6 Best GoGoAnime Alternatives to Watch Anime Online


GoGoAnime: Anime is watched all over the world and the audience is only growing in number. I used to sit in front of the TV and wait for the perfect time to watch my favourite anime show, but those days are gone for good. Nowadays all you need is good quality internet to anything, anywhere and at any time.

One of the well-known sites is GoGoAnime, which is like Netflix, but especially for anime. But in recent time there are some issues with GoGoAnime. But there is nothing to worry as there are many other websites to watch Anime. Here is a list of 6 Best GoGoAnime Alternatives you can try to watch your favourite show or to explore more.

Best Sites Like GogoAnime

1. ChiaAnime


ChiaAnime is a great alternative to GoGoAnime. First of all, the site contains all recent and old anime, so you can watch any show you want. Then, all the shows on this website are completely free to stream, that is also in HD when available. Most of the videos also come with English subtitles.

The interface is not that much professional, to be honest, but you can navigate through the site pretty easily. You can search for a specific anime or click on their curated list to find what you like. Interestingly, you can download any anime music tracks from ChiaAnime.

2. KissAnime


Another great alternative to GoGoAnime is KissAnime. You can stream any anime movies and TV series here with the best quality available. Although the website is supported by advertisements, you can go for a subscription package to get rid of those.

The site has a dark theme and many categories to suit your liking. You can not download any videos from here. Keep in mind, there are a few browsers, that do not support KissAnime, like UC Browser Mini.

3. AnimeShow


Sometimes there are better products, shaded behind the names of big brands. AnimeShow is just like it. It has a much larger collection than GoGoAnime and the interface is also far better. Many videos here has optional English dubbed variant.

The main player works pretty much like YouTube. Depending on your internet speed, it will auto-detect the best video quality and you can also select manually. Like shuffle option in many music players the site also has an option to play any TV series randomly from the large library it contains.

4. AnimeLand


AnimeLand recently had an overhaul and the website looks much cleaner now. The library of TV series and movies are great, as most of the sites on the list. You can sign up and make your library of shows or add any video to watch later list.

Another notable feature of the website is it has summaries of most interesting TV shows so if you are thinking about watching a new series, a quick overview here will be great. The only downside is the site has many pop-up adverts.

5. AnimePlanet


AnimePlanet offers a huge list of categories and genres of anime. you can also get a lot of information about Manga and all the interesting characters in the anime universe. Just like AnimeLand, you can make an account to add shows and movies to watch later list.

By signing up you will be able to communicate with other viewers on the comment section of every episode of any content. The site is advertisement-supported, but fortunately, those are no pop-ups.

6. CrunchyRoll

gogoanime CrunchyRoll

The final GoGoAnime alternative in the list is CrunchyRoll. The website has over 25,000 episodes which are updated every day. Most of the video comes with English subtitles, for international viewers. They are known for uploading videos only 1 hour after the Japanese TV broadcast.

Sadly, all the TV series are not free. The website has a subscription feature and that will make the whole library available, also without any advertisements. The subscription feature has a 14 days trial option to start with.

Wrapping Up

These are all the websites you can check out instead of GoGoAnime. Most of these websites should already be unblocked on your country. If not, you can easily use a VPN service to pass through.

Let us know in the comments if you have an any better alternative in mind and keep enjoying your favourite anime shows.


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