Top 5 CouchTuner Alternatives: Watch Web Series Free Online

CouchTuner 2.0
CouchTuner 2.0

CouchTuner is a website that is famous for streaming web series online. This site allows visitors to watch TV shows online. It provides services to the viewers to watch video content in HD quality, even without signing up.  But, nowadays, the question of legality is coming to a lot of minds. In recent times couchtuner 2.0 existed as a mirror site of the main page on the internet where one can get the data needed.

CouchTuner was established in the year 2010. It was considered the best site back in those days. It was well-known because of the quality it used to provide. Therefore it was a significant site among the ones streaming online video content in 2010 and onwards.

CouchTuner is a prominent website that never delays updating episodes of TV shows. Therefore, viewers rely on the website. It is full of old and new TV Shows, that one will like to watch. The user interface of the site is simple.

But, the drawback is CouchTuner is not safe for the one who all do not use adblockers or VPN to browse the site. It can cause copyright issues if the illegal distributor is streaming the TV show. Hence, we suggest one to read the privacy policies before streaming video content.

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CouchTuner 2.0 – The New Version

The leading site of CouchTuner is currently blocked due to legal issues. Admin of the site deleted content that was creating a fuss. Authorities banned the site. Now, CouchTuner 2.0 is launched with all the same functionalities. The user interface is still as classic as the previous one. It has a database of some old TV Shows. Users prefer the CouchTuner 2.0 than the earlier version.

Top 5 Sites like CouchTuner

In case, if one needs couchtuner alternatives to explore more TV Shows, this is the article one should read. We have created a list of top five CouchTuner 2.0 alternatives. That will provide an individual with video content that can be streamed online.

1. Series9 

Series9 is a website that is a perfect alternative to couchtuner. One can browse TV Shows according to the need. One can uncover data according to the specification. Thereafter, the selection of the show, one must agree to click the ‘play’ button for the video to start playing.

couchtuner 2.0

This website has a vast database. It also has movies for viewers to watch online. The site does not demand any logging in or signing up to continue further.

2. ProjectFreeTV

ProjectFreeTV has a handy menu for the visitors to check which shows are available on the site. It is an adorable and classic site. The site is easy to use. There are two search bars on the right side of the website. It is created to let viewers search the TV Shows and Movies.


This site does not rely on the servers. It runs on the network of third-party content providers. If the visitors do not like ads, using the ad-blocker is a must, while browsing ProjectFreeTV.

3. WatchEpisode

WatchEpisode allows a viewer to watch TV Shows for free. It is the number one site for an individual to watch TV Shows online. It has a vast library to provide with any latest video content. The black and pink theme, which it carries, gives the site a unique look.

couchtuner 2.0

4. Cucirca

Cucirca is one of the best sites to stream TV Shows and Movies online. In shorts, it is one of the apt places to stream video online. Cucirca is a trendy place to watch videos on a PC or phone. The site is straightforward. It will never disappoint an individual with its content quality. The user interface is easy to use.


Just like couchtuner, this site has English shows and Japanese TV Shows as well. One can watch anime here. Their library is versatile. Cucirca allows everyone to watch video content online without any registration process.

5. Global TV

This is a popular website among the ones who binge-watch TV Shows. Therefore it has a lot of fan followings! The library that Global TV has got is vast. The site has exclusive shows for viewers to stream video content for free. Global TV has different stand-up comedy shows too.

Global TV
Global TV

The site has content from different genres. For example, comedy, thriller, suspense, romantic, and more. It has the renowned series of all times, present in the list. One can watch recent TV Shows without any worries. Therefore, Global TV is reliable.


The binge-watchers should never stop watching meaningful video content. Therefore we have this list for them so that they can quickly know which site to choose according to their requirements. These are the five best couchtuner alternatives. Sites like these can always entertain an individual by providing free video streaming options. Each one of the sites has uniqueness. Therefore, to know the compatible one, an individual should stick until the end. Happy Streaming!


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