Best Features of the Upcoming iOS 14 You Should Know About

Features of the Upcoming iOS 14
Features of the Upcoming iOS 14

The upcoming iOS 14 has made almost all Apple users excited. This is because this update is one of the most comprehensive updates ever. According to many reports, iOS 14 will bring many useful functions and features. Some of the best features of the upcoming iOS 14 are given below.

Best Features of the upcoming iOS 14

Picture in Picture FaceTime – Users will be able to see the video feed on the screen when they exit the app while being on a call.

Compact Phone Calls – Call notifications will come in a small popup, instead of covering the whole screen and interrupting your work.

App Library – Users can find all the apps installed in their iPhones in the App Library. Hence, one can hide apps from Home Screen to have a cleaner interface.

Third-Party Default Apps – Users will have the option of setting up third-party apps as default apps for opening links, playing videos, or composing emails.

Search in Apps – The ‘Search in Apps’ will be improved in iOS 14, where users can conduct a search in a particular app.

Approximate Location Sharing – Users can choose to share approximate location instead of exact location with apps.

Emoji Search – Users will be able to search for a particular emoji in their iPhones.

On-Device Dictation – Dictation is more accurate in iOS 14, and it can be done on-device in offline as well.

Back Tap – Users will be able to perform simple actions by assigning them with double or triple taps as shortcuts.

Sound Recognition – This feature is highly useful as it can alert the user accurately when there are sounds like doorbells, fire alarms, and so on.

Exposure Lock – This will allow capturing better shots with the iPhone camera as focus and exposure can be locked separately.

HomeKit Control Center – Users can control the smart home accessories and products with this interface.

Custom Widget Stacks – Users can fully customize the Home Screen with creating, removing, and editing Widget Stacks.

QuickTake Video – Holding the capture button in the camera allows recording small videos without switching to video mode.

Apple Music Redesign – Users will get music recommendations based on in-device search algorithms. Apple Music has an auto-play feature now as well.

What to Expect

There will be many other useful features in iOS 14 as well. As of now, the public beta testers have given some clue about some features. However, it is yet to see what changes actually get included in the global release of iOS 14 later this year.

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