10 Best Online Games like IMVU

Games like IMVU

When building connections and relationships are important to achieve all of them, we are often stuck with the endless scrolling of social media. While you play a game, is it not continuing to build relations much more fun? What if you could live a life with all the people you meet online? Here is where games like IMVU can be entertaining. 

Besides, it is not just any other social media platform. It’s not even just another dating site. IMVU and other games like IMVU are a mix of dating and social media apps. However, they do have a greater focus on gaming. Even though they provide a fair chance at dating if everything goes the way you want it to. 

IMVU is one of the oldest virtual life games out there. In 2004 it was launched. IMVU now has 6 million active users in 16 years. One co-founder stated that IMVU is not an abbreviation or acronym for the game. Therefore Instant Messaging Virtual Universe is one unofficial full form.

With games like IMVU, you can create unique avatars, build a house. It is possible to decorate it with items of your desire eventually. And you need to pay for the items you want. Hence you need to earn a special “credit” or “promo-credit” in different ways. And you use those special credits or promo-credits to buy the things. 

Since having no currency system would not be a real-life scenario, you earn to live the life you dream of. You can build relationships with real people in a virtual world. Talk to them in a chat room. Design your furniture and sell them. IMVU has the largest catalog of virtual items compared to other games like IMVU. Therefore it’s also one of the best. 

Why Choose Games like IMVU?

You are tired of one particular game, and you may want a change in taste. At these times, you need games like IMVU. They have a solution in every way. You can be uninterested in the game graphics, or you cannot access the game because it has been blocked in your region. Do not worry; you have several other options like IMVU with you.

Hence, do not worry. We have compiled a list of 10 games that can keep up with your differing needs. Since there are numerous games like IMVU which can help live your fantasySo you may ask what games are like IMVU? Let’s find out.

Best IMVU Alternatives

1. Second Life

Second life is known to be the best similar games like IMVU. It has similar features and content, developing tools. It features a large world map called “grid.” There you can move around freely. The game is much like IMVU. You can create your unique persona.

Second Life
Second Life

Sell and buy items. Do what the name of the game suggests. That is, live a second life. At its peak, it had one million active users. This has declined slightly since. But it still has a substantial user base not to keep you alone. Second Life works on the Web, Windows, macOS, and Linux.

2. OurWorld

OurWorld is another fabulous game that can let you run your imagination wild. From creating unique avatars that suit your liking. To group activities you love. It is all there, just a click of a browser away. Like all other premium games, OurWorld allows users to buy gems in exchange for real money.


Gems are used in various activities which are fun and engaging. There is a substantial user base. Therefore players can always find somebody else. You can always interact with each other in a chat room. OurWorld is available on the Web, Android, and iOS.

3. Lady Popular

The virtual game where your inner fashionista can reveal itself is Lady Popular. Create your own avatar to start with. Build your home. Also, decorate it. Compete in fashion arenas and grow your reputation. Your reputation and fashion sense are what increase in your game currency.

games like imvu
Lady Popular

Be the diva you always wanted to be. Any device that can run a web browser can access the game as you gain currency and levels. You can upgrade your avatar to be the best looking in the world. Lady Popular works on the Web.

4. Habbo

Habbo, too, is a social networking virtual world game. It has a huge user base. Creating an avatar is a fun activity you would love to do. It is based on a hotel that you can design. Take part in activities and quests.

games like imvu

Role-play in a community and chat with your friends. Habbo has been around since 2000. Therefore, Habbo is the oldest game like IMVU role-playing game. Like other games, Habbo, too, is freemium. Habbo can be played on the Web, Android, and iOS.

5. Club Cooee

The game that can be played anywhere with a browser is Club Cooee. Virtual world life has never been this good. Create an avatar that is full of character. Upgrade it with in-game cash.

games like imvu
Club Cooee

Level up faster if you are serious by paying some money. It is a virtual fantasy that comes true in the best way possible. Like many other games like IMVU, it is targeted towards teens. Hence, you can play Club Cooee on any Browser.


6. Woozworld

Woozworld will keep you glued if you are looking for games to interact with various people. It is quite similar to IMVU. This virtual gaming site has got many features. Here, you can customize and upgrade avatars.

games like imvu

You can build your home and decorate it, chat with people. Since building relationships is what you are looking for, you will always find somebody to connect and talk with. This game has a large active user base. You can play Woozworld on both Android and Web.

7. Touch

 Touch is one of the virtual social networking games like IMVU that focuses on music and dance. After you create an avatar, you can create and play along with the music. All while making friends. Since it is a music-based game, Touch can help you appreciate music better.

games like imvu

As you score points, you need to press keys in the direction that music goes. Your avatar can be customized and decorated later as you level up. For a game, you can dance along. Touch is available on the Web.

 8. Twinity

Twinity also lets you live your fantasy, almost like games like IMVU. Since it lets you live a twin life. You can make an avatar that can resemble you. You make friends. Hence you can take part in activities with them. You perform various tasks and level up.

games like imvu

Twinity has portions that exist in the real world. It is fashion heavy and suited for adults. So, you spend a lot of time playing this. Similar to alternative games like IMVU, Twinity is available to play on the Web.

9. Avakin Life

If you want to play a game on a phone that can fulfill fantasies, Avakin Life is here for you. It has never been easier. You create an avatar with all the attributes you like. Therefore you become whatever you wish to be. Socialize with thousands of players and make relations.

Avakin Life
Avakin Life

Design houses to invite people. You design and buy clothes to look the best you ever can. Like all games like IMVU, Avakin Life is free to play freemium. So, you can spend some money to level up faster. Besides, Avakin Life is one of the best Android and IOS games out there.

10. Gaia Online

Like so many other popular games like IMVU. Gaia Online is an anime based social networking virtual game that you have to try out certainly. The best currency based online game. You can be whoever you want. You can level up to customize and take part in forum-based activities. Like many others in this list, it is available to play on Browser.

games like imvu
Gaia Online

To your question, what games are like IMVU?

We have listed the best ten games like IMVU, in addition to IMVU itself. ? You can live the life you dream in a virtual world here. While all of these are technically games, they never end. It is supposed to be your parallel gaming life. They all revolve around creating your own unique avatar. 

They contain details like race, gender, hair color, and various other customizations. So, they have some similar features across them. They all involve some currency. So, they can be traded and earned through various activities. They are freemium based services. In short, it means they are essentially free to play.

But they can have things that can be paid for and bought, which helps in leveling up. You level up to unlock various features and exclusives. Hence, you get one step closer to building things that fulfill your fantasies.

The house building and decorating tasks are also common throughout. Most importantly, some games are dedicated to specific topics like music, anime, or fashion. They share a common theme of seemingly endless maps, while some are built by developers only. 


Meanwhile, some are built by independent creators too. Also, item trading is common. In conclusion, these games can be played and enjoyed on all kinds of devices like Windows, macOS, iOS, Web Browsers, and Android devices. They all have a stronghold on teens. Therefore, games like IMVU are worth playing. Various games have been streamed on websites like Twitch and YouTube. Many content creators also pursue it as full-time jobs.


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