Top 10 Funny Prank Websites to Fool Your Friends

Funny Prank Websites to Fool Your Friends

No matter how old we are, pranking our friend is always a good idea. For the victim, it might be embarrassing, but for everyone else, it is extremely funny. You can also see many people having a laugh over prank videos on YouTube. Internet is filled with fun. If you are interested enough, we have compiled a list of prank websites/troll websites which will help you to make a fool of your friend. Make sure not to cross the line of ‘fun’ though. With that being said, let us dive in.

Top 10 Funny Prank Websites

1. HackerTyper

HackerTyper prank websites

Have you ever thought of writing code faster than the Flash without knowing a single line of coding? HackerTyper is the website to go. You can write thousands of codes with a few clicks on your keyboard and your friends will surely be spoofed.

After writing a few lines you will be presented with ‘Access Granted’ pop up that is the final proof of being the underground hacker.

2. BoredButton


Are you feeling bored? There is nothing on the internet making you smile? Just go to BoredButton troll links. You will be presented with only one button which is the key to give you a laugh. After pressing the button you will be sent to random pages where you can play many fun games.

Other than games there will be some funny information about you which is completely false, but make you smile. It is like the Wikipedia of many funny pages.

3. FakeUpdate


Want to make a fool of your friend with their computer? FakeUpdate allows you to show install animation of any operating system, like macOS to Windows 98. You can go full screen with the F11 key.

Want to go one step further with the horror of blue screen failure? Just press enter button while in the installing page.

4. MrDoob


We use Google every day to find much information, but have you ever thought to prank someone with the site? Check out Google Gravity. After opening the page as soon as you move your cursor the whole web page falls apart.

You can play with the bars and the Google sign with your mouse, but sadly you will not be able to use the search functionality with it.

5. NewsofFuture


Everyone wants to know what is going to happen in the future. If any of your friends ask you something like that, tell him to open NewsofFuture website. It looks like any other original news website but filled with fake news from the future.

You can also comment on the news and communicate with fellow readers. Maybe one of the news comes true? Who knows.

6. Simitator


I am sure you have seen images of fake facebook posts on meme pages. Ever thought of making one crack some jokes on your friend? Simitator lets you do that.

You can customize the post to the limit it looks completely original. Not only facebook posts, but you can also make Twitter Direct Messages, tweets and even fake Yahoo answers. But make sure not to share something which will create a hoax.

7. ElGoog


If the past is more interesting than the future for you ElGoog is the site to visit. This is Google from back in the 90s. It has a terminal looking interface. The site takes some time to fully load with some codes.

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Then you do a normal search or may click on I am feeling lucky. It will also provide you with some news from the past.

8. FakeWhats

prank websites FakeWhats

If fake facebook post is not your jam, you might wanna try FakeWhats. The website can create images like exact screenshots of real WhatsApp messages.

You can alter every bit, from profile picture to the timing of the texts, even the operator. Essentially it creates screenshots of iPhones.

9. JokerGreeting


Ever thought of sending a real greeting and some annoyance at once? Check out Joker Greeting site. You can buy a greeting card from here and then send it to someone. But the fun starts when they open the card. Usually, cards stop playing music when it is closed. But it does not stop playing ever.

You have to completely crush the card or burn it to stop playing. This could be a good way to send some greeting to your best friends.

10. PrankDial

prank websites PrankDial

Want to prank someone over the phone? PrankDial is the ideal way to go. You can set the situation, send the calls to your friends for free and listen to their reactions afterwards.

Per day you will be able to send three calls for free. You can also submit your reactions so other people can comment on them and have some fun.

Wrapping Up

So the list ends here, but the fun has just been started. Make your friends smile or embarrassed, it is upon you. But do let us know in the comments which prank websites do you use to prank your friends.


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