4 Methods to Get Crunchyroll Guest Pass

crunchyroll guest pass

If you are one of the giant fans of anime and manga series, you have probably heard about Crunchyroll and Crunchyroll guest pass. Crunchyroll is one of the best premium streaming apps that provides HD quality content. It shelters all the hottest manga, imported Asian TV series, and anime. There are high chances that this streaming platform is probably topping the charts in the anime world.

However, such benefits are provided to paid customers only. Therefore, those who do not have the premium membership they often rely on guest passes.

What is Crunchyroll Guest Pass?

Although the best things come at a cost, there are loopholes to those costs. Crunchyroll offers three types of accounts – premium, free for 14 days, and forty-eight hours guest pass.

All premium account holders of Crunchyroll receive Crunchyroll guest passes as an incentive. It is a window for the buddies of the customers to access the website free of cost. The holders receive the pass after every thirty days. They can share the passcode with whomever they want. However, how to use Crunchyroll guest pass? Once a buddy receives the code, he or she needs to enter the code on the official website to validate. Following the acceptance, one can enjoy forty-eight hours of premium services at no cost!

However, there are few loopholes to this free access. The guest pass does not unlock all the premium content! It holds back a few of them. This is a marketing trick. It will compel you to buy the membership once you are addicted to the site.

The time interval is only forty-eight hours. One account can only use ten guest passes in six months. Therefore, you can enjoy binging for forty-eight hours only ten times. Following the Crunchyroll guest pass restriction, you have to wait for a while before you resume your favorite manga.

However, while you wait for the passes, there are other ways to grab the opportunities. We have listed effective four methods to get Crunchyroll guest pass.       

1. Follow, subscribe, like Crunchyroll in all Social Media Platforms

This is one of the best and fastest ways to grab the Crunchyroll guest pass. However, this method will be useful if you are an active social media user. Crunchyroll has over five million followers. They are quite busy with all the platforms. It is safe to say, out of five, one million are premium account holders. As mentioned above, premium holders receive guest passes for every thirty days.

Therefore, you can ask for the Crunchyroll guest passcodes from the active users. Furthermore, you need to have excellent communication skills to convince those people. To get their attraction, you need to be a little desperate in commenting on every Crunchyroll post. You need to comment in such a way that people are attracted to you in the comment box. Since it is a public forum, one who uploads a guest passcode, anyone can use it.

For this reason, keep on refreshing a potential thread and keep on checking your comments periodically. Another alternative way to gain attraction is to promote Crunchyroll! Tweet or post about Crunchyroll as much as possible. Indeed, you will come under some premium account holder’s radar.

2. Follow and Like every Anime Group in Facebook

Yet, Facebook is the largest virtual platform with the most number of users. Consequently, you are likely to get the Crunchyroll guest pass here more conveniently than other media accounts. Fortunately, the anime world is rolling high. Therefore, on Facebook, many people are actively participating in Anime groups.

Since it has a great popularity, you might be lucky enough to locate mutual friends in the same group. In most cases, there can be a five lakhs members group. Out of which, two lakhs might be holding premium accounts on Crunchyroll. 

The premium account holders of Crunchyroll will give out guest passes without any hesitation. Since they are already getting to access the account, the passes are useless to them. Therefore, they give out the passes so that it does not get wasted.

crunchyroll guest pass

For example, try posting crisp, ludicrous articles in the Facebook group, which has large groups of members. Such high numbers will favor greater odds of noticing your write up and getting the Crunchyroll guest pass within minutes. 

As a suggestive measure, keep an eye on the latest notification tab. Some holders often post the codes into the forum publicly. In order not to miss such an opportunity, make the group “see first” in your newsfeed. You might get blessed from time to time. 

As mentioned above, there are many Anime groups available on Facebook. It is essential to choose the right Facebook group. Before you start selecting, filter the groups, and opt for one accordingly. After getting accepted, make an introduction post to the group.

This step will help you to get noticed. Always favor a group which has maximum activities per week. If you are confused between groups of higher numbers and better activity, with the clause in mind, support the group with more top activities.

Once you are in, you are a step closer to your aim. Start writing attractive blogs in the group. Keep on refreshing the groups. Whenever you notice a post revealing the code, redeem the Crunchyroll guest pass. Aforementioned, every pass has a validity of forty-eight hours. 

3. Don’t skip the Official Anime Forum

If you want to hook up with the Official Crunchyroll passes, then this is the ideal destination. Similarly, like following Facebook groups, this is more of a formal forum to get the Crunchyroll guest pass. However, this group is solely made for the premium account holders of Crunchyroll.

If you want to access the community, you have to create a free account. All details must be legitimate while filling up the form in Crunchyroll. Following your acceptance as a member of Crunchyroll, you are allowed to join the community and are eligible to comment and view posts. 

This official community renders help to both premium and non-premium holders. Since this forum is solely created for premium customers. Therefore, you have maximum chances to get the Crunchyroll guest passes freely.

You can politely ask members for the guest passes. They will soon acknowledge your request. However, there is a time restriction policy. Only for a limited time, they can reply to your comments. 

Moreover, this is an official group. As a result, there are wide ranges of demands of guest passes. You need to refresh to savor the opportunity as soon as possible actively. You can apply filters to view the latest threads. A piece of advice, do not private text anyone for guest codes. Instead, wait for replies on comments or posts in the forum.   

4. Favorable Community – Crunchyroll Subreddit 

It is one of the most promising and active platforms available on the internet for Crunchyroll guest passes. This community does not compel you to register. Instead, you can just subscribe to receive post notifications. The Crunchyroll Subreddit allows you to private text anyone! This feature geometrically increases the chances to get Crunchyroll guest passes.

Crunchyroll Subreddit holds another surprise – it stores giveaway passes! Isn’t this the perfect place to grab the Crunchyroll guest passes? The chances to win the passes are more likely than any other platform. You can also follow almost all the premium account holders. If you are politely persistent in the inbox, you will end up claiming it. Some users also post it on Reddit, therefore do not miss to keep tabs over there too.     

crunchyroll guest pass


The above-listed methods are effective. However, they do not come with a guarantee. It significantly depends on luck. Moreover, it is a hit and miss case. If you thoroughly follow the above-listed steps, you are more likely to get lucky to grab the forty-eight hours coupon. This type of coupon can be redeemed once.

Similarly, like the coupons, we receive for shopping offers. Therefore, use caution while entering in the websites. If once the Crunchyroll guests pass redeems, it cannot be used again.

Nevertheless, who does not want to go through these steps, they can join the Crunchyroll. Every new Crunchyroll holder receives a fourteen days free trial. To keep the service going, you need to come up with different emails every fortnight. This is a sure shot method. As this method unlocks all premium contents which Crunchyroll guests pass, fail to do so.   


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