11 Best Dropbox Alternatives in 2020: Which Is The Most Secure?

Dropbox Alternatives

Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage systems, with 11.9 million users at present. It offers 2GB free space, and you can choose to buy premium plans to increase the storage limit. But, it has its shortcomings like expensive pricing and other things. So, you can select dropbox alternatives to store your data securely. Here are the top eleven options that you can check.

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11 Dropbox Alternatives that You Can Use

1. Sync.com

Sync.com tops this list of dropbox alternatives with its amazing features. It offers 5GB of space, and the professional plans start from $5 per month annual subscription. It is more reasonable than DropBox and also comes with added benefits. Sync.com has a tight-knit security arrangement with benefits like zero-knowledge encryption. The data remains encrypted, and no one other than you can read it.

dropbox alternatives

Additionally, this Toronto based company has strict and consumer-friendly privacy laws and protects your files from even alphabet agencies like NSA. On top of that, it comes with a “vault” where you can archive your data and relevant documents with security. The professional subscription comes with some added benefits like password-protected links, enhanced privacy, etc.

2. Google Drive

Google Drive is among the most used and popular cloud storage. It is one of the best dropbox competitors that you can come across. Google offers loads of features, even for their free plan. You get 15GB free storage with unlimited free space to store your photos. But you need to compress the images to 16 megapixels to use this exciting feature. If you need more, you can choose from their six paid plans. GoogleDrive offers nearly double the amount of storage in the same price range. You get 128-bit encryption with a strict privacy policy for protection against malware, advertising, and spam files.

dropbox alternatives
Google Drive

The desktop version is the most common but is quite comfortable for users. You can back up your data for the future. Furthermore, you also get to sync selected folders from or to the cloud storage. A user can generate a link to their files and share it using email or on their social media platform. You can choose who can view or comment or edit on your shared document with permissions. GoogleDrive does not come with password protection. SO, if you can compromise on this feature, it is the best you can get.

3. iCloud

Mac and Apple users can avail of the cloud storage “iCloud” from Apple. iCloud is one of the dropbox alternatives that come with the security of Apple and is one of the most secure dropbox alternatives.  Cloud offers free 5GB storage to its userS for safekeeping files, documents, pictures, and many other things.


Additionally, it is compatible with all types of IOS devices and mac devices. If you need more, you can use their paid plans that offer storages up to 2TB. But, there are no individual business plans for companies and other systems. It is a major let down. If you use Apple devices, investing in iCloud is the best idea.

4. pCloud

pCloud impresses with its loads of security features. Its free plan offers 10GB storage, which is a considerable amount. You can also get more storage space with referrals or some specific tasks. If you need more, try their good value plans that start with $4.99 per month with 500GB storage. Furthermore, the premium plan with 2TB is also a great choice. The procedures are more reasonable than dropbox and come with a zero-knowledge add-on.


The cloud storage uses AES 256-bit encryption and TLS protocol to keep your data safe and secure. If you love loud storage, use their iCloud Drive to access your data online without downloading it.  It is great for photos, music, and videos. On top of that, you can share your files through links with your email. You can also post the data directly on your social media page. You can secure them with passwords and link expiry dates for your benefit.

5. Tresorit

Want to search for the most secure alternatives to dropbox?  Check Tresorit for once. It is among the most secured storage that you can come across. The free plan comes with 5gb of storage. The most significant benefit is their well-constructed plan of paid storages: Solo, premium plans for single users, and business plans for three to ten users. But, the premium plans are expensive.

dropbox alternatives

Tresorit compensates for the cost with its advanced security features. It has its exclusive storage systems. With this particular cloud storage, you do not get a single synced folder. Instead, you need to make “tresors” for each synced folder. The features add more layers of security with your data. You can share your files with 3expiry dates and passwords or even access limits. In case of frequent sharing, you can create links to have an overview of what you are sharing.

6. Box

Often finding cloud storage for business becomes difficult. In this case, you can choose Box to keep your data with safety. It is better for businesses because of better data management systems.


