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Android kingdom is forever surging. It’s undoubtedly a dominator in Mobile Operating System. Fonemonitor is an application which is famous among the parents. With a share of 77% as of July 2020, Android enjoys a comfortable market share. Because of its flexibility and affordability, Android is a clear winner over iOS.

Moreover, one can customize their world into an Android environment. However, for iOS, the customer needs to fit into the Apple world. Therefore, from kids to adults, Android is preferable.

Nowadays, most teenagers have a smartphone. Unfortunately, most of the cybercrime victims are also this section of age. Social Media accounts are a must, yet it’s the most vulnerable source of prey. As a parent, it’s their responsibility to safeguard from such a mishap. This is where hidden free spy apps like fonemonitor come as a rescue. As a concerned parent, one can use the following:

Spy Apps along with Fonemonitor

1. Fonemonitor

Fonemonitor free android app is our leading choice for such a delicate investigation. The developers have integrated tones of magnificent features. The USP for every best spy app is it is undetectable and works in incognito mode. Furthermore, this monitoring tool is a web-based platform. Even with little computer knowledge, one can efficiently navigate through the interface. It supports novice users due to their user-friendly environment.

There are add-on features also available. One needs to upgrade to the premium version to unlock more sophisticated tools. The fonemonitor app is compatible with both iOS and Android mobiles. Again, this web-based application is compatible with every renowned browser like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. One of the significant advantages of this application is its performance as a WhatsApp spy tool. Amongst many fonemonitor reviews, it’s quite evident of its commendable performance.


One can hack into another WhatsApp account and read every chat. Even the hacker can download the audio, video, and photos from the conversation. All this can be performed without alerting the owner of the account. Moreover, FoneMonitor allows controlling the hacked account’s usage. It can even restrict the target device remotely. However, the parents need not jailbreak their children’s device and void the warranty.

This application will work proficiently without rooting the targeted device. Furthermore, the parents can get the GPS location of the device. They are making it easier for the parents to locate their kids in real-time. Last but not least, the developers have done an incredible job of encrypting the algorithm. Because of this, the app can secretly run on the background without alarming the kids.        

2. AppSpy

According to our thorough research, AppSpy comes right after FoneMonitor. This is almost as famous as the chart-topper as a parental control app. Without a doubt, this app is the perfect competitor with its exemplar integrated features. Moreover, according to the reviews, it has more advanced features. However, the reason why it is ranked second in our list is due to its incompatibility with iOS devices.

Fortunately, the mass can enjoy this app! Another downside of this app is it fails to capture screenshots from the targeted device. Nevertheless, the following information will make you realize how it overturns the table. The monitoring app is quite handy when it comes to peeking into WhatsApp. This free app for Android will cover its track without any loophole.


The complex codes and algorithms make it impossible to locate this app by the targeted device’s owner. The parents can hack and retrieve conversations, including media files. One of the bold advantages is it can record the surrounding voices of the mobile. Besides locating the device, the parents can check and retrieve call logs, text messages, and GPS history. Moreover, parents can also remotely control the targeted device.

For instance, they will have a hand over the number of SMS and notification received. All of the features above are available without spending a buck. Besides being free, it is easy to install and use. If you only know the basics of a computer, you’re eligible to enjoy the specs. One needs only to grant all privileges. Now you can access all WhatsApp and phone data!

3. TruthSpy

This is one of the best-hidden spy apps for both Android and iOS devices. It is highly recommended amongst the parents’ crowd because of its attractive features that get you the desired results. The user-friendly interface is a blessed attribute for every novice user. The easy navigating platform is designed to be as decluttered as possible. As a result, individuals with basic knowledge can retrieve data from the targeted device.

Besides offering a decluttered interface, the installation steps too are easy. One needs to download the app from the Play Store or App Store. Go through the instruction dialog boxes and grant all administrative privileges. And your target device is ready to be traced secretly. The developers have put extreme effort to support traceability. TruthSpy will effortlessly work in the background, and the device’s owner will have no idea about it.


This is a significant parameter for every Spy application. Because of this, it is a useful tool to retrieve WhatsApp usage data. Besides chats, one can download all types of media and screenshot if needed. Furthermore, this app acts as a medium to hack into Snapchat accounts too. Therefore, reducing the number of apps to monitor different social media accounts.

TruthSpy works steadily in the background while recording every call made, and text messages received or sent. In addition to this, the app can track and show you the GPS record. It also gives notification of the live location of your child(ren). This feature makes it easier to monitor your ward’s whereabouts. However, as with every application, TruthSpy also has a prominent disadvantage. Namely, many features are only available once the parents shell out money. The app is free, yet premium specs are locked.

4. mSpy

Another fascinating addition to this researched list is mSpy. This is the go-to app for every parent to monitor their children. It’s an app that makes parenting life a tad easier. Working parents can rely on them. The USP of this application is its compatibility. It doesn’t matter what kind of smartphone your daughter or son is using; this app can be installed.

It runs in iOS, Android, Windows, and MAC operating systems. mSpy is simple to install and set up. Even non-tech savvy parents can set up and monitor the targeted devices effectively. This application is carefully developed to work in the background without making any sound or noise. Therefore, implementing traceability features while recording activities. This app is a one-stop solution to track all sorts of activity.


From call logs, text messages to every social media app. You can sneak into WhatsApp conversations, access Instagram photos, screenshots, Facebook comments, and so on. You will receive a real-time history of GPS. Thus, you will be updated with your kid’s whereabouts. Another attractive feature is you can read what the target device is typing on its keyboard. This type of tracing is known as the Keylogger feature. Undoubtedly, mSpy took a notch higher in monitoring the targeted device.

Also, you can access the contact list of your kid’s device. However, like every app, this application, too, has cons. The cons are too big to ignore. You cannot record calls from the targeted device. Moreover, you cannot record the surrounding sounds of the device. Finally, there is no option to activate the camera secretly. Nevertheless, the pros eclipse the disadvantages. Therefore, mSpy is one of the most trusted hidden apps used by parents.

5. HoverWatch

Besides parents, business owners can use HoverWatch to track the activities of children and employees, respectively. This application is a one-stop monitoring tool with sophisticated integrated features. This application is reliable with its tracking activities. However, this application only runs on Android phones. Nevertheless, HoverWatch provides a relatively better user-friendly and initiative interface. Also, this application is not only restricted to one device.


If you want, you can track up to 5 devices simultaneously. It will work on the background in multiple devices without alarming the owner(s). Moreover, parents will receive alerts when any of the targeted phones changes its SIM card. It has the feature to activate the front camera secretly. It’ll snap a picture of the person using the phone. This spec helps significantly when the targeted device is stolen. Following the trends of other best spy apps, this app, too, can track call logs and SMS history. Reading and downloading WhatsApp chats and media can be done.    


One of the most challenging jobs in the world is parenting. The level of difficulty increases when both of the parents are working. On the other hand, kids or teenagers of 2020 are already tech-savvy, sometimes more than the parents. Therefore, they are vulnerable to cyberbully, cybercrime and can go astray. However, parents have to outsmart them and monitor their activities without alarming them. Because of this, many parents around the world google “Best Hidden Spy Apps.” Therefore, the apps mentioned above will be useful for parents.                

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