Laptop’s Battery Life May Get Extended by Two Hours with Upcoming Google Chrome Update


Google Chrome is one of the most used apps worldwide. Whether it is a laptop or smartphone, Chrome is generally installed as a default app. However, this app has a bad reputation for draining battery life, especially laptops. This is because multiple tabs of Chrome that are open on the background zaps lots of power and eats up RAM space.

Chrome – New Update

With lots of complaints from users, Chrome was getting negative reviews. Hence, Google has finally decided to tackle the issue. The new update in Chrome will introduce experimental features for reducing the power used in the background. This reduction of power consumption will be made by checking the unimportant trackers and JavaScript timers in background tabs and closing these processes. When executed correctly, these measures can save a lot of power. As per multiple reports, Google has tested this feature with 37 tabs in total.

The foreground tab was kept blank, while the 36 other background tabs were checked, and the unnecessary processes were terminated. As a result, the battery test created remarkable results. It was seen that the battery life of laptops has extended by two hours with this new feature. Even though the testing was on extreme conditions, it is still quite practical.

Real-Life Usage

As stated above, the testing conditions were extreme. Not everyone will keep that many tabs in the background. Also, people can use background tabs to host multimedia websites as well, like YouTube. In such conditions, the battery life is not extended by such a considerable amount. However, tests found out even with YouTube running and battery life did extend for 36 minutes.

It is expected that the new versions of Chrome for all devices will incorporate this power-saving feature. Multiple companies such as Microsoft and Apple have been complaining about Chrome’s battery draining issue for quite a long time. With this new update, this claim may not die down entirely but will stop a lot of negative feedback for sure.

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