Concerns Rise over Apple’s Glass Keyboard Rumours for Upcoming MacBooks

glass keyboards

As per the latest reports, a patent has been filed by Apple for its future MacBook products. The patent is for glass keyboard, and this has made quite a fuss. Apple’s present butterfly keyboards are especially not a hit among users. This is because of their lack of durability. With transparent keycaps made of glass, Apple can finally address this issue. However, not everyone is delighted.

Glass Keyboard

Inside reports from Apple suggest that the glass keyboards will significantly increase the span and durability of the device. It is expected that Apple will manufacture thick keycaps to increase the lifespan of their products. It may also be visually pleasing to see transparent keyboards that work underneath the fingers.

Raised Glass Keyboard
Raised Glass Keyboard

However, the cause for concern is the material itself. If the keycaps were to break while we are typing, it is impossible to determine now how dangerous it can be. Users can even cut their own fingers while doing so. Smearing cracks on keycaps may also reduce the visibility. Also, glass keyboards may be ridiculously expensive to repair. All in all, concerns are rising equally as amazement.

Probable Types of Glass to be Used

Annealed glass is glass that has undergone thermal treatment. However, this type of glass is not at all strong. This reduces the chances of annealed glass being used. Next, we have tempered glass, and this is a special type of annealed glass that increases its strength. However, if broken, it will shatter into numerous little pieces. This makes it unlikely for Apple to use it as well. There is laminated glass as well, and this is produced with two layers of annealed glasses stuck with vinyl between them.

However, it is very prone to scratches. Knowing Apple, laminated glasses won’t be used either. This makes Corning’s Gorilla Glass the most probable choice for making these keyboards. It is used in the iPhone, and it may be the best choice as it has both durability and customization options. Polymer transparent keyboards are also an option, though it is unlikely.

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