15 Best Free Chia Anime Alternatives in 2020

Best Free Chia Anime Alternatives

Chia Anime is a free site for the viewers to watch anime content. There are excellent anime content shows which are available in high quality. One can easily find out anime to watch. Famous anime, for example, My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Kokoro Connect, is available for the viewers to watch. The best thing about this site is that one can sort which one to watch.

Chia Anime has separate lists for Recent anime, Popular Anime, and random episodes. Besides, Chia Anime has a classified tab for all the sizzling anime. Users don’t get confused while browsing through the library of this website. It is a very reliable website to stream anime content. In case if you are searching for furthermore chia anime streaming sites alternatives, you are at the right place.

Whether Chia Anime is safe or not?

Chia Anime does not own any copyright to view content on the site. Hence, a probability is there for this site to be blocked from different countries. The reason behind Chia Anime being famous was, it provides classic anime, different anime soundtracks, and that too for free. But, one can always switch over to other anime streaming sites according to their priorities.

Best 15 Chia Anime Alternatives 

We have curated a list for you to choose an alternative to chia anime. This is a complete list an anime freak might have wanted all along this time. Get going to know each detail about the sites like chia anime.

1. AnimeUltima

AnimeUltima is a site for the ones who love anime arrangements. This website is free and is uniquely designed. It has pieces of stuff related to anime, like anime scenes, anime films, anime shows newly released anime, and the list goes on. It provides viewers with an extensive collection. The downloading option is enabled so that one can download to watch it during their free time.

chia anime

To enjoy your favorite anime and binge-watch all day, and to get started, you will have to create an account for free. Then there is no looking back. The site updates the content that releases the latest. And helps the viewers introduce themselves to new shows, movies, and other video content. It has a night mode for streaming online video content. AnimeUltima has a clear and smooth user interface.

2. KissAnime

KissAnime is for the weebs out there. This website is known as one of the greatest Anime Torrent Sites ever when it comes to streaming online anime content. It aims to come up with smooth performance and hassle-free streaming experience. Every genre is there at one’s disposal after one browses the site. It allows a viewer to watch anime in a PC/Laptop and cell phone. KissAnime is a website that all the anime fans prefer.


Henceforth, an anime fan, will always like this website. The user interface is quite sorted. Moreover, this site is very user-friendly. One can stream video in different quality, starting from 240p to 1080p, depending on the network strength. Viewers can report broken videos to the site. Creating an account here is not necessary. However, one can do it for free according to their preferences.

3. HorribleSubs

HorribleSubs is a website that has the assortment for huge anime arrangement. It is one of the best chia anime alternatives. This website allows one to view content in HD quality. Therefore, the site is compact. It has a vast library and a variety of anime content. The user interface is easy to operate. Therefore viewers love this site even more.

chia anime

HorribleSubs allows a user or viewer to download content on their devices. There are few ads while streaming anime online, but one should not worry about that being a headache. There are classification bars to accurately categorize the anime content according to the genre it belongs to. Therefore, the site is handy and is one of the most liked sites when it comes to streaming anime content online.

4. BabyAnime

BabyAnime is a systematic site. It is effortless to operate. Hence, it is considered a straightforward website. One has to browse the place to start streaming

chia anime

This site will not ask the viewer to signup. One can easily browse the site, select the category or desired anime, and can start watching without further delay. Different video quality is available to view anime content, that depends on the choice of the viewers.

5. AnimeLab

AnimeLab is a legitimate site that simulcasts shows from Japan HD. The videos are highly optimized. Consequently, it is one of the efficient chia anime alternatives. This site has a vast gallery. And, that is updated every week. The site is entirely maintained, and the quality content is available.


The content that the site is varied. It has popular shows, movies, the latest series, and the list goes on. Likewise, it has genre divided to make the viewers understand better. It is very organized. Bunch of famous anime is available like the Dragon Ball and a lot more.

6. Funimation

Funimation is the perfect platform for the ones who love to view English dubbed anime. This is a legal site for dubbed anime TV Shows and movies. Sony owns the American Funimation Company. One can utilize the site throughout the globe. Whenever one wants to stream online anime content, Funimation will extend the support.


Funimation shows the viewers all the recently added anime to make sure they know about the updated list. However, if the country one belongs to does not allow streaming through Funimation, then the viewer can use a VPN. This site is a site that is worthy of giving a shot. It is for sure that the viewers will not be disappointed or regret their choice.

