How To Fix Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration

Fix Ethernet doesn't have a valid IP configuration

In this article, we’ll walk you through the solutions to fix “Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration” error. However, before diving into the methods to solve the issue, let us brief the root cause of the problem. To communicate with other devices via the internet, an IP (Internet Protocol) address allows doing so. The IP address of every machine is an exclusive identity on an IP-based network.

In simple words, it is similar to a unique business or home location of an individual. Subsequently, others can verify the individual through that specific address. Overall, an IP address is classified mainly into IPv4 and IPv6. However, the other modes of IP address can be dynamic, public, star, and private.

Another term DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), is also related to this issue. This is a network protocol system whose job is to enable a server. This enabled server will automatically allocate an IP address to a computer system for a targeted network.

When you receive the error message, it signifies that the connection Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration on Windows 10. Therefore, the operating system does not obtain the required IP address from DHCP. Consequently, the computer system fails to receive the allocated IP address. Hence, this prevents it from connecting to a network, and you cannot access the internet.

There are causes which are responsible for this mishap. For example, an incorrect network configuration or faulty network adapter drivers can lead to this error. To fix this error, one needs to reinstall the updated version of the network adapter or try out other solutions. Therefore, we will guide you step by step through the few solutions listed below.

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Proved Solutions to “Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP Configuration” error in 2020


This is one of the most comfortable solutions to fix Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration as per Reddit answers. Before restarting the systems, one needs to save their ongoing works. Following the shutting down of the Windows operating system, you should unplug the router or modem. It should be noted to keep unplugged for a minute or two. Then plug them into their designated power plug and start the system. If the problem persists after the restart, go onto the next solution.


To fix the Ethernet 2 doesn’t have a valid IP configuration, we need to execute the “netsh” commands on the Command Prompt. This is a command-line scripting utility that allows the users to modify the network configuration of a system. Moreover, one can remotely or locally display the network configuration of a running computer system. It offers another scripting feature that grants you to run multiple commands. This is known as running a whole set of commands in batch mode on a target computer system.

With this in mind, we need to open the elevated command prompt to execute the group of commands. Besides, we need to execute the commands as an Administrator mode. To execute this method, follow the simple steps below.

1. Press Windows and X buttons together to open a popup menu. To access administrative privileges, you need to select “Command Prompt (Admin).

ethernet doesn't have a valid ip configuration

2. Following the appearance of the elevated command prompt, you need to type down the below-listed commands. It should be noted to press “Enter” after each command.
a. netsh Winsock reset
b. netsh  in TCP reset c. netsh int ip reset 

3. After executing the last command, the computer will prompt for a reboot. You need to reboot the computer system to implement the applied changes. 

However, after entering the first command, there will be prompts to reboot. You need to ignore the early two warnings and accept the last prompt. Following the restart of the computer, check whether it is showing the error message or not. If it is showing, go onto the next step. 


It may happen that resetting TCP/IP with the Winsock protocol did not resolve this annoying issue.  Then try to clean the network cached and orphaned files on the working computer. To do so, follow the above steps. However, the executing command will be different. One needs to enter and execute the “ipconfig” commands on their elevated command prompt.                           

This command-line tool is executed to display and allow modification of the current configuration. It shows the details of the installed IP stack on the running network computer system. With the help of this tool, we can modify and renew the DHCP configuration. Besides DHCP, we can flush and restore the numbers of DNS client resolvers as well. Following the opening, the command prompt as administrator, type down the following commands.

  1. It is  – ipconfig /release
  2. ipconfig /flushdns
  3. ipconfig /renew

ethernet doesn't have a valid ip configuration

You need to reboot the system after entering the three commands. After restarting the computer, this technique should resolve the “Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration” issue. However, failing to do so, follow the next solution. 


In some cases, a newly installed antivirus can be the reason for this error. There were many reports where uninstalling an antivirus (For example, Avast) resolved the “Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration” error. If disabling the antivirus solves the issue, it is advisable to change the antivirus software. 

