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google birthday surprise spinner

Google is the most used and most favorite search engine. We all love it. And, yes, it deserves our love. Not only Google is a great search engine; it also comes up with great doodles on special days. You know about the history, and also the doodles are fun games. In today’s article, we will talk about google birthday surprise spinner and the other top google doodle. 

I don’t know how many of you remember, but on its 19th birthday, Google had come up with a doodle and had 19 surprises on it. Just like any other important date, Google celebrated its own important date in a great way. And we loved it. 

It had come up with 19 games in its birthday doodle. Hence, 19 surprises for you. Moreover, the doodle had come up with everything you need for a birthday. From birthday cake, hats, balloons, gifts, making up Google’s name. So, on google birthday surprise spinner game is the place where you will find those 19 games. They are entertaining to play and are a must-try. 

But, before talking about this special birthday spinner any more, let’s get back to history and see from where did Google doodle come. 

What is Google doodle? When did Google Doodle begin?

Before knowing history, we must know what Google doodle is basically.

So, Google doodle is a tool on Google’s homepage. Doodles are often used to highlight important issues such as birthdays, world issues, histories, special days, and many more. 

The Google homepage is the most-viewed web page on the planet, powering trillions of searches daily.  Right after the search box, we find the Google logo. So, on special occasions, Google adds a “doodle.” Now, this doodle can be simple and simply an addition to the original logo. But, sometimes, Google becomes highly creative, redesigns Google’s logo, and even adds games. 

So, Google has been putting these great and fun illustrations longer than the company deemed a company. 

Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page had come up with this innovative concept long back in 1998. This innovative idea popped into their minds when they attended the “Burning Man” festival in Nevada. So, the very first doodle was very simple. They attached a stick figured man behind the “o” in Google. This represented the “Burning Man” festival. And the “o” represented that the founders were “out of the office.”

Hence, from there on, the idea of doodle progressed. In 2000, Dennis Hwang created the Bastille Day doodle. The audience loved the doodle and creativity. Therefore, since then, Dennis Hwang was made in-charge of the Doodle section of Google, and doodle started appearing on the homepage more often. 

20 years later, Google has a team of “Doodlers” whose sole purpose is to develop amazing doodles that we get to see on the homepage. These are visually engaging, creative, as well as fun. 

Hence, in this way, Google Doodle came into being. 

Top Google Doodles – Google Birthday Surprise Spinner

On September 27, 2017, Google celebrated its 19th birthday. On its birthday, Google added a google surprise birthday spinner doodle with 19 games on it. These games are so fun to play, and each is unique and different from the other one. 

So, how do you play this game? Very simple. Open your browser, and then visit the Google homepage. Then, write google birthday surprise spinner on the search box. You will find the game as a result. Then, click on it to play the game.

As the spinner spins and stops, you will get an icon. Click on that icon, and then a new tab will open where you can play the game. For example, when I spun the spinner, I received a footprint of an animal. When I clicked on it, a new tab opened with the Earth Day quiz. When I answered all the questions (Don’t worry, they are just fun questions, nothing knowledge-based), I got a “Komodo Dragon.” Interesting, isn’t it? Therefore, in this way, you can even try Google’s 19th birthday doodle game even now. 

As part of its birthday, Google even launched its own version of the classic “Snake” game. The game is available on the spinner. And, if you want to keep on playing or try a new game, then you can click on “Spin Again.” 

Was 27th September Google’s 19th Birthday?

Well, according to Google’s post, when in 1997, Larry Page, Google’s co-founder, arrived at Stanford University to pursue his Ph.D. in Computer Science, out of many students, he was randomly assigned Sergey Brin, Google’s co-founder, for a campus tour. Hence, this chance encounter was how it all started. And, we were blessed with one of the top and most popular search engines. 

So, over time, Google Doodle has evolved. From simple logo illustrations, it has evolved to full-blown illustrations. So, today, we have chosen the best Google Doodle created over time since 1998. Therefore, let’s check out the best doodles.

1. Wubbo Ockel’s 74th Birthday

Dr. Wubbo Ockel was the first Netherland citizen in space, so Google celebrated his 74th birthday with a unique doodle. We know Wubbo Ockle for his optimistic outlook on his life. He was the king of sustainable energy. When you check the doodle, you will find the zero-gravity effect. Wubbo Ockle gently undulates in the space in this Google Doodle. 

2. The Great Way of Kanagawa

In this Google Doodle, the Google logo is combined with iconic art, and it looked wonderful. In 2010, Google celebrated the birthday of Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai and combined his painting of the Great way of Kanagawa with the Google logo. Hence, giving it a beautiful effect and turning the Google logo into art.

3. Moscow Metro

When you first travel to Moscow metro, you will find that the stations are sumptuously ornate. The stations represent a cross-connection between the museum and the palace. Therefore, Google Doodle from 2015 gives the audience a taste of what is in store for them when they travel in Moscow Metro. Russian posters inspired this Google doodle.

4. International Women’s Day

Women are creators. There is no doubt we all have one woman in our lives who inspire us to achieve our best. So, to celebrate 2017’s International Women’s Day, Google created a doodle of a grandmother telling stories to her granddaughter. She tells her granddaughter about her favorite female personalities, from Korean activist Lee Tai-young to US journalist Ida Wells. This is one of our most favorite Google doodles. 

