How To Fix ‘Kernel Security Check Failure’ BSOD Error – Windows 10


For a Windows laptop or PC user, the BDOD error or Blue Screen of Death Error is irritating, Your device stops working, and you only get to see a blank blue screen on your device. Kernel security check failure is one of the most common BSOD errors that often happens. 

But what is it? It is a software error when your PC or device assumes some threat or fails to complete a security check with success. Hence, the device shuts itself down on self-defense. There can be many possibilities for why it happens. Your device has contracted any virus or malware, and it is a self-defense mechanism. 

There are other possibilities also. One of the common examples is that your drivers are not compatible with the newest and updated version of Windows 10. As a result, your device experienced the kernel security check failure.

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kernel security check failure

Some users face this problem after time to time, and some are unable to log in to their devices. In this article, you will know about the possible situations hen it happens and how to solve it. 

Kernel security check failure windows 10- when it happens?

  • You might experience the BSOD error if you try to wake up your PC from the sleep mode. Users who frequently put their devices on Sleep mode often experience this annoying situation.
  • It can also happen if you insert a new RAM card in your device and try to restart it. The RAM device is incompatible with the OS, and somehow the BSOD occurs.
  • The kernel security check failure can also happen during gaming sessions. A lot of gamers have encountered this problem.
  • If a specific program or software becomes corrupt, your device may experience the BSOD error.

It is an irritating problem. The device stops working, and you need to wait to fix it. If you are experiencing  Kernel security check failure, you need to read this article. Here you will find all the information about how to overcome it without help from anyone. 

1. Safe mode boot

You can easily use the Safe mode to restart your device. It is pretty easy, and anyone can follow this. To start the safe mode boot process, follow the steps-

A. Press your windows button and the ”R” key together. You will see the Run dialog box is opening.

B. Ext, you need to type misconfig and press the ‘enter” key.

C. Next, navigate to ‘Boot.’ 

D. After this, select’ ‘ Safe Bott” and click ‘OK’. In case you want to complete this procedure with the internet, then you need to choose the ‘network option” for safe mode boot.

Usually, the problem stops after you restart your device using Safe mode Boot. If your device is working fine again, check if any app or program is creating any problem. Otherwise, check your drivers and, if possible, update the drivers for better user experience. But if your problem of  kernel_security_check_failure remains, you need to find another way.

2. Use a hard boot procedure.

In case the safe boot mode is unable to solve the problem, try the hard boot method to restart your PC. 

A. Press the power button and hold it till the PC shits down. 

B. Next, press the power button again and start your PC. 

You may have to repeat this procedure multiple times to overcome the BSOD problem.

3. Manual boot menu with a legacy advanced boot menu.’

The easiest way to restart your device is to use the Legacy advanced boot menu. It is better than the hard boot method and often works. 

A. If Windows 10 gets a bootable media inside the optical media drive, it will restart. For these methods, you need to follow the steps carefully-

  1. First, insert the optical boot media, and you will see the screen displays the ‘Windows Set Up Box” is the following manner.
Choose an option
Choose an option

2. Next, click on Troubleshoot and wait for the menu to open.


3. After this, you need to click on the “Advanced Options” menu.

4. Your device will display a tab identical to the following image. Here, you need to click on ‘Command Prompt”.

Advanced Options
Advanced Options

5. After you click on the ‘Command Prompt’, it will open its respective window. You need to type ‘C:” and press ”enter” key to open the C: prompt.

6. Next, add the command” BCDEDIT /SET {DEFAULT} BOOTMENUPOLICY LEGACY” and press ‘enter’ again to access the legacy boot menu.

kernel security check failure
Command Prompt

7. After this type ‘EXIT’ and close the Command Prompt window. 

8. Navigate back to the “Choose an option” screen and click on ‘Continue’. You will see that your device has started in the usual way.

If the problem of kernel security check failure is still present, you need to take a closer look. You may need to perform a detailed scan of your device to understand the cause behind this BSOD error. Here are some step you can follow for this purpose-

4. Use the system Fie checker.

Often some internal files are the culprit behind this problem. Hence, running the System File Checker is an excellent idea. 

      1. At first, type’ ‘ smd” in your search box and open the command prompt.
      2. Next select ‘Run as administrator.’
      3. After this click on ‘yes’ to continue
      4. Nexxt type: sfc/scannnow, and press Enter. You will be able to check and repair the corrupted files causing the  kernel security check failure windows 10

5. Try to run a partition manager

Often users encounter this irritating situation because their drives are not in proper condition. As a result, the windows cannot boot properly, and the BSOD kernel error occurs. You can use any partition manager software for this purpose.

Wrapping Up

You may also run the antivirus scan in your device to check if there is a malware or virus present on your device. If you are unable to solve this error, Call an expert and ask that person to fix your device. 


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