Dramanice: Best Website to Download Korean Drama


Dramanice is one of the most used websites all over the world to watch Korean Drama.

There something different in Korean entertainment from any other region, most notably their music and TV shows i.e. dramas. Also, most people love to watch Korean content and there are many websites which provide such content. But Dramanice is one of the oldest and biggest websites.

Dramanice: Best Website to Download Korean Drama?


Dramanice has one of the largest collection of Korean films and dramas in high definition. The website is completely free to use. The website mainly offers leaked content and other than Korean, you will be able to see other Asian movies and shows from China and Japan and Anime series. You can stream and download the content as well. The website was founded by a group of students who love to watch Drama wanted to spread the love.

Legality of Dramanice

Dramanice does not host any content but list content from different sources. They do not have any rights to the content the website is sharing. So no, the website is not legal. But 90% of websites where you can stream or download any kind of TV shows or movies are not legal.

But they also provided full information about all of these on their website and the website do not accept responsibility for content hosted on third party websites.

Latest Leaks

As mentioned earlier, this is one of the largest websites to list leaked content. Of those, the most popular updates are ‘Hi, Bye Mama’, ‘Girlfriend’, ‘My Roommate is a Detective’, Imperfect Love’ etc.

On the website, there is a dedicated tab to look for it. Other than that you can also look out your favourite content from tabs like drama list, movie list and k shows and all of those has sub-tabs. So every content on the site is well organized and easy to find.


In recent years many other websites emerged which hosts Korean content. So in case you are not able to reach Dramanice for your location or your IP has banned the website, here are some great alternatives you can use to complete your thirst.

#1 DramaCool


DramaCool hosts most of the Asian dramas and movies available out there. All of the listed content is in HD and many have with subtitles. The website comes with a few advertisements, but they are not at your face. Although the user interface of Dramacool is not as professional as Dramanice.

#2 KissAsian


KissAsian is another great alternative to Dramanice as with all the important features, it comes with a dark mode which gives it a nice aesthetics. This website also hosts a few advertisements but by logging in and paying a monthly fee, you can completely remove the adverts.

#3 AsianRun

AsianRun - Dramanice

If you want to experience the best-looking website with Korean content, AsianRun is your best bet. Not only Korean, the website lists shows from China, Hong Kong and Thailand also. The site comes with a dark theme and has a really good user interface. In my brief usage, I was not able to find any advertisements also.

  • DramaGalaxy
    If none of the websites work for you, DramaGalaxy is also an alternative you can try. The website is simple, a bit too simple for my liking and does not have basic UI elements like thumbnails. But it obviously fulfils the basic need of showing Korean drama and movies.


So as you can see, Dramanice is the largest website to list Korean content, but there are also a few good alternatives. You can check all of those and use the want you prefer. There is a very little chance that content is not available on Dramanice but you can find it on the alternatives.


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