Fishing Star World Tour Nintendo Switch: Review

Fishing Star World Tour Nintendo Switch
Fishing Star World Tour Nintendo Switch

Fishing Star World Tour is a casual and family-friendly game which was first launched on Nintendo Switch digitally in January of 2019. Later on, the game was launched in hard copies too. In the game, you can catch over 180 kinds of fishes all around the world.

Fishing Star World Tour

The game is really easy to pick up for everyone. At the introduction part, you will be introduced to Nami, your navigator who will show you 40 distinct locations from where you will be able to catch all kinds of fishes. Although some fishes are easier to catch, many are not. So you will have to invest some time to catch them all.

How to Play

In a fishing location, you will be able to see a shadow of the fishes around you. Then you have to cast your fishing rod to a location near the fish. Now you can reel the slowly so the fish get encouraged to catch the lure.

Then you will see some splashes of water in the general area which means the fish is coming to catch the lure. Once it tries to eat the lure, it is your time to shine. Now you need to control the tension on the line so the fish does not get away while reeling it in.

At the top of the screen, there will be a tension meter. As it begins to go full, you have to control it by reeling in and stopping. You also have to attentive not to allow the meter to go empty. If the tension goes empty the fish will easily get away and if the tension meter is full it means the line could break. Although in both these situation there will be a delay so you can get back on track.

While all of these happening you might also see a chance circle on your screen which will ask you to press A button at the right time to pull the fish closer to you by a few meters. If you see a ghost rode next to yours, the game is telling you the right way to pull. Move your rode to that exact position and it will decrease the tension much quicker. As mentioned earlier, the time and technique to catch every fish are different. So catching every type of fish will be another new adventure.


Fishing Star World Tour supports both motion control and standard controls. Although if you opt in to use the first method, you might need to resync the Joy-Con controlling the rode. I much prefer the standard control where the left analogue stick will control the rod, and the A button will control the reel.

Fishing Star World Tour Nintendo Switch – Gameplay

40 locations have many different types of fishes and the game will ask you to catch some specific type of fish in the locations. Until you can catch that, you will not be able to go to the next location. Although you can come to your previous locations at any time if you missed any.

Every location has some different places and in the final place, you will be challenged to catch the hardest fish to catch, like a boss-fish. To make the game more interesting there are in-game goals to complete like, catch 50 fishes. Whenever you unlock these goals you will be gifted with more powerful gears like lures, rods, and reels. To catch certain fishes you need the appropriate gears. Although the game will tell you which gears you need to complete the upcoming level.

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Price of Fishing Star World Tour

In Nintendo website, the game is available to buy at $29.99.


The only issue I faced is the texts in the game are not always grammatically correct, but you will be able to understand what it is trying to convey. The game is focused mainly for kids so it is more focused on casual gameplay than realism. So to spend some casual and fun time you can try the game.


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