Google Chrome Desktop Version to Allow Editing Of Saved Passwords Soon

Editing Of Saved Passwords

Google Chrome is one of the most widely used computer applications. There are multiple features of Google Chrome that are very much convenient for the users. One of the popular features includes the saving of passwords of different platforms. Users can permit saving the password. Once saved, the next time they want to log in that account, the password will be automatically filled.

Editing of Saved Passwords

Google saves passwords for making the navigation experience better for users. Also, browsing becomes much more secure. Of course, it is up to the users to decide which passwords to let Chrome save. Since the users highly appreciated this feature, Google decided to add a new feature in their Chrome desktop version.

The new feature will allow Chrome to edit the saved passwords as well. This seems to be highly convenient for the users as well. Instead of deleting the old collected data when you change your password, you can simply edit the saved data. Once saved, Chrome will be able to auto-fill the login details of the users. As a security measure, Chrome also has a feature that alerts the users about their passwords getting compromised. Similarly, alerts are also sent to the users if someone else tries to access their accounts.

Expected Changes

Currently, users can only view and manage the passwords that are saved in the Google account. Google has posted a change in code recently, which shows the ability to edit saved passwords. Most features in Chrome are added with a flag to hide it behind, and this new feature is no exception. As of now, no official statement has been released regarding it.

However, it is expected to come soon, observing the developments. In the Chrome Android version, the feature for editing saved passwords already exists. However, it is still not complete. This feature may launch simultaneously for the OS, Android, and Desktop version as well. The editing button will probably be a pencil icon, as seen on Android.

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