Top 8 Best Free Beat Making Software for DJs and Producers

Best Free Beat Making Software for DJs

Modern music has got no barriers. Today everyone has access to software and equipment. Gone are those days when musicians had to book slots in the recording studio and had a limited time period to do their recordings. There are many free beat making software that has evolved the way we make music.

It is so easy that a non-music person can also learn the basics and create a song or experiment with beats in no time. In recent years many music artists have established themselves with the D.I.Y ethos. They help us in programming and chopping up music samples in minutes.

It can be hard creating your own music and finding the right beat, making software for your requirements. It becomes more difficult if you are new in the world of creating unique content or if you are searching for a free, good quality program.

As the music industry is becoming very competitive with so many new musicians coming up with Hip Hop and Rap beats, some research is important to select the best software. Here is a list of the best beat making software free that are available both for PC and Mac.

Best Free Beat Making Software

1. Tracktion 7

One of the best free beat making software is Traction 7. Traction’s waveform free is perfect for beat making. It has got 0 restrictions, unlike many free digital audio workstations. Here you can create as many tracks you want to build your beats and add external audio or samples with ease.

You have to simply add Traction 7 to the VST folder and then use them to process the software tracks. They are compatible with almost every plugin. It is in the free version of Waveform Pro. If you become friendly with the process of DAW and enjoy it, you may upgrade to the paid version and get access to many more useful features and tools.

free beat making software
Tracktion 7

The micro drum sample is one of the best sections of this free beat making software. It is effortless to navigate and gives a clear visual demonstration of the user’s beats. Users can also allocate different drum sounds to the individual controls, edit them with compressors, EQ, or use multiple audio processing effects like phase, chorus, or distortion. 

Tracktion has created a feature known as plugin sandboxing to combat the common issue of implementing the third half plugins. Once you activate the sandboxing feature, it protects your session by preventing the C.P.U. Usage from being over-exhausted and rather than crashing the software.

It quickly closes the problematic plugin and thus prevents your work from being lost. Tracktion waveform free is out there on macOS 10.11 or later in 64-bit or Windows 8 and 10 conjointly in 64-bit. For a comprehensive free beat making package, look for none other than the reliable Tracktion 7 waveform free.

2. FL Studio

FL Studio once encompasses a name as a primitive DAW that typically was not employed by skilled producers. That has changed in recent years, with the software package obtaining a brand new lease of life once popularized by many best-known hip-hop beatmakers today.

The term “bedroom producer” was once used to describe amateurs and was common with FL Studio. But now, a lot of music we tend to hear on the radio has been created during this setting. The free version of FL studio has limitations; however, you will still use it to create and export beats despite these restrictions.

free beat making software
FL Studio

It permits you to avoid wasting your project. However, reopening them is disabled; thus, you effectively solely have one session to figure on your beat. This might be seen as a blessing in disguise because it prevents you from tweaking the beat and encourages you to urge it finished.

Fl Studio free version conjointly enables you to export your beats to WAV or MP3 files. Thus you will be able to get the finished product truly. It conjointly permits you access to any or all of the jackdaw options, together with compressors, samplers, EQ, reverb, delays, chorus, phasers, and every one of the opposite varied plugins that accompany the total version.

3. GarageBand

GarageBand is another best beat making software free, created by Apple. It is solely accessible on their devices. Thus if you have got a MAC, iPhone, or iPad, it would be the right selection for you. Within this jackdaw, you will be able to add realistic sounding, pre-recorded drum grooves to your track with the percussionist plugin.


A full drum kit is visually displayed. And, you will be able to replace every individual drum to search out the right overall sound. There is additionally the handy addition of the Bass Amp Designer, during which you will be able to choose the particular elements of your excellent bass rig and experiment till you are happy with the tone.

4. Studio One Four Prime

Studio One four Prime permits you to use several of the most effective options. From the popular Studio One creator and skilled software, while not having to pay any cash. It promotes an intuitive single-window work station that uses a straightforward drag and drops operation to form your beats with ease. You probably know about Native Effects plugins. However, if you are unacquainted, they are the most effective choices out there to beat creating.

free beat making software
Studio One Four Prime

With Studio One four Prime, you get access to 9 authentic Native Effects plug-ins, which you can use to process the sound of your beats. Whether or not you wish tasteful effects or additional extreme choices, these nine plugins contain the ton. Within the code, there is less than 1GB of loops and samples that you will use to get your beat started or generate some inspiration. These loops are unit terribly prime quality and vary from drum breaks to vocal hack with a touch of everything in between. There aren’t any restrictions with Studio One four Prime once it involves saving and exporting your beats either.

5. Avid Pro Tools first

Avid professional Tools first is the free version of the extremely acclaimed professional Tools software. It is primarily a low-cal edition of professional tools, which uses precisely the same format as the full version.

Pro Tools is considered the industrial DAW, therefore obtaining your hands on the free version. It offers you an excellent introduction to the method it works. Then if you relish it, you will be able to upgrade. And obtain all of the perks of the complete version.

Avid Pro Tools first
Avid Pro Tools first

There are some limits on Avid professional Tools. However, you can still record sixteen audio tracks, sixteen virtual instrument tracks. And even record to four tracks at the same time. You do not require a virtual instrument to make beats. This free Beat making software comes with Xpand!2, a helpful plugin with several fascinating inbuilt sounds.

500 megabytes of samples, sounds, and loops are enclosed in this software. This library is full of top-quality audio that you can simply implement into your beats. It additionally comes with varied project templates. They are valuable for learning the functions of professional tools by dissecting the pre-created beats and exploring the individual tracks.


LMMS is another nice choice for free beat software. Whether you use Windows, MAC, or LINUX operating systems, it does not matter. This software is compatible with all 3. At intervals LMMS, you can make your beats using the sequencer, selecting the BPM and musical notation you need.

free beat making software

The beat making software permits for note playback using either a midi keyboard. Or, if you don’t have access to at least one, you’ll merely use the keyboard on your laptop or computer. With the Beat + Bassline Editor, you have got the power to compile and consolidate instrument tracks, grouping the drums and bass into one percussion. This is often helpful for the aspect of chaining the kick with the bass in your beats.

7. MuseScore

MuseScore is one of the best choices in the list of free beat making software. It is distinctive as it mainly focuses on the editing of notation. Thus you will be able to implement classical techniques and data into your beat creation. With this free software system, you are ready to manage all musical objects’ spacing and size.


Staves, clefs, and accidentals can be played to achieve attention-grabbing results. If you don’t have a lot of data on music theory, MuseScore may be a useful gizmo for learning on the job. With Midi Input, import, and export choices, you’ll be able to create a full beat among the software system. And, put it aside to complete later or export it there and so. If you have got expertise with Jean Sibelius, MuseScore can probably appear acquainted to you.


MAGIX music maker is specially designed for Windows OS. The beat software system is most suggested and employed by beginners in making music. If you are hooked into music and have a minimal idea about the music tools, this software system is apt.


It is an award-winning beat creating a software system that comes with many inbuilt tools. The software system conjointly provides tutorials for the beginners to begin with. The tools can facilitate the musicians to produce magic.


Above 8 are the top free beat making software in 2020. Each of them has some unique features that will help you to accomplish your goal. If you have a minimal idea about music, you do not need to worry. They are made both for beginners and professionals. Choose the one that suits your needs the best.


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