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When resetting TCP/IP or other methods did not work out, you can try resolving the issue manually. For better understanding, look into the attached screenshots. 

  1. To open the “Run” dialog box, right-click on the “Start” icon. From the drop-down menu, you should click “Run.” Or you can press the Windows key and “R” together on the keyboard to open the “Run” dialog box. 
  2. Following the opening of the Run dialog box, type “ncpa.cpl” command. Then click on the “OK” button within the terminal. After executing this command, the Network Connections window will appear on the screen. 

ethernet doesn't have a valid ip configuration

3. On the Network Connections, out of all the available connections, select the Ethernet. Right-click on the desired Ethernet connection and click on the “Properties.” 

4. Following the opening of the Ethernet Properties, select your type of internet. If you are using Internet Protocol Version 4 (or TCP/IPv4), select the same under the “Networking” tab. Otherwise, select TCP/IPv6 (or Internet Protocol Version 6) from the option. Finally, click on the “Properties” of the option chosen. 

ethernet doesn't have a valid ip configuration

5. At this time, you have two choices. 

Case 1

This case arises when you have already configured yet showing the “Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration” error. To access the internet, you need to revert to the automatic configuration system.  Follow the steps mentioned below for quick understanding:

  1. Under the “General” tab, check the boxes of the “Obtain an IP address automatically” and “Obtain DNS server address automatically.” 
  2. Finally, click “OK” to save the applied changes. 
ethernet doesn't have a valid ip configuration
Internet Protocol Version (Case 1)
Case 2

This case arose when you did not set up anything and are on everything by default. To execute this step, you need to configure the given settings with static details. One needs to manually fill up the following blocks:  Subnet Mask, DNS Server, LAN IP address, and Default Gateway address. 

Default Gateway is an IP address that is unique for every router or modem. The address depends on two factors. Firstly, where the DHCP server is running and secondly where the Ethernet is plugged in. 

To set the IP address, you must follow the syntax of the default gateway address. For instance, when the default gateway is, then the IP address should be 192.158.1. ***. The “***” is any digits between 1 and 255. However, the last digit should not be 8. In general, the IP address of every device should differ from each other. Otherwise, an IP address conflict issue will arise. 

However, the static address values are given below. 

  • IP Address should be
  • Default Gateway address should be
  • Subnet mask should be  
  • DNS server should be
  • The preferred DNS server is
  • Alternate DNS server is

After typing down the required details, click on the “OK” button. Then reboot the computer system to save the applied changes.


This method of solution comes to rescue when the techniques mentioned above fail to resolve. Even after rebooting, the system shows the “Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration” error message; the driver is at fault.   

In many user reports, some solutions updating the network driver resolved the issue. This is because an outdated or incompatible driver will create problems with the network adapter. Therefore, it is recommended to install the latest version of the driver. Follow the below steps for solving this error. 

  1. Press the Windows key and “X” together on the keyboard to open a popup menu. To update or reinstall the driver of the network adapter, click on the “Device Manager” option. 
  2. Navigate and select your Ethernet network adapter from the Device Manager windows. Following the selection, you should right-click and select “Update Driver Software.” At this step, you will have two alternative ways to execute this method. 
    1. Automatically 
    2. Manually

One needs to choose from two options, namely “Search automatically for updated driver software” and “browse my computer for driver software.” When you select the first choice, the operating system Windows will automatically search on your behalf. It will look into both the computer system and the internet for the latest and updated driver software compatible with your device.

On the other hand, choosing the second option needs manual searching. Besides searching, you need to install the driver into the system. To select this option, you need a pre-downloaded driver on the computer or a USB flash drive. However, it is our suggestion to choose the first option. If this way does not resolve the issue, download the updated network adapter from the manufacturer’s home page.


The methods above are proven solutions. We are hopeful it will solve the error with one of the methods. Nevertheless, failing to resolve the error from the mentioned solutions, you should contact the ISP. One should enquire about the Internet Service Provider whether they have any local internet issues or not.


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