7. 9Anime

The adherent anime watchers will recognize the site at a glance. The violet-black theme color in the user interface of the site is catchy. This is a paradise for anime lovers. 9Anime has recent updates on shows, high definition video quality, and a shortlist of anime to suggest the viewers.

chia anime

It has dubbed content for the convenience of the viewers. This is a website that offers free anime content. The ads are not a matter to cause hurdles, while one is streaming videos online. It consists of different genre anime. Therefore one can rely upon this site. Furthermore, one can read and see comments before watching a new anime.

8. GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime lets a person view content without charging subscription fees or compelling to create an account. This site has old and new anime at the same time. If one wants to see old anime, then GoGoAnime is the best go-to site. All the anime heads will get blogs about anime on this site, and it has a community too.


One might get ads coming their way while streaming from this site. But, the best part about this is that it does not have geographical limitations. The website has categories sorted. So, one can easily select the desired category and watch anything from its watch-list. Using the English language, many of the anime is dubbed and subbed. This increases the efficiency of the site.

9. Anime Planet

Anime Planet is a website that is one of the most liked websites by the anime heads. It is legitimate. Without any hurdle, a viewer can access this site. It has an exquisite collection with a vast library that has almost all the genres of anime—for example, horror, romantic, action, thriller, and etcetera. Moreover, every anime has its description written.


Likewise, it has comments by the fans, star ratings, and more info about content. Every anime lover can indulge in the treat that Anime Planet has for the viewers. The interface is optimized and can work on any device. Therefore one must avail of this option when they are planning to stream anime videos.

10. Hulu

Hulu is one of the top-rated websites in the list of anime sites. Hence the list is incomplete if Hulu is not included in it. It has a lot of reviews. The Hulu library has the collection of original Hulu shows, and it has movies, tv shows, and a lot more to watch. The collection is updated at regular intervals. Videos are of high definition quality. So, if someone likes viewing the content in HD then, this is the best platform.

chia anime

Hulu is not available in all parts worldwide, so first and foremost, this fact has to be kept in mind. However, Asians can access this site. Hulu is not a free site, but on the contrary, it gives a trip for free, which spans until 30 days.

11. Anime Heaven 

Anime Heave has a good reputation in this business. Rumors were their which said Anime Heaven is shut down. This site consists of classic anime, as well as the latest release. Anime Heaven is the site for the ones who love to watch free movies at high quality. It has a premium and classy look with a gigantic library.

Anime Heaven
Anime Heaven

The quick search bar on this site helps one to search for whatever they need to watch easily. This site is pretty straightforward and is one of the best alternatives to chia anime. The site doesn’t bother the viewers with unwanted ads, and hence, is liked by everyone.

12. Anime Freak

Anime Freak has a dark interface that is very elite looking. There are options for a viewer to login/signup. However, it is not mandatory for anyone to follow the same. Anime Freak has a separate opportunity for the surfers to connect with the admins if there is an issue.

Anime Freak
Anime Freak

The vast library that Anime Freak owns attracts the viewers. Therefore it is popular among anime lovers too. Newly released anime are uploaded the soonest. Filter options are present here for you to select and choose what you want to watch.

13. SoulAnime

SoulAnime is one more option in the list. It has subbed and dubbed anime content in its library.


Arrangements like Naruto, Fairytale, One Piece etcetera are available for streaming.

14. AnimeSeason

AnimeSeason is a smooth website that is well-known for offering the best quality content. One can watch slating anime or anime according to their wish on this website. This website has HD quality subbed anime for the viewers to watch.


The experience with this website is commendable. This site has the list for each anime, which easily lets the viewer know about the ongoing series.

 15. AnimeStreams

Last but not least, in our article, we have AnimeStreams, which is an excellent website. The site has lovely arrangements, and it is free. Advertisements don’t irritate the viewers on this site. Therefore, it adds the cherry on the cake.


This site is straightforward to handle because of its interface. The interface that it carries is straightforward yet unique. Every classification is updated periodically. Additionally, AnimeStreams have highlighted to bring famous anime in the notice of the viewer.

Wrapping Up

Here are all the sites that an anime head would need to stream online anime content. Anime has a separate place in everyone’s heart. It is animated, but the concepts can make someone feel it to be real. Everyone likes to immerse themselves in the world of anime, so if you too like that, the list curated has details about the famous anime sites. Sites like chia anime will help you to stream anything you want to watch. Therefore, now you can grab popcorns and have a gala time. Happy Streaming!


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