How to Disable, Suspend Or Delete Skype Account – Step By Step Guide

how to delete skype account

Skype is one of the oldest communication tools. It has gained a million users in the past years. Seamless voice and video conversations have attracted the crowd. The software is famous for its authenticity and service. With just a click, people can connect, even miles apart. Life has been easier since then. Be it a business meeting or catching up with the close ones, Skype is a click away. But, there might be an arrival of a moment when you would not need Skype anymore. Wondering how to delete skype account? Herein, you can get your answers.

Regardless of the ease, one must have difficulty or reasons not to have a Skype account any further. But, here’s a heads up! Skype doesn’t contain a magic button that says, “delete my skype account.” Therefore, we have a step-by-step guide chalked out for you. Read the full article to relate and complete the procedure.

How to delete a skype account? – Steps to follow

To delete the Skype account, you need to keep in mind that one wrong step might restrict you from accessing your Outlook or Xbox Live Account. Therefore, read the following steps carefully to find out a way to delete your skype account without losing any access. There are a few privacy concerns, which you will come to know as the article proceeds.

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Unlink your Microsoft account before deleting

As already mentioned, Skype does not have a “delete” button. Yes, this is not unusual. Almost all major service providers replace the “remove” or “delete” button with a small checklist. Therefore, you will not accidentally remove your account. Moreover, if you have a change in not deleting the account, then do not fret anymore. Service providers take a considerable amount of time to process the deletion of an account. So, you can easily retrieve your account.

So, successfully remove or delete your account, you have to tick some boxes. This will make sure that you are wilfully deleting your account. Hence, you give consent to the service provider to remove your account. The VoIP provider will ask you for 30 to 60 days to process the request. Then, your account will be finally removed. 

Moreover, before processing the request to remove your account, you must unlink your Email id from the account. If you forget to unlink the account, then it has some serious consequences. You will lose the information, data, and access to accounts linked with the Skype email id. Therefore, do not forget to unlink the account.  

Unlink your account

Therefore, to unlink the account successfully, we have provided a small guide below. So, follow the steps below to ease the process.

  • Firstly, type “” on the address bar and then sign in.
  • Then, scroll down and look for “Settings and Preferences.”
  • Under “Settings and Preferences,” you will find “Account Settings.”
  • Next, check your id, and then you will find the option to “Unlink” it. 
  • Click on “Unlink” to detach the Microsoft id successfully.

Note: If you find your Skype name saying, outlook: “your email address” or live: “your email address,” then unlinking may result in loss of contacts you already have on your other Microsoft properties. 

Before looking for how to delete a skype account and take the big step of removing or deleting your Skype account, do not forget to unlink your Email id. This is an essential step. If you forget to do this, you lose access to other accounts. Hence, remember to do this crucial step and follow the simple steps above to face no issue. 

How can you delete your Skype account on a desktop (Mac or Windows)?

If you have wondered how to delete a skype account for a long, then we have provided you with the easiest guide. So, if you have finally decided to remove your Skype account, then follow the steps below:


Step 1


So, at first, you have to look for the profile icon on the topmost left-hand corner. Then, after you have found it, click on “Settings.”

 how to delete a skype account

Step 2

After you click on “Settings,” it will open the option “Account and Profile.” Next, click on “Close Your Account.” Now, Skype will ask you to verify yourself based on your earlier provided information. This is a crucial step as Skype will make sure someone else is not removing your account. It will ask for information only you are aware of. 

how to delete my Skype account

You may have to enter your password and verify your account via SMS or Email. So, when you are done with verification, you will move to the next window. 

Step 3

On this window, you have to pay attention. Read all the provided information carefully. Follow the relevant instructions properly. You will be closing or removing your complete Microsoft account, so you might want to take care of some other accounts. So, when you are sure to move on to the next step, click on “Next.”

Step 4

Upon moving to the next window, you will find a checklist. This checklist makes sure that you are aware of the consequences of deleting or removing your Microsoft account. If you are not a user of other Microsoft services, this checklist is majorly irrelevant. 

But, if you are a user of other accounts, make sure you read the checklist and review all the items before removing your account. 

Next, select the reason for removing your account or select “My reason isn’t listed.” Then, select “Mark account for closure.” 

Now, wait for 30 to 60 days for deletion of your Microsoft account permanently. 

How to delete a Skype account on Mobile?

The process for deleting a Skype account on Mobile is quite the same as above. So, let’s take a quick look:

  • Select “Skype” on your mobile.
  • Tap on your “Skype Name”
  • Next, on the top right corner, click on “Settings.”
  • Then, click on “Account and Profile.” Next, select “Close your account.”
  • Verify your password and id to move on to the next step
  • Go through the list properly and click on “Next.”
  • Mark the checklist and select the “Reason.”
  • Lastly, tap on the “Mark account for closure.”

Now, wait up to 60 days to permanently deleting your Microsoft account. Hence, you do not have to look anywhere or ask anyone how to delete my Skype account anymore as we have already provided you the best guide. It is the easiest and comprehensive guide. 


I hope we have successfully answered your query as to how to delete skype account? You have to follow the steps above, and you are ready to remove your account. Therefore, safely and securely delete your Skype account and make sure you follow the guide diligently. 


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