5. The birth of Hip Hop

In 2017, Google celebrated Hip hop’s 44th Birthday. It created a doodle including a custom logo by Cey Adams, a serving hip hop history, and a turntable where you mix and play classic songs. This Google doodle had put great emphasis on Hip Hop’s founding pioneers. 

7. Zaha Hadid

Zara Hadid was a well-known architect and shattered stereotypes. She was born in Iraq in 1950 and made award-winning buildings. She was a world-class architect. So, the Google Doodle from 2017 showcased Zaha Hadid’s The Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku, Azerbaijan. This had drawn on many elements of classic Islamic design. 

8. Virginia Woolf

Virginia Woolf had established herself a feminist-icon and a great novelist. She had a great stream-of-consciousness style. So, in 2018, Louise Pomeroy illustrated and celebrated Virginia Woolf in a minimalistic approach. She represented her by incorporating falling leaves, a frequent visual theme in Woolf’s work. 

9. The hole punch

It would be wrong to say. Google only celebrates glamorous events. Google only celebrated important innovations that have made our life very simple and lucid. A perfect example of such innovation was presented through a doodle paying tribute to the hole punch. The hole punch is an incredible amalgamation of German engineering and one of the best innovations.

10. Sochi Olympics

The 2014 Winter Sochi Olympics became the core of worldwide protest against Russia’s homophobic laws. And, Google didn’t leave the opportunity either. Google made a rainbow-hued Google doodle making a simple yet powerful impact. Also, below, the Olympic Charter words were spelled out, making another great and important impact. 

11. Jules Verne

Jules Verne was a great sci-fi writer, and there’s no doubt about it. So, Google paid him homage on his 183rd birthday through its 2011 interactive doodle. The logo presents the view of the underwater ocean from a submarine. You can also explore the sea using the lever on the right. Twenty Thousand leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne inspired this Google doodle.

12. Freddie Mercury

In 2011, Brian May, Queen guitarist, collaborated with the team of Google Doodle to pay tribute to his late friend and colleague, Freddie Mercury. The result was a colorful and interesting Google doodle celebrating Freddie Mercury’s 65th birthday. The doodle was also accompanied by “Don’t Stop Me Now,” a classic Queen track. Hence, you must check out this doodle if you are a Freddie Mercury fan. 

13. Charlie Chaplin

On his 122nd birthday, Charlie Chaplin, the great silent actor, was paid tribute by Google through its Google doodle. It was a video showcasing a Chaplin lookalike reading a newspaper, and then interacting with a Google logo and drawing a logo in a shambolic fashion. Therefore, I suggest you must check out the video. 

14. London Underground 150 years

London’s tube map became one of the best design ideas in the world. It was designed by Harry Beck, an electric draughtsman, in 1931. Therefore, to celebrate 150 years of this beautiful creation, Google made an interesting doodle where “Google” is being spelled out from within the rail lines. 

15. Halloween 2012

One of my favorite Halloween Google doodles is the doodle of Halloween 2012. It was an interactive doodle where you find a spooky street, with some friendly monsters behind each door, accompanied by an eerie soundtrack. It was a great doodle. And, you can easily find it on Google by just typing the name on the search box. 

16. JFK 50th Anniversary

To mark the 50th Anniversary of great American President JF Kennedy, Google illustrated a doodle for him. The Google logo was designed out of his inaugural speech, where he said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”. The doodle team took words from the speech and then created the Google logo. 

17. John Lennon

Mike Dutton created a short music video of images from the Google doodle team to mark John Lennon’s 70th birthday’s birthday. It was a beautiful interactive illustration. Mike Dutton said, “I hope a moving picture will help me adequately – and simply – thank John for the memories.”. 

18. Pac-man

Who does not love playing Pac-man? To mark the 30th anniversary of the arcade game Pac-man, Google unveiled its first interactive Google doodle. This remains the best interactive Google doodle to date. Based on the original sounds and graphics, game logic, and even original bugs from this 1980s masterpiece, this game and doodle is still an addictive treat to this day. 

19. Robert Doisneau

As you have read and seen it till now, most of the Google doodles are either animated or video. But, here is an exception. To mark the 100th birthday of famous French photographer Robert Doisneau, Google doodle featured his four best photographs. The four photographs included: The Tugboat, The Kiss, Dog on Wheels, and The Three Children.

20. Les Paul

To honor the late investor and musician Les Paul, Google doodle made a playable guitar in 2011. In just 48 hours, Americans used the guitar to record approximately 40 million songs, and these songs were played back for 870,000 times.

21. Claude Debussy

Clair de Lune was popularized by Oceans 11 and is one of the most beautiful and haunting piano suites of all time. In 2013, Google doodle celebrated the 151st birthday of its composer. It used the soundtrack along with a Parisian riverside scene. Do watch this doodle as it is not only magical but sweetest to hear. 


Hence, these were some of the most-popular Google doodles. Do check them out on Google and share your experience. Also, the google birthday surprise spinner is a must-try game. I hope you get to play interesting games on it and keep yourself busy. 



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