How To Cancel Audible Subscription On Android With Screenshots

cancel audible membership

One might not like audible books anymore. Maybe, the busy schedule does not let you enjoy the audible subscription. Therefore you are hunting ways to cancel audible membership. If you are using the trial version and don’t want to continue anymore, this article will help. Being an audiobook lover, one might have high expectations out of the membership. In the end, it might not feel up to the mark. Consequently, the need to cancel a subscription pops in.

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What is an audible membership?

An audible membership has its unique features, which include audio content. Amazon’s audible is one of the most renowned audio booksellers. The audible app is available both on iOS and Android. One can start with the subscription whenever needed. However, to cancel audible membership, one has to visit the website, as it cannot be done through the application.

Reasons for cancelling the audible membership

  • One might fall behind redeeming all the credit assigned after the membership.
  • Life can get busy, and one might stumble upon an unwanted reading slump.
  • Monthly subscription charges are too high.
  • You’ve now changed your mind, and you no more feel like continuing.
  • You want to read rather than listen: because you comprehend more that way.
  • You’ve found out cheaper alternatives to audiobooks.

Steps to cancel audible membership

If you are looking for steps to cancel audible membership on an Android device or an iOS device, here is a fact. It is not possible to cancel an audible subscription just by deleting or uninstalling the application. To cancel the membership, it is necessary to log into your account through a web browser.

Before being serious about cancelling the audible subscription, using all the credits are important. Because one will not be able to access the members-only content after the subscription is discontinued. Once you take all these facts into account and ready to make peace with the changes coming along your way, here is the step-by-step guide to cancel audible membership.

1. Log into your account

Login to your audible account after heading towards After logging into your account, the profile’s name will be visible on top of the page. Just beside the profile name, there is a guided arrow faced downside. Hovering the cursor over it will let you open a dropdown menu. Account information, and other related data to the account will be mentioned there. Among the few options, click on to the ‘Account Details’ to proceed further.

cancel audible membership

2. Check your credits

Right after the account details are loaded, credits used or left will be visible. And it will show the subscription plan you are enrolled in. If the membership is no more working, switching the membership is possible. The user has to click on the ‘Switch Membership’ and change the current plan. However, if you are no longer interested in continuing, you may click on ‘Cancel Membership’ to cancel audible membership.

cancel audible membership Here is a heads up for you! A user cannot redeem the credits after canceling the membership. Therefore, it is essential to use leftover credits. One can get back to the Home Page and exchange the credits for audiobooks. However, a user will not lose access to the audiobooks bought using the pass credits. So, one can enjoy them after the cancelation of the membership. Audible will warn a user before canceling. Therefore, it is easy to understand more about the credits left.

Once you have made your mind on sticking to the decision, you can go on and finally cancel the membership. Consequently, Audible will ask for a reason. In other words, they will ask you why are you canceling the membership? This is a procedure to ask for feedback. It helps them to improvise. One can click the reasons as per their choices and elaborate on it. If someone does not want to put a precise reason, they can click on ‘Other Reasons.’

cancel audible membership

3. Cancel or Pause?

Once a user clicks on the ‘Continue Canceling’ option, a final page opens. The user is redirected to a page where there is an option to continue with cancelation or pause the subscription. There are three options for the time span to pause the audible membership: 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days. Pausing the membership helps the user to save the unused credits. This is recommended because you will not lose the chance to regain it and continue with audible until you are determined to discontinue and lose the credits left.

Audible offers the user a chance to change the subscription plan every other month. If one wants a break from audible, these options are great! But, if the user is stern about canceling, they can click on ‘Finish Canceling.’ The user is redirected to the next page, which grieves about the discontinuation. It says Audible is sorry to see you leave. However, the page might show the billing for next month. It might indicate that the user is still enrolled in the membership.

cancel audible membership

Refresh the page after the process is complete. Do not panic. You will receive an email and a summary of the service no longer existing with the cancelation date. Audible offers you to start back again after you want to get back at it.

Wrapping up

These are the steps to cancel audible membership at any given point of time. If you want to take a break or cancel, these procedures will serve your purpose. I hope the step-by-step guide helps you.


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