dedicated number keys and macro keys. Although the macros are available as a secondary function of the F keys. On the bright side, the same roller for volume control is present.

Price: $230 (Amazon)

4. Corsair K63 Wireless

wireless gaming keyboards
Corsair K63 Wireless

A good alternative for the compact keyboard section is Corsair K63 Wireless. It comes with Cherry MX Red switches, red back-lighting, and detachable wrist rest. With the wrist rest it the shape of the keyboard looks like a square. Just like the G915 TKL, there is no number pad and dedicated macro keys, but you will have the media control keys.

The only downside of this keyboard is battery life. In medium brightness, it will last for 15 hours only. Corsair quotes that without the lighting it can run up to 75 hours, but as previously mentioned, without the RGB (here only red light) the looks get compromised. Corsair also recommends plugging it in for uninterrupted gameplay, but in that case, a wired keyboard will be a much better option.

Price: $130 (Amazon)

5. Razer Turret

Razer Turret
Razer Turret

Razer is another well-known name when it comes to gaming product and the Turrent is there high-end wireless gaming mouse and keyboard combo. It is a full-sized keyboard that comes with Razer Green Tactile switches and a built-in, retractable mouse pad, paired with a top-shelf wireless mouse. It is modeled after the legendary BlackWidow model.

Another plus point is the keyboard supports both Windows 10 and Xbox One. It is purposefully made for gaming from distance without a table or stand. Although it does not have any dedicated macro or media keys. When it comes to battery life it can run for 40 hours, as the manufacturer quoted. You can also dynamically sync up keyboard RGB lighting with gameplay through the Xbox Dynamic Lighting system.

Price: $250 (Amazon)

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6. Corsair K57

wireless gaming keyboards
Corsair K57

If RGB is your jam and you can live without the mechanical keys, Corsair K57 is something you can check out. It comes with 104 keys with 6 dedicated macro keys, Bluetooth & 2.4GHz wireless technology, and individual RGB back-lighting support.

Although it comes with membrane keys, those are top of the line switches for 1ms response times and fast actuation. It also comes with a soft rubber palm rest which is detachable. The battery performance is also respectable, up to 35 hours with RGB backlighting or 175 hours with backlighting off.

Price: $150 (Amazon)

7. Keychron K6

Keychron K6
Keychron K6

Keychron K6 is a perfect example of a compact keyboard with sleeper design philosophy. At first glance, you might think it is straight out of the ’90s, but let the looks not fool you. It comes with 68 Gateron Blue switches and white back-lighting. For a smaller footprint, it does not have any dedicated macro or media keys. The keyboard can connect to 3 devices and switch between them seamlessly.

The design is also unique because it comes with Mac layout and Windows compatibility, so extra keycaps for both Windows and Mac operating systems are included. For the record, The K6 can last up to 72 hours with static RGB back-light, or up to 9 days of normal use (8 hrs/day) with a 4000 mAh big battery, which is one of the biggest in a mechanical keyboard.

Price: $75 (Amazon)

8. Obinslab Anne 2 Pro

wireless gaming keyboards
Obinslab Anne 2 Pro

Obinslab Anne 2 Pro is the most compact keyboard in this list. It comes with only 61 keys with Gateron Mechanical switches, 16 million colour combinations with 100% customisable back-lighting, and can sync flawlessly with Windows and Mac via Bluetooth 4.0 or wired connection.

The smaller footprint makes it easy to carry wherever you go but on the negative part, the battery only runs for 8 hours. It also has a Type-C connector. One thing to remember customers have come up with both positive and negative reviews. So your experience may vary.

Price: $100 (Amazon)



If you want to get a wireless keyboard with full RGB customization but in a cheap price, RK RGB can serve your purpose. It is connected by Bluetooth 3.0, which is not great, to be honest. This keyboard can connect three devices at the same time. And switch among them freely.

When it comes to switches, you have four options, MX Blue, MX Red, MX Black, and MX Brown. The design is compact, so it has 87 keys and no dedicated audio controls. The manufacturer claims that this keyboard comes with a high capacity rechargeable Li-ion Polymer built-in battery and with Bluetooth connection and brightest back-light, the battery can support working over 100 hours. If only the Bluetooth connection is used without back-lighting, it can work over 800 hours, which is impressive.

Price: $60 (Amazon)

10. Logitech K800

wireless gaming keyboards
Logitech K800

We are going to end the list with another Logitech wireless keyboard – K800. It is one of their cheapest wireless keyboard which is not necessarily meant for gaming, but it can work. It comes with a 2.4 GHz wireless connection with one tiny unifying receiver that stays in your computer and only supports Windows.

Moreover, this model features PerfectStroke, a unique key system that quiets and smooths your every click. It has a total of 104 membrane keys with dedicated keys for media controls. Also, there is a full white back-lighting.

Price: $45 (Amazon)

Wrapping Up

So these are the 10 best wireless gaming keyboards you can buy in 2020. We have tried to provide a keyboard at every price point, and hopefully, you will be able to make your mind. If you have any other suggestions, please let us know in the comments, that will also help other readers.


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