5 Ways to Fix Discord Screenshare No Audio Issue

discord screenshare no audio

Screenshare no audio issue is the most reported bug of Discord. It was first reported on mid-June, 2019. Since then, they had come up with several patch updates, but likely will continue doing so until this problem is fixed for all discord users. We have mentioned the best 5 ways to fix this issue that you can try out.

5 Ways to Fix Discord Screenshare No Audio Issue

1. Official Solution

Our first fix is likely for the users who are trying to use screen share for web browsers but not getting the audio from it. It is a good idea to try this method out as it is suggested by the discord support page itself.

  • Finish the screen-sharing session by clicking on the ‘Screen’ button and then click ‘Stop streaming’.
  • Close the Discord app.
  • Then open it as administrator. To do so right-click on the Discord app icon and click ‘Run as administrator’.
  • Close your web browser and reopen it.
  • Next, try your audio without sharing the screen. Playing a video on YouTube is great for this. If you can hear the sound of the video then enable the screen share and see if the problem is fixed.

2. Update the App and Add Programs in-Game Activity

Sometime backdated Discord app can be the cause of this trouble. So you need to update it and then add your programs to your game.

Add Programs in-Game Activity
Add Programs in-Game Activity
  • Open Discord.
  • Now right click on the Discord icon on the system tray and select ‘Check for updates’.
  • After updating the app go to the user settings by clicking on the gear icon.
  • Click on the ‘Game Activity’ tab, then on the new window, click ‘Add it!’ beside the ‘Not seeing your game?’ text.
  • Find the programs in the search box that you are having a problem with and add them.
  • Press Ctrl+R to restart the Discord app and see if the problem continues to happen.

3. Update Your Audio Drivers and Adjust Settings

You may get rid of this program by updating your Windows audio drivers. Follow the simple steps listed below to update your driver manually.

  • Press Windows key + S and search for ‘Device Manager’ into the windows search bar.
  • Once the Device Manager window is open, expand the ‘Sound, video and game controllers’ selection. A list of all associated audio hardware will be available.
  • Then right-click on the audio driver and press ‘Update Driver’.
  • In the next window select ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’.
  • When Windows will finish updating, restart your computer and try screen sharing in Discord again.
Update Audio Driver
Update Audio Driver

If updating the drivers did not help then the default settings of Discord audio may cause this problem. So you should try out adjusting the settings manually. To do so follow the simple steps listed below.

  • Open Discord.
  • Go to the user settings by clicking on the gear icon.
  • Select voice and video.
  • Check if your input volume slider is not set to a low value below the ‘Voice Settings’.

By default, discord screen sharing automatically takes audio inputs from the microphone or sounds from the app you are sharing. But sometimes you can change this to fix the no audio issue while screen sharing. To do so follow the instructions below.

  • You can switch the input mode to ‘Push to talk’. In this mode, you need to manually toggle a button in screen share mode before audio can be transmitted.
  • Click ‘Record key blind’ below the push to talk and choose your preferable key to be used for this mode.
  • If none of these work, scroll down to the bottom and press the ‘Reset voice settings’ to go back to your default discord audio setting.

4. Clear Discord Cache

Applications automatically create temporary files in your computer’s roaming data directory in order to give an optimized performance of the programs. The continuous production of this cache file may corrupt your data and lead you to the no audio issue in the Discord app. Follow the simple steps to clear your temporary cache files for discord.

  • Press Windows+R to bring up the run function.
  • Type ‘%appdata%’ in the search box and hit enter.
  • Find the Discord folder in the window that opens.
  • Delete the folder.
  • Start the discord app and see if the problem is fixed.

5. Re-install Discord App

I am very sorry if you need to come this far. But if that is the case far reinstalling discord itself may work for you. Follow these simple steps listed below to do so.

  • Press Windows key + S and search for ‘Device Manager’ into the Windows search bar.
  • Navigate to ‘Apps and features’.
  • In the list of installed apps, click on Discord. Now the uninstall button shall appear. Click on it and go through the un-installation process required.
  • Permanently delete the Discord app directory in C drive’s program files folder. This will delete all leftover files and settings, enabling us to do a clean install the next time.
  • Now go the official Discord site and grab the latest version of the stable installer suitable for your version of the operating system.
  • Reboot the system and install the Discord through the downloaded installer. Wait till it finishes the installation.

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Wrapping Up

So these are all the steps you can follow to solve the screenshare no audio issue in Discord. If there is still any problem I would request you to submit a request in the Discord help center.


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