Box also offers user role management. Box uses 256-AES encryption to protect and encrypt all data to prevent any kind of data theft or damage.


MEGA is unique in its way. It used to offer a lot of storage spaces but eventually decreased the free limit. AT present, you can avail of 15GB storage data with 35GB that will expire after a fixed time. If you require more room to keep your additional files, purchase their plans safely. At present, this alternative to dropbox offers four personal programs. MEGA is one of the most expensive cloud storage in this list. But it can be one of the best choices if you do not need more than 1TB storage.

dropbox alternatives

Furthermore, it also offers mandatory Zero-knowledge encryption for the users. The simplistic features of this storage facility may not be enough if you need to sg=hae files frequently. Mega allows file sharing through links. You can use email also. But, there is no password protection or expiry date of the links. It is a significant drawback. The transfer speed also varies. Moreover, these shared files also do not come with block-level copying.

8. OneDrive

OneDrive is accessible, and a lot of pf people use it. So, if you are searching for an alternative to dropbox, OneDruve can be the right choice. You only get 5GB free storage. But, the professional plans are reasonable. You can get 100GB of room for $1.99 per month- a steal deal. Additionally, Microsoft also offers business plans and 365 family plans on an annual basis. Microsoft uses 256-AES encryption to protect all the files and data in OnDrive.


It provides complete sync and selective sync. But the features are not beneficial enough. The main benefit is the syncing speed- it is the fastest among the most popular cloud storage options. And, the block-level sync speed is also remarkable. The OneDrive also comes with a note-taking app that you can integrate with Office Online and other popular Microsoft apps. You can generate a link and share the link with email, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, and Sina Weibo. You can protect the links with passwords and expiry dates. OneDrive has a “shared page” that displays your sharing history.

9. Amazon Drive

Amazon, the e-commerce giant, has already started its private cloud storage facility. Amazon is gaining popularity with time, and a has bagged a lot of high profile users. The free plan only offers 5GB storage with unlimited space for photos. It has nearly thirteen different plans and flexible billing options. At present, the lowest plan is 100GB with $1/month- quite reasonable.

Amazon Drive
Amazon Drive

But the encryption facility is not that much advanced, and you may need to use systems like Bioxcryptor for encrypting your data. Amazon employs a standard syncing model with block-level data syncing facilities. You can perform selected syncing, but no syncing for folders is available. The sync speed is fantastic and is faster than dropbox. Yes, it allows the users to share their files but does not offer protection during sharing. Hence, users have only one solution- stop the sharing from the “shared” tab.

10. iDrive

iDrive is the best cloud storage option if you want to go for encrypted online backup. It is a hybrid cloud storage that is reasonable and comes with many exciting features. The free plan of 5GB can be extended to 5TB with a premium purchase of $6.22 per month. A user also gets discounts with regular payments.

dropbox alternatives

It uses AES 256- bit encryption and also allows you to encrypt your data privately. It will enable the user to save synced data in their device with a single folder.  It also has a function “web client” to share your files and data with an exceptional level of permission for every share. But, you do not get to protect your files with a password or expiry date.


The Slovenian cloud storage Koofr is the eleventh option in this list of dropbox alternatives.  It only offers 2GB free space. But you can choose from seven plans that start from just $0.54 per month.


Kapoor uses SSL/TLS protocol during file transitions, and it also uses AES 256-bit encryption to keep your documents under protection. But, you get a selective sync facility is only the premium plans. It is a major meltdown. Sharing files through links is possible. But, Koofr does not protect those shared documents.

Wrapping Up

Dropbox is proper cloud storage, But its initial fee plan is not enough. On top of that, it has questionable privacy settings, and NSA can check your files. Cloud storage has also encountered some security breaches in recent times.

If you are concerned, you can choose any of these alternatives from the above list—for example, Sync.com. Google Drive, Amazon Drive, and iCloud are amazing because of their security features. They offer state of the art creation and also protect your data from any cyber threat. You can also use Tresorit for this purpose. More or less, all these eleven alternatives work great as cloud storage systems. So, the choice ultimately lies with your preferences.


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