4 Solutions to Fix Gmail Server Error 007 in Google Mail

4 Solutions to Fix Gmail Server Error 007 in Google Mail

In Today’s world, Gmail is a big name. Regarded as one of the most simple and easy to use, it is one of the largest and most used cloud-based free email service providers. Users love Gmail so much that it is now a household name and is used by business houses alike. Though nothing comes perfect, Gmail email error 007 is one of the most common problems you face.

Accounts frozen, users are unable to read, open emails, or even do simple things like accessing drives or even changing themes. Keeping that in mind, today we brought you some simple solutions to counter this problem and to make your life easier. So without further adieu let’s dive in.

What is Gmail Server Error 007?

This is a very common problem that has been there since Google Mail launched. Under this problem the user’s Gmail accounts get frozen and the only option left is to close google chrome and to relaunch it.

4 Solutions to Fix Gmail Server Error 007 in Google Mail

Solution 1: Clearance of cache files and cookies from the browser

Clear Browsing Data
Clear Browsing Data

One of the oldest ways to fix software, cache, and cookie clearance works on software like Adobe. Autodesk and many more. Similarly, chrome allows you to clear its cache and cookie files very easily.

Firstly, go to google chrome’s menu (press the three dots on the top right section) and access settings. From there scroll down and go to advanced settings, go under the privacy tab then click on content setting. And finally, under all cookies and site data press remove all. After this step, you are done with clearing your cache and cookie files. This solution is one of the most successful solutions against Gmail email error 007 and most likely you will find no trouble after this process.

Measure 2: Antivirus scan and Browser updates

It May sound cliche, but the next measure we will suggest is an Antivirus Scan and a browser update. Many of us use an antivirus program but seldom do a full scan, many of us are into movies, tv-series and download them from pirated sites. These pirated sites cause a lot of unwanted junks and virus which get downloaded on the process and does harm to our system. As seen from recent observation, chrome sometimes gets affected by these viruses and may not function properly.

That is why it is highly suggested to do a total scan quite often and if you already ran into Gmail email error 007, it is a must. Furthermore, Google Chrome updates automatically but it is better to check if it is up to date. A considerably simple solution than the former, this solution is no less effective in solving your problem if the first measure fails.

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Measure 3: Disabling Browser’s Extensions


Extensions are just like plugins, and there are loads of them, this next measure on the list is the most extensively used measure to solve a majority of Google Chrome’s problem. From Adblocker to MeddleMonkey, extensions play a vital part in customizing your chrome for you and correspondingly making your user experience vivid.

These extensions are developed from Chrome and other third parties, thus making it somewhat harmful for our system. If you have installed an extension, prior to to the Google email error 007 problems consider removing it as it might just be the cause of your problems. On the contrary, if you did not install any extensions, there is a strong chance that one of your pre-existing extensions got bad.

In that case, simply, open google chrome goes to settings, select ‘more tools’ than extensions and untick the enabled box on your extension. Lastly, this is a tedious process as you will need to precisely pick the bad extension out of the lot, which you just disabled.

Measure 4: Disabling Gmail Labs Background Send

Winding up our list, the last solution on the list is disabling Gmail Labs Background Send. ‘Background send’ have a notorious reputation for Gmail email error 007, disabling them requires to follow some simple step.

Sign in to your Gmail account then click on the gear icon on the top of the page, follow up with a click on the setting and look for the ‘lab’ tab and lastly search for ‘Background Send’ and disable it. By now you have fixed the problem if somehow the other solution did not work.

Final Thoughts

So these were the 4 solutions to fix Gmail Email Error 007 in Google Mail. It should be noted, that if the solution is followed as it needs to be, you are guaranteed to resolve this problem. There are many websites that may offer you their software to solve your issue. But it will only make the matter worst for you.

Above all, these solutions we spoke about on the list are tried and tested and are bound to solve your problems. Let us know, which solution proved to be useful for you and there are many more articles on other topics which might interest you, be sure to check them. Till then, peace.


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