Destiny 2 Powerful Enemies Will Be Stronger: How to Kill Them

Destiny 2 Powerful Enemies

Destiny 2 has many powerful enemies to beat. But in the near future, The company Bungee has confirmed that those enemies will get much more powerful. This will surely spoil those character who has a low level.

Those characters with much fewer levels from the enemies, will not do any damage to them. In each level damage difference will be more than 50.

Destiny 2: Forbes
Destiny 2: Forbes

Destiny 2: Powerful Enemies and How to Kill

Before the update, here is the list of few of the most powerful enemies in Destiny 2.

#1 Cabal Gladiators

Cabal Gladiators: Art Station
Cabal Gladiators: Art Station

The Cabal Gladiators belongs from Red Legion and they have massive cleavers which can down lower level enemies in a single swing. These characters boast a massive amount of HP and are normally majors. So they are tankier than many bosses in-game.

Their melee attacks have a chance to throw players away from them, sometimes so hard that they can die instantly. So you have to be very careful while playing against them. To kill these hard-hitting enemies players need to constantly attack their head.

#2 Hive Wizards

Hive Wizards: Fandom
Hive Wizards: Fandom

Unlike Cabal Gladiators, Hive Wizards are range characters with powerful damage abilities. Other than their basic auto-attack, these Wizards can cast smokes which will blur your vision, suppress movement speed and give damage over-time.

But on the positive side, Hive Wizards floats in the air, so you can kill them with guns like snipers and scouts. But major and boss variants of the Wizards do much more damage with faster attack speed.

#3 Hive Shriekers

Hive Shriekers: Heavy
Hive Shriekers: Heavy

Hive Shriekers are turret enemies for the Hive. Until their sells are open, they take zero damage. So when it comes to killing these, timing is extremely important.

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The shell opens when they are either directly attacked or players get near them. Their main source of damage is Void projectiles which can rapidly lower your health. So in these situations, you have to find a cover in half a second to survive. If a Nightfall has a Void modifier or buff to Shriekers, they can instantly kill you.

#4 Taken Captains

Taken Captains : destiny 2 powerful enemies
Taken Captains: VG247

Taken Captains are extremely hard to defeat. These modified Fallen Captains boasts new powers which are deadly in PvE and Gambit.

Taken Captains either use a shotgun or a dual-shield sword. When it comes to abilities, they can teleport to any location in the combat zone to avoid your attacks. If any character prevents ability usage, these enemies throw darkness bolts which will slow them and hit them twice. Not only that, but they can also cast these bolts a few times in a minute, making them extra hard to win against.

#5 Hive Ogres

Hive Ogres: The Gamer
Hive Ogres: The Gamer

Hive Ogres are more frustrating to fight against as they have a massive health pool and unbelievable damage output.

The main source of their damage is a continuous Void beam which can kill you near instantly. Even if you do not die, it will make you float in the air and throw you around the battlefield. So shotguns are less powerful against them.

#6 Vex Minotaurs

destiny 2 powerful enemies
Vex Minotaurs: Art Station

Vex Minotaurs are larger than most Vex enemies and has powerful cannons and an arm that deals considerable melee damage.

They also come with a large amount of health pool and also can teleport anywhere on the map. Minotaurs will teleport every second till they start hitting you with melee attacks. The only way to stop them is ti kill them before the Minotaur can reach you.


As you can see, these enemies are already hard to defeat and you might need to spend some time to win over. But in further updates, the developers are pushing the limits.


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