Google new project – Dual Touchscreen Chromebook

Touchscreen Chromebook
Touchscreen Chromebook

Google, the most popular search engine company, has already extended its footsteps in the technological applications with its versions of Chromebook. The Chrome OS from Google new features in different desktops, laptops, and smartphones. At present, Google is researching on dual Touchscreen Chromebook.

Touchscreen Chromebook – Palkia, Google’s new project.

Google’s interest in dual touchscreen devices is quite justified. Many companies have already started their work on a dual touchscreen device, and some have even released their products. For example, Zenbook Duo Pro from Asus and Surface Neo Tablet from Microsoft with their windows 10X is already in the market. Google has also taken the chance and is now developing its newest chrome device.

According to sources, the touchscreen Chromebook has a codename “Palkia”. It will have two touchscreens with a trackpad. The developing company has already modified its code to suit this new device. Palkia will have chips in the lid and the base to control the two screens. According to experts, the “Palkia” might contain a conventional inner touchscreen like a Chromebook.

Additionally, it will have the outer screen that will be functional while the inner one is closed. The code Google is using to develop Palia comes with “tablet mode” that becomes accessible when the hardware sensors are disabled. Hence, experts theorize that the new Palkia might be more like the clamshell-only device than a convertible laptop or tablet. If all these features are true, it will be similar to the Asus Zenbook Dui Pro that contains a smaller display below the hinges. 

But, It is a prototype model. Therefore you may need to wait for a long time to get your hands on it. According to industry insiders, the Palkia is not a typical OEM device and is unique from other dual-screen models from Acer, Lenovo, or Asus. The higher possibility is that Google is tapping on the innovative future through research on the touchscreen Chromebook with more than one screen.


The device may come with an in-built display like Windows or macOS. The team still needs to develop the hardware, and only then will people get to see how the “Palkia” looks. It will be interesting to experience how chrome OS places the second display and how users can connect to it. So tech enthusiasts have to wait till Google releases any further